Tales of Darkness

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    This is based off the video game series known as the Tales of games.


    Long long ago, in the days of the ancient heroes, the land of Orikahn (O-ree-kon) had been swallowed in the night sky. The sun no longer shined bright across the land and the world turned cold. It was a time of silence, a time of eternal night, a time for the monsters of the continents to grow strong. Each continent had one monster that was powerful enough to destroy cities with just a single step to the ground.

    The people fled in fear because there was nothing else they could do. All had to abandon the lands and move out to sea where the monsters could no longer reach them. No one could explain why the monsters targeted humans, nor did we know how how bright and shining star gave out its light. It appeared that our species would soon die out without the warmth of the sun to grow our food.

    Then, when humanity was at its last breath, a hero and heroine stepped forth from the shadows of the land. The hero known as Sol and the heroine known as Luna, fought against the monsters of the land. They were successful in their mission to reclaim the land, but it was short lived. The darkness continued to cool the land and the monsters continued to populate.

    It was then that the two heroes made sure that humanity would survive. Sol transformed himself into the Crystal of Light which shines bright still today. Luna turned into the Crystal of Night, it was much more dim, but it would become a beacon for those at night when Sol needed to rest. The two danced together in the sky and provided a chance for humanity. It has been a thousand years since that day and age and we have finally regained out strength.

    Chapter 1: The Journey Begins

    "Okay Ryuo (Ro), are you ready for your first day in hunting." A man said with bright green hair. He was tall, wore white and purple clothes. His eyes were a dark brown. He held a large bow in his left hand with a well crafted arrow in his right. A knife with a dragon hilt say on his side in case a close encounter was eminent.

    "You bet, I finally get to kill my first monster today. Thanks for taking me out Seth." This boy was different. He was much younger. Around the age of ten to be exact. He had golden yellow hair with blue eyes. His clothes that of brown and black. They were quite unique in their design. He carried a sword in his left and a sharp sheath in his right which had been connected to his belt but gave enough room to swing it furiously.

    The two were running in a forest. Green, Orange, and Brown leaves glided to the ground as they rushed past. It was Autumn and the winter would soon follow. The two were off to gather food for the strong cold to come. The sound of leaves crunching beneath there feet with every step they took aloud the monsters to know they were coming. They'd attack them quickly without hesitation.

    Just as expected, a monster appeared right in front of them. It was a Mammoth-bore. A very weak monster but large. Most large monsters were strong, but this one was definitely weak. It had gray fur, red eyes and large tusks. The hair made it difficult for the creature to see, but it could feel out creatures around it. It began to charge.

    "This will be your chance. When I shoot it with an arrow, strike at its feet. That is there weak spot." Seth said to the Ryuo. Once then, he charged the arrow and struck the beast. It bounced off do to the thick hair, however it also gave the beast the idea to attack Seth.

    "I got it!" Ryuo yelled swiping at the beasts feet. It fell down and was surely not able to walk again for a while. Ryuo saw this and went for the final blow, decapitating its head. "Yes! I got him. Did you see me brother?"

    "I saw you. You did great for your first time." He grabbed the Mammoth-bore by the tail and began to drag it. He looked up to the sky and noticed the crystal began to dim. "Ryuo, Sol is getting tired. We should head back. Tomorrow we are heading out to the capital so we should get an early rest."

    The boy nodded and the two set back off to their home. They arrived at the small cottage. It was a one story with only two rooms. A bedroom and kitchen was all that they had. A side area made out of wood was there too. Seth threw the bore into it. It was filled with ice. A container to let the meet last.

    "Okay, Ryuo, Luna is beginning her watch, its time to rest for tomorrow."

    "All right brother. See you in the morning." He put his blankets over him and quickly went to sleep.

    "You did a good job out there. Now I can have some help getting food to support the two of us. Sleep well." He said softly rubbing Ryuo's head. Seth also laid his head into the bed and began to rest.


    Morning had come and Ryuo had awaken tied down to his bed. He began to struggle, trying hard to get free of the bandages. He didn't even realize while he was sleeping someone tied him up. With no luck of becoming free, he yelled for Seth to come and help him. "Seth! Help! I am tied up and cant get free. Seth!"

    There was no answer. The only thing that could be heard was the birds outside whistling to one another. What could have happened to Seth, he wondered. Did bandits storm in and kill his brother? If that were the case, why spare Ryuo? None of it made sense.

