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  1. Karuta Reborn

    Jul 14, 2012
    Welcome to the Technology Section. This section was created primarily for users to seek help with their technical problems, but is now open to a wider range of technology discussion.

    You'll notice there are 3 prefixes available when posting a thread. These are "Support, "Solved" and "News".

    If you're having problems with your computer or other devices, please prefix your thread with "Support".

    Threads that should be prefixed with "Support":
    • Computer problems
    • Console problems
    • Mobile device problems
    • Problems with various programs
    • Internet problems (keep it to the technical side of things, if it has to do with KH-Vids, please refer to our Feedback & Assistance section)
    • Issues with any other phone, camera, or gadget
    If you receive a working solution for the problem you're experiencing in your support thread, tag or contact an Admin, Super Moderator, or a Moderator and let them know so that the thread can be locked and prefixed with "Solved".

    If you solve the problem yourself without the assistance of another member, please post any solution you found and the thread can also be locked and prefixed with "Solved".

    If the problem you are having doesn't persist and you no longer need the the thread, feel free to mention so, but the thread will remain open and won't be prefixed with "Solved" until somebody replies to the thread with a working solution.

    If you have some technology news that you would like to post, please do so under the "News" prefix.

    Threads that should be prefixed with "News":
    • New software releases
    • New hardware releases
    • General technology related news
    • New vulnerability discoveries

    If you want to make a thread about a technology related subject that doesn't fit under the "Support" or "News" prefixes, feel free to do so under no prefix.

    Threads that will be closed immediately:
    • Threads seeking or linking to warezes
    • Threads seeking or linking to illegal torrents
    • Threads seeking or linking to illegally downloading anime, music or anything else against the law and the rules of our site.

    -The KH-Vids.Net Staff
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.