-The Chosen Four-

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    This is a huge fanfiction that me and my friends are doing. And it'e like one giant navel too. We're almost done with the first FF and when we're done we're gonna make a 2nd.

    NOTE: This isn't the final draft, it's what we're starting off with. And when we're finished I will post the updated and final version.


    This is purely fan fiction and should not be sold for commercial gain. Furthermore I do not own Kingdom Hearts, nor any of the Disney/Square-enix properties appearing in this fan fiction.
    I do however own the following characters:
    Rinaxe (Raeni)
    Xuromimi (Kuromimi)
    Mistex, Mirix (Mira)
    Xero (Zerona) in the form they appear in, in this fan fiction.


    This fan fiction contains spoilers to the following games: Kingdom Hearts
    Kingdom Hearts II
    Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
    Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories:Re
    Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.
    It is best to complete the following in their entirety before reading. Time line in this fan fiction will difer slightly from the order of events in the Kingdom Hearts 2 video game, (Most importantly, Sora does not visit the Disney worlds twise, instead, as in the Kingdom Hearts 2 official Manga, completes both stories on the same visit.)


    Chapter 1
    The City of Endless Starlight: Part One

    The worlds were only connected once before, but now they seem to be drwaing near again. Devilish black skinned creature's known as Heartless are created when these world connect and the evils inside peoples hearts seeths and boils untill the hearts themselves burst. These are creatures of nightmare driven on one primal instinct, to multiply. It is unsure how these beasts were created, but the enitre cosmos has seen their destruction. These are not the only nightmares though. Once the heart has left the body, the body can act on its own, forming a 'Nobody' a hollowed shell of a person. Only the people with the strongest hearts can become coherient Nobodies and powerful Heartless. However unlike the Heartless, Nobodies are creatures of logic, lurking through nothingness, scheming, plotting, preparing for one final goal. To make themselves whole again.

    Zerona woke up with a start in her dark room. She had been having the dream for weeks now. It was always the same lights in the darkness next to her falling into the abyss. There was no way to stay up or avoid it. She threw the covers off of her bed and walked to the window the shudders were open and a cold wind was blowing in from the empty, dark streets of Starlight City. She closed the window of her room and turned and heard a rustling,
    “Who is there?†she called into the shadow. There was no way anyone would have been able to climb through her window, but she had a feeling like she was being watched. The rustling became more frantic, it was coming from behind her bed. She looked behind her bed. There was a boy, hiding in the shadows.
    “How did you get in here!†She yelled at him jumping him. He fell back in surprise. He was wearing a black trench coat with the hood resting against the back of his head. He had light brown spiky hair that rose from his head on one side.
    “Dang it,†he said flipping backwards making a break for the door but she blocked his path.
    “Not so fast!†She held her arms to block the door.
    “Who are you?â€
    “No one, I’ll be going now.â€
    “You're someone if you break into my bedroom, so what do you want,†The boy sighed.
    “My name is Roxas, ok, and I was just leaving,†She looked at him and decided she wouldn’t get anything else out of him. There had been a lot of thing vanishing in the City lately, this kid was probably part of whatever was going on.
    “Ok, sure, go ahead,†She said getting out of his way. Without a word he pulled his hood back over his head and ran out the door. She wasn’t done yet though. She followed him as he went down the huge sair well of the building making her stepps as light as posible so he wouldn't hear her. Stalking through the shadows chasing after him. He walked out the front of the building as soon as he stepped foot out of the stairwell and broke into a sprint. She ran after him matching their footsteps. He lead her through the depths of the city. Huge buildings loomed up around them. He was obviously new in the town because he was stumbling around the building’s not really knowing which way he was going.
    She finally followed him to a dark alley, and he stopped looking into the darkness. She hid behind a garbage can. A man apeared out of the shadows and greeted him the boy walked up to the man as they both took off their hoods.
    “Ok, Axel, I finished the recon,â€
    “You look like you’ve seen a ghost Roxas,†Zerona’s heart dropped, the man looked like he was about twenty, he had spiky red hair pulled backwards.
    “The Heartless are going to be here soon, but that’s all I could dig up, this city is more advanced than some of the other one’s we have gone to in the past,†Zerona stared at the red haired man with glassy eyes. She wanted to introduce herself but felt like she was glued in place,
    “The Heartless act on instinct, obviously enough people here have darkness in their hearts to make this world attractive to them, got it memoried?â€
    “If worse comes to worse this world will be great for heart collecting, I would say we are done here lets go for ice-cream,â€
    “You think Xion is done with her mission as well, Axel?â€
    “She will come if she wants to,†he said with a shrug then raised his hands in the air and a swirling hole of darkness appeared on the ground. Zerona stared at the well of shadow in awe as the two of them walked into the darkness. As soon as they left she ran up to the dark hole. It seemed bottomless, there wasn't anything to throw into it to test her theory so she tried to stick her hand into it but she only hit the concrete ground of the alley. She sighed. She really wanted to meet the man with the red hair, Axel, the boy called him. But he was out of reach now,
    "You two. can you hear me?" she called into the darkness but no one answered,
    "Ok, well, don't break into my bedroom again, ok?" she just asumed they heard her because the darkness closed leaving only the cold ground.