    At the side of him was a knife. He hadn't noticed it until now. It was not just any knife though, it was his brother's knife, the one given to him by his father. He nudged his hand down to it and grabbed it. He sliced the rope strapped to his right arm and then cut the left. Eventually he freed himself completely and ran outside to the shed where the meet was. Nothing was taken. Nothing at all. What in the world of Orikahn was going on?

    "Last Seth said was we were heading to the capital today. Maybe I should head over there and start my search. Better gather some supplies first." Ryuo headed back into the cabin and gathered some gels (Materials that heal HP and TP). He also grabbed his sword, his brothers knife, and some of the food that would surely go to waste.

    "I haven't been outside the forest alone before. Hopefully I can navigate to Mynune to get direction to the capital. If I remember, Seth said it was north of the forest exit. Time to move." Ryuo headed through the thick brush. It was good that his brother taught him techniques to navigate it with ease and not run into any of the powerful beasts that lurked around.

    He escaped the bush and looked out to the large field of the continent Labertim. It was the largest continent on the planet and had the utmost wealth drawn in. Usually this was because of the King's good nature, but ever since he died, things have been a lot more difficult with the prince becoming ruler. That was the main reason for him and Seth to journey out to the Capital. They wished to figure out why things have taken a turn for the worse.

    "Mynune should be along the path right? Better hope so or else I may never find my way around." He followed the path. Several monsters came across the way. He was new to the aspect of fighting, but he did rather well. It wasn't too long until he reached the city of Mynune.

    "Mynune, The city of pleasant waters. Seth always said that the water here could cure any illness." As he went into the square of the city he heard a loud explosion coming from the building next to him. He ran into the building where he saw 3 knights attacking a girl. She had light blue hair and purple dress that seemed it was fit for combat. Looking a tad closer, he saw what he thought to be a tail, was she a Cait Sith?

    "Hey, girl." One of the knights said. "We know you have a Magica Crystal. Give it up!"
    "Like hell I'll let you take it. This is something far to precious for me to give to you pigs."
    "Why you! Attack her men."

    Ryuo saw she needed help and glided in to defend the incoming lance with his sword. He pushed the knight away and tried to slash at him. "3 against one seems unfair to me. Especially against a girl."

    The girl looked at him and grinned. "I like your attitude kid, lets say we teach these guys that picking on the innocent is wrong."

    "Men, this boy must be one of her accomplices, quickly, get him as well. Take them both as prisoners." The knight said."

    Ryuo charged in with his sword hitting one of the knights. The other two stood back as they planned to charge at him once there fellow knight dodged.

    "Great crystal of the ground, Terra, bestow upon me the powers of land and let me raise it beneath thy!" The girl yelled out. "Jump back kid."

    Ryuo jumped back and as he did, rocks from underneath the knights came rising from the ground like spears attacking them. "Wow, that is magica huh, stuff is scarier in person than in books. Nonetheless, they are off guard." He charged them and slashed at their bodies killing them.

    He jumped back and stood beside the girl. He looked at her and smile putting his hand out. "Hey, I am Ryuo. Why were those guys after you?"

    She grabbed his hand and smiled back. "Thanks for the help. I am Katrina. They were after me because of my Magica Crystal. The Empire has been trying to get their hands on all of them ever since the prince took command. I would never let them take mine though. This belonged to my mother after all."

    A few of the villagers came over to her. "Oh Katrina, I hope you are alright." one of them said. "Thank goodness this boy was here to help you." An old woman said. They continued to worry about the girl and thank Ryuo. It was clear that the town cared for this girl.

    "Well, looks like everything is just great here. I should be heading off." He said turning his back to her.
    "Wait just a second kid, you really are just going to help me and not expect a reward." She said curiously.
    "No, why would I? You were being attacked and it was an unfair fight. I just came in to help you because that is what the right thing to do is. Is that wrong?"
    "Not at all. I wish more people were like that honestly. Where you headed anyway?"
    "I am headed to the Capital. I wished to see the new King about some issues and try to find my brother. He was kidnapped last night so I believe."
    "I'd like to come with you. Us Cait Sith are known to repay our debts in one way or another. That is what my mother told me."
    He hesitated for a second. She was strong and maybe she knew her way around. It couldn't hurt. "I suppose you can come. Do you know a way to the Capital?"
    "Of course I do. Most people do. It surprises me that you don't actually. Follow me and I'll take you there myself."
    "I appreciate it. Maybe we should stop by the inn first though, it is getting late. We can head out tomorrow."
    "That sounds fine."

