Ten years ago, I would've never believed it...

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    Hello, hella.
    Frankly, let's be honest, it's a bit ridiculous how much time has passed since the release of the first games.

    I'm kinda feeling nostalgic here.:(
    Think about it people, think about all the others like me who waited so long just for a teaser.

    Ok, ok, here we are back in 2004, I'm in fourth grade in primary school, 10 years old, still playing spyro games and final fantasy games on psOne.


    One day I go back home, only to find that my house has been robbed. Good thing for me; the insurances replaced my ps1 with a ps2! Amazing!
    My parents are cool enough to buy me two games. I take Final fantasy X and Kingdom Hearts which had been realeased the year before.

    Of course, I'm amazed by the graphics (remember I'm swithcing from ps1 to ps2). Somehow, FFX doesn't bring any interest to me unlike the other final fantasy did (frankly it's just because I didn't get far enough in the game).

    Kingdom Hearts on the other hand is like playing a dream. Seeing Disney (I was a maniac of cartoons and Disney) and Final Fantasy blended together (also a FF fanatic), I just could'nt stop playing the game. :D

    And like alot of gamers do, you enjoy the game with your FRIENDS!! I had companions which had heard about the game but found it ridiculous because the main character fought with a key. I had that one friend though which enjoyed the game as much as I did and we played together alot, so many memories contained in one single soft.

    I remembered every morning at school, it would lecture him my progression and I remember when I had beaten Riku at hollow bastion; we were so proud of Sora when he yelled:


    And we would get excited just hearing the hero saying cheesy stuff like that.

    It took me almost 2 years to beat the game. I was young and I would often die at bosses; making me take long breaks of playing after consecutives defeat.

    I remember my sweaty hands fighting Ansem and every time there was another phase, another body part to destroy, I pestered against Square for making a Disney game with a neverending final boss.

    On that first playtrough, I didn't see the deep dive secret ending, I just saw that little clip when long haired Kairi waited on the beach for sora and riku to come back.

    Having beaten the game in the end of 2005. I already had heard about the coming of KH2.

    My only source site for news was Kh2.co.uk (it was really different at that time).

    Honestly, after playing KH COM on a gba emulator, I was really disapointed. I found the game utterly hard, unintesrestinf from a discovery point of view.

    I had to force myself using cheats to beat the game so I could be prepared for KH2.
    And then the beast came...


    KH2 had been released, although not quite, in japan it had been released not in america.
    I did get to see when the Passion Intro was shown and I was on the verge of crying by the beauty of it.

    I think we all agree here to say that Kingdom Hearts 2 intro (Passion) is a masterpiece.
    So imagine a 12 year old who grew up with the serie seeing it for the first time.:D

    When the english version finally came to america, i was deceived by the englsih version(Sanctuary). Anyway, I could finally get to play the second entry of my dream saga.

    I will be short: I became addicted.

    Everything was perfect.In 2006, I though KH2 was perfect.


    The worlds. The story. OMG, just discovering who that mysterious boy Roxas was.
    Oh and oh, the moment after days of playing Roxas ( yes it took me days to finish the Roxas part), when Sora finally emerges, only to see that every one of his fighting animations had been magnifically revamped and that he was as swift and dynamic as ever.

    Add to that, drive forms, reaction commands, limits and new magics, it's like the game could never finish to add stuff to improve it. One my first playtrough, I didn't even get to use magic once, i was a drive addict.
    To sum it up, I passed one whole summer playing the game almost every day.

    Then I beat it.
    I was pretty sure there were no way I could have another experience like that and I was right (though Okami and Shadow of the colossus came that year and they were unforgettable experiences too).

    Then Birth By Sleep was announced. I was intrigued but not hyped. BBS came 4 years after the release of KH2 and after playing it, it was good but not as intense as KH2 was. The characters were good but it was not the team sora, donald and goofy was.

    More of that, I wad disapointed that square still made as fans of the game were children. I was 16 years old and I exepcted the writing to be a bit more mature.

    Basically, none of the handheld games made me excited because I knew, though they had relevance to them, it was not KH3. It would not properly follow the aftermath of KH2 (though DDD did but yeah...).

    And then, E3 2013. 10 years after the release of the first game, 8 years after the second entry, a teaser of KH3 is finally presented.


    The former trio is finally back!

    To resume my joy, go watch the KH3 announcement reactions on youtube, it was pretty much like that. Just imagine a 20 year old guy doing it running around the house calling his sister to come and watch because the BEST GAME EVER has finally been announced..

    Of course, I really was pumped up, altough the teaser wasn't that amazing.

    I'm 20 year old now. 20 year old and ten years ago, when I was playing the first game as a 10 year old, I would've never believed it and one came and said to me that i would still play the franchise as an adult.

    Even more shocking, when I was 12 after beating the second game, I was sure KH3 was coming on PS3 (there was no confirmation of that but it seemed logical). And so after acquiring my ps3, the ONLY games I really waited and wished for were: FF versus 13, The last guardian and KH3.

    8 years ago, I would've never believed it if one came and said:
    Hey kid, in 8 years, the last guardian is nowhere to be found, Versus is FF 15 and..oh, see Kingdom Hearts 3? In 8 years, the only thing you will see from it is a 2 minute alpha trailer...

    Although, this thread doesn't make any sense, sometimes you just realize things.
    It's been 8 years and KH3 hasn't come out yet...
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    Ten years, and still no kh3.
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    Now that you mentioned it, it is rather unbelievable. it felt like only a few days ago when I finished KH2, craving for that sequel. I really had no desire to play BBS or 358/2 Days. All I craved was that sequel that I knew it was gonna come. 8 years later, and it was finally fulfilled.