    The second light in the darkness. Mira fell through the shadow faster than the rest. And was the first o hit the bottom. She couldn’t feel it though. She ended up on the floor. The three falling lights fall over her head. She was standing on an illuminated platform. It looked like it was made of stained glass and in the center of the platform was a giant Key. She felt a presence. Something that was there but at the same time wasn’t, It spoke to her in a voice invisible and bodiless, but she could hear it clearly,
    “This world has been connected,†it spoke, to her,
    “Connected?†She asked, “What do you mean?â€
    “Tied to the darkness,†The voice said again, darkness appeared under her, and started to engulf her, “Help!†she called up to the lights in the sky but they were far out of reach,
    “But don’t be afraid,†The voice said to her as the darkness wrapped around her face, “Your heart is the strongest weapon of all,†She felt something in her hand and the darkness exploded, washed away by a wave of light. It crawled among the ground a formed figures, small hunch backed creatures with beady eyes staring her down. She looked at the thing that materialized in her hand. It was a massive key just like the one on the platform,
    “Fight, Mira, it is only you who can overcome the darkness,†She held the key in both hands and it guided her movements. She pointed it at the form and it cowered retreating into the shadows. It appeared behind her and knocked into her with a light blow, enough to knock her forward but not enough to knock her down. She turned and slashed at the thing with her key. It cut right through the darkness and the thing evaporated into dust. More of them appeared behind her and she easily cut into them. She could feel her strength being amplified by the giant key, pulsing with a radiant power. The shadows moved and combined, a huge creature rose from the shadows. It had a heart shaped hole in its black chest. Its hair was a collection of dark tendrils wrapping around its face.

    Bright yellow eyes burned through the mask of darkness. Its legs were out of proportion of its body. Its feet were bent and the creature stood on them unable to walk because of its strange body. This monster of insanity existed somehow even against all odds. She ran at it with its key and slashed at its feet but it did no damage to the creature. It slammed its hand on the ground which created a shockwave of dark energy hitting her square in the chest knocking her down and burning her clothes. She charged the thing with her key and slashed at its hand. The dark energy seeping from its hand ,which was now embedded in the ground, created shadows which lunged at her but she cut into them easily and continued her assault on the monster. It lifted its hand out of the darkness and stood there observing her as if wondering what its next move was. It raised it's hand in the air building up dark energy between it's fingers. Mirix jumped away from it but it wasn't aiming for her. It slammed its entire arm into the ground as if reaching for something. She took the opportunity and slashed at the thing’s face cutting through its mask of tendrils and making a tear in the black skin. It pulled its hand out of the plate holding a massive ball of dark energy. It flew into the air and it started to rain darkness. She dodged the falling shadow and continued to attack the creature. She drove her key hard through the creature's hand and it pierced right through cutting into the darkness. The thing grabbed its hand and staggered backwards, falling into the darkness.

    Kuromimi fell the slowest, hanging onto the light as best she could and climbing back up step by step. She finally got back out of the darkness when she woke up. The sun rose over the city and she stood up out of her bed,
    “Kuromimi! Get to work the store isn’t going to clean itself!†called a haggard voice from the outside of her room. Her and her mom lived alone in the top floor of their shop, the space had been converted into their home as well as their work. Her mom worked with herbs, medicines, and specialized in making pesticides. It was her job to clean up after the woman once she had finished brewing whatever concoction she was asked to,
    “Coming Mom!†she called walking up to a cage behind her bed,
    “How are you doing today Lee?†She asked tearing small piece of lettuce off of the vegstable she kept next to her bed and dropped it in the cage for her Guiney pig. She sighed as the animal ate the lettuce without so much as a thank you. She pulled back the curtains separating her room from the rest of her house and walked down stairs. Her mother was working in the back of the store, standing over a boiling pot,
    “Kuromimi! I need you to clean up, we had a vial of rat poison explode in the stock there is glass everywhere!†She sighed, “Ok, fine,†she said taking the broom from the wall behind her mom and went into the store room. Inside the store room the walls were adorn with thousands of vials, each holding inside some particular cure or poison of some kind. She could see where the rat poison blew. The vials around it didn’t seem damaged but there was glass on the floor and the shelf. She brushed the visible glass into a trashcan lid ,
    “Alright it’s done,†she said walking out of the store holding the lid of glass in one hand and the broom in the other,
    “Good, good, put it in the dumpster now, use the waiste containers though,â€
    "Where are they?†she pointed at a container to the side of her mixing tools,
    “Mom, you know what the city said about pouring chemical’s into the city dumpster,â€
    “I don’t care what some ‘city officials’ say I’m running a business here!â€
    “And you wonder why dad left,†She muttered under her breath as she walked out the door.

    The streets were illuminated with a warm glow reflecting off most of the large buildings. Her mother’s shop was on the bad side of town though; most of the buildings were decrepit and run down. She walked over to the trashcan behind her mom’s shop but there was someone there. A boy about her age with dark brown hair that want to his shoulders,
    “Excuse me,†she said dumping the shards of broken glass into the dumpster,
    “No problem,†he said turning to her. She looked at him puzzled,
    “You’re not from around here, are you?†she asked him examining his face, “No, I am not,†he said, “My name is Raeni,†he said holding his hand out to her,
    “You’d better not I’m covered in rat poison,†she said and he put his hand to his side,
    “Freeze!†a voice called behind them, she turned to see a enforcer standing blocking the alleyway. Enforcer’s were the cops of the city, walking around looking for anything suspicious. They wore a badge with a star on their chest giving them authority over any one living in the city. The mayor controlled these goons and they walked the streets endlessly getting rewards every time they brought some one in. They often made up charges just to put more money in their pocket,
    “You're the theif! I finaly caught you†She turned to him and he was gone,
    “Raeni?†She the space where he was gone. The enforcer walked up to her,
    “Where did he go?†he asked her looking around,
    “I don’t know,†she said confused as well, “Well, I’m going to have to take you in,â€
    “What? Why!?â€
    “Assisting in the escape of a criminal,†he said grabbing her by her shoulder,
    “Come with me please.â€