    The two headed over to the inn. Surprisingly enough, they were given the nights stay for free because of Ryuo's heroic work saving Katrina. He had no complaints. Gald (The currency of the world) Wasn't something he really had much of. They'd wait the night and then head to the Capital.

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    Chapter 2: The Poison to the Capital
    Morning came around and the two joined together. It was overcast and the wind blew hard outside. It was a sign that a storm was coming. The two headed towards the exit. But before the could leave, they were stopped by the townsfolk. Katerina looked back at them and grinned.

    "Don't worry about me. I am old enough to take care of the kid here and and myself. We'll be fine." She said smiling trying to give confidence into the townsfolk. They simply nodded and waved goodbye to them.

    The two began to head to the north where the Capital was located. According to Katerina, it was in the center of the continent. A perfect location to avoid any way or deploy troops if needed.

    This is a Skit note. Skit Notes are add on's to character development but aren't essential to the story. They are more of fun moments between characters. Expect several in each chapter.

    Ryuo: Hey, I notice you keep calling me kid. I don't look much younger than you.
    Katerina: Well how old are you? I wouldn't want to say you are the wrong age.
    Ryuo: 14.
    Katerina: See You are much younger than me.
    Ryuo: Oh? how old are you then?
    Katerina: You know it is rude to ask a girl her age.
    Ryuo: It was relevant.
    Katerina: I am just catting around. I'm 16.
    Ryuo: You look pretty young for only 16. I mean, you have no chest.
    Ryuo: Ow! That hurt.
    Katerina: Shouldn't talk about a girl's chest size. You'll live longer.
    Ryuo: Yeah that is going to be noted.

    Battles continued across the field as they traveled together. The beasts were stronger than when Ryuo went off on his own but together they could handle it. The fields weren't that bad after all. Only the low class monsters lived in them after all. They continued on until they reached mountains that could not be passed by going over.

    "The Venom Caves. Monsters in here contain high amounts of poison and attack anyone in site. It's best if we be careful. We can't get through the mountain any other way." Katerina said pointing at the large cave entrance.
    "We can make it through. My brother told me the creatures in here aren't the strongest around. He always had antidotes on him just in case." Ryuo leaned down and put his bag on the ground. He pulled out some antidotes. He was prepared for this event.
    "Good thing you are prepared, kid." She chuckled.

    The two entered the cave. It was damp and continued to drip water on the stalagmites. The water seemed a tad purple in color however. It could have been natural poison.

    As Katerina said, the monsters were hostile and in fact poisonous. Luckily, they had the right materials to make it through safely. They gained many new weapons and armor from the chests hidden inside. A blocked path also was noticeable. Maybe it contained something special.

    Ahead of them was the large Capital city. It had no other title. It was simply called The Capital. The city where the emperor ruled and the wealth begins and ends. It had a large tower at the center. Many smaller Gothic buildings surrounded it. The tower was the palace. His Majesty the Emperor would be living up there.

    "That's the Capital. Shall we." Katerina offered.
    "I'd say yes, but there are armed guards everywhere. It looks like the city is on lock down." He assumed. It was true. The gate had been shut and guards had surrounded the premises.

    A nice couple walked by asking for permission to enter. The guards turned them away. "The Emperor doesn't want anyone entering at this time. Leave at once."
    "But we need to get in. Our family is in there."
    "I won't ask again. Leave now." He pointed his sword at the old couple.

    Ryuo dashed in in front of the two. "I don't think its polite to attack an old couple."
    A few more guards ran over. "This is not the time to cause a fuss kid."
    'Damn it, Ryuo. Now you've pissed them off." She began to hold her hands up ready to attack.

    Suddenly a voice came shouting out. It was powerful and caused the guards to start shaking. "What is going on down here!" He lowered himself from a platform that had been attached to the wall. "I demand you tell me at once."

    He wore black armor and had white hair. He appeared to be the man in charge of them. His sword was large. A greatsword in fact. Those were only used by the higher ups in the royal guard.

    The old man began to speak. "General Olson. We just wished to come into the Capital to be with our family."
    Olson smiled at them. "Men, let these two pass. As for the others, lock them away. This boy here is the one we are looking for."

    The guards let the old couple into the city. Ryuo and Katerina struggled from the knights and managed to hold them off. Olson did not find this pleasing however. "Useless men. I will see it to myself."

