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    In most situations, members who don't cast a good amount of members, feel that there production is almost ruined. A good production can be made with just one person, but having a team can make a production even better. Casting can include voice overs, translators and video/audio mixers. These three different tasks, create this amazing community project.

    KHV has created it's own template for members to use. It's very important to follow and use this form when posting for auditions. The template below has been written for easy navigating and organized format, so you can get yourself a cast in what ever project you are creating. Once you are done with your project, feel free to upload to our user portal or any video hosting website (Youtube). once you've completed the upload of your video/audio production, you may post in our sub-sections for members to rate, comment and give you the proper feedback so you can continue to make epic productions. Please note, if you don't follow this format, we will delete or close the threads. NOTICE: Your productions don't have to be based on only KINGDOM HEARTS. You can use Square-Enix, Disney, Anime and any other media outlets.

    Project Description: Post and share what your audio or video production is about. If you are making a fandub, supply a link where members can get the feel of the character's voice. If you are doing a production that involves singing (Ex: Aladdin & Jasmin - A Whole New World) include the video or song of this scene.

    Project Deadline: Type your deadline here. This is very important. If you don't add a deadline, auditions will be sent when ever and a production will lack in time. You can change the deadline, but make an update.

    Recording Information: Include the way you want the recordings/auditions sent.
    Recording format: Do you want it is as MP3, WAV or WMA format? Let members know what format you need their lines to be sent in.
    Saving Lines: How do you want the lines sent to you? Do you want them in a attachment or do you want it compressed into WinZip?
    Naming Lines: How do you want members to name their lines for your production? Ex: Mike_line1.mp3

    Contact Information: Tell members your email (ex:cgnetproductions@aol.com) for you to recieve their lines. You can use Skype, Yahoo, MSN, and etc for the lines.

    Characters: List your characters like the way we formed them below.

    Roxas: Main character from KINGDOM HEARTS: 358/2 Days. Add a description about him. Explain that he's a nobody and etc.
    Gender: Male
    Age: If you know (optional)
    Voice Type: Explain how he sounds. Does he have a high or low tone?
    line 1:
    line 2:

    Namine: Namine is a witch and has a special power for a nobody.
    Gender: Female
    Age: If you know (optional)
    Voice Type: Explain how she sounds. Does she have a high or low tone?
    line 1:
    line 2:

    Repeat this until you added all your characters.

    Updating Information: Let members know what's going on with the project. Also make a list of who sent you their auditions, so they know that you received them.