    He unsheathed his greatsword and pointed it at them. A battle occurred but was ended with one blow from the general. The party had been knocked out.


    Ryuo woke up in a prison cell. The walls were damp and gray and the temperature was chill. He sat on a bed where he felt a rubbing cheek on his arm. Katerina was sleeping and rubbing her face on him, like a cat. He shook her a bit and she awoke from her slumber. Her cat eyes slowly re-visioning the world around her.

    She jumped as she noticed the cage they were locked in. "Hey! You bastards let us out right now!" She shook the bars and began to claw at them with her nails.

    Ryuo sat there looking confused. "I am the one they were looking for... what does that mean."

    Katerina stopped her clawing as she noticed his distraught. "Probably means nothing. If you are curious though, we can ask the Emperor to force the General into telling us."

    "Y-you rang?" A young voice said in the cell next to them. "I am Emperor Inged Morgan III. (in-ged)"

    The two looked at each other in confusion.
    "What do you mean you are the Emperor?" Katerina questioned.
    "I am! I was locked away in here after my father passed away. General Olson took over and has locked down the city ever since."
    "An emperor taken off of his ruling from a military leader. Sounds plausible." Ryuo pondered.
    "If you could, I'd really like to get out and free the people from his rule."
    "I'd like to... but they took my weapons." Ryuo said looking down.
    "Luckily for me, I know where to hide my goods." She pulled her crystal out from her shirt.
    "You hid it in your lady parts!" Ryuo began to freak out a tad.
    "Yeah yeah. Don't get so freaked out." She closed her palms and began to chant. "Sol, Crystal of Fire. Bless the powers of fire and life unto me so I may char those before me... Fireball!" The fire came out of the tip of her fingers and burned through the metal.
    "...That... is some hot fire..." Ryuo twitched nervously.
    "Yeah. I can be catastic when I want to be."

    Ryuo ran over to the desk where luckily no one was guarding and grabbed the key. He went over to the cell with Inged. He stopped at the site of him. He was young. really young. The boy was probably 10. He had red hair and some royal-like attire. Shaking it off, he opened the door letting the emperor out.

    "Thank you so much." He said with a wide smile.
    "We aren't done yet kittens. There is still the matter of getting out of the city. We need to figure out a way to get the right person on the throne." Katerina said looking through a chest. "Found your weapons also."
    "Great." He grabbed the sword and put it in his sheath.
    "Thank you."
    "So, you use Crystal Swords. Those are real expensive to get a hold of." Katerina said impressed
    "Are they? I just got them from my father."
    "Crystal Swords?" Ryuo asked.
    "Oh you don't know about them? Well they are swords fused with a crystal. Depending on the crystal the sword will have an element of nature attached to it. In this case, His Majesty here has fire and ice."
    "I see. That could be quite handy in battle against monsters."
    "I have only used them in training. I hope you let me go with you and let me practice more."
    "Of course. Only if you wish though." Katerina smiled. The three headed through the prison to get to the city and find a way out.

    Katerina: Is something wrong Your Majesty?
    Inged: O-oh. I just never met a Cait Sith before. I thought the Undine prevented you from leaving.
    Katerina: I was away from my homeland when the Undine Sith war occurred. I haven't been able to get back
    Inged: That is so tragic. My father wished to have stopped that war but he died before he could.
    Katerina: I am sure my people will work something out.
    Inged: When I am back in the palace, I will make sure to help end the struggle.
    Katerina: You are going to make a great Emperor, Inged.
    Inged: Yeah. Like my fathers before me.
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    The Prologue worked amazingly; set an excellent scene for which to work on, that transposed well into the first chapter. It was very fast paced, but you get the meat and Potatoes and all that you need to get who is the main character and what is going on; it flows much like a video game. I particularly liked the Katrina girl. The most game-like element of it? Magica is used to kill a few grown men and then it's all like, "Hi, I am Ryuo." "Katrina." Not that the nonchalance is bad; it works.

    Reading through Chapter 2 now, but I read Skit no. 1 ahead of time and laughed quite a bit. xD

    EDIT: Read Chapter 2

    The more I read, the more I think if the movie "The Princess Bride" was rewritten and set in a different way. It's a very similar, laid back style that is equal parts daring adventure and just awkward enough to be somewhat Romantic; Ryou's comments about the hiding place made me giggle.

    The skits help. They're like the little bonus comic at the bottom of a comic book page.