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    You are the music while the music lasts - T. S. Eliot
    2050 in the continent called Kimpo. The land known for peace and love through music. Music was the core of Kimpo and incorporated in many forms of competitions, symphonies, and as a symbol of peace Many of nations came together and wanted an end to the bickering and quarrels they had for centuries. The rest of the nations that wanted competition and occupation didn’t agree to their customs as well as having very little luxury goods on their lands and launched a full scale attack on the lands of innocent people and children, killing many. So for the final time, the nations raised their arms and fought the occupying nations, wiping them off the map.

    The peaceful nations may have won the battle, but the results were bittersweet however. The war led to billions of casualties and a once beautiful continent, Kimpo was now a wasteland full of death and memories full of pain and sorrow. To ensure this would never happen again, the surviving nations forged an agreement to state that they will never go fight again against each other and to remove every lethal weapon off the face of Kimpo and decide to reform what was left into a citadel for music and peace. They created a committee solely for this purpose called the United Peace Committee (UPC). They split Kimpo into 5 sectors; 4 of them represented a different part of melodies and symphonies and the 5th was the capitol. The center of the continent was the capitol of Kimpo called Melodia. There at Melodia, would be a place where instead of using threats and weapons to compete, they would use music. Seeing as music as the new status, people started to look down upon the people with disabilities. It depended on the person from as being nothing from a sprained finger to major discrimination when a person is deaf. The normal folk called them the “Despaired.” The leaders tried their best to close the gap, but in their world, as long as music remained dominant, there could be no way to fix the discrimination between the Despaired and the regular people. So they created a way for the Despaired to return back to society. Every year, each of the regions’ leaders would come together to Melodia to hold the Major Revival Symphony (MRS). Here is where the best players from the 5 regions would come together to compete for the grand prize: a chance to remove one disability. For those who are already fine, they take back bragging rights and many other privileges not available to the normal person. The Despaired were satisfied with this and agreed with this plan.

    50 years of hard work and many competitions, the land of Kimpo seems to be restoring from its deep scar from the war. The landscape was now being filled with people and life, not as enough before the war, but a good start. Despaired and the normal people actually getting along and even accepting each other despite their weakness in music. It was silenced quickly when a major attack occurred in Melodia when an unknown organization started to bomb the performance hall where they held the 50th MRS. There were many fatalities and even many were injured. This stirred up a larger fuse between the Despaired and the normal people, blaming each other for the action. Just when they were ready to accept each other, the gap widened again, but even larger now. It seemed at this point that unity would never happen.
    10 years of bitter arguments and even close to violence, it looks as if the continent would split again. The condition has not improved in 2110. Discrimination is subtle, but very noticeable on the streets. Each Despaired walking down the street is a victim of any normal mob and vice versa to a normal person. In school, the regular kids pick on the Despaired and place them on the bottom of the social scale. Older generations keep pondering if what they really did was the right thing and longing for the peace and happiness they once experienced.

    • Kimpo before the war was a large continent filled with beautiful fields, lush forests, towering cities, and large scale farms. After the war, it was all craters and burnt land. 60 years put a good look on Kimpo as well as the 5 sectors, but it’s never enough to restore the real beauty it had. For crime, every sector has their own police force armed with specialized stun guns that can immobilize a group of people quickly. Each sector has their special school in teaching its form of music.



      Also known as “The City of the Future.” This sector is known for their superior technology and their music being incorporated into electronics. However, this leads to major loss in handicap points since of its convenience and diversity as well as a kind of loss to the originality of music and its basic pure form. If there is an instrument out there, Xanzo has it in an electric form. The city is very futuristic and heavily populated due to its highly knowledgeable people and their technology. Most of the technologies in other cities are created in Xanzo. Far off into the east is a ruined city polluted by strong pockets of radiation from the war. Many mutated creatures live there and claimed many lives of foolish explorers who wished to uncover secrets of the past. For general safety, the law enforcement has put that area on lockdown to prevent more casualties.

      Colpure- [​IMG]

      Flying over a giant mountain range, Colpure is a giant metropolis powered by powerful turbines keeping it in air. They are known for their musical knowledge involving windpipes and vocals. The only way to get o Colpure is through flying transportation or a monorail from Melodia that leads it to Colpure. Besides its knowledge of their own music, it’s known for its amazing sights of the mountain ranges and its exhibit of over 500 species of birds they keep there. There is also an old air base on Colpure that is now reformed into a war museum talking about the war. Underneath Culpure is a crater full of hazardous waste where precious gems are mined by the miners. This is where they once were settled in, but had to leave due to having hazardous waste beneath them. Now, the crater has abundant amounts of gems and harvested for its main revenue.

      Except not as menacing looking :p
      The land…or more like the island known for their string music and their knowledge in it. Zalta is a huge island with a city split in two parts: one on top, and the other underwater. The upper part of the city is in its humid jungle biome while the under part is a giant city where the residents live and want to take a look at the sea wildlife. Connecting the top and bottom is a giant elevator through the 2 towers in Zalta: one above and one below. Fish and tropical fruits is the main food source here and also being shipped to other sectors. Zalta is also known as the most romantic place in Kimpo due to its beautiful beaches and its unhindered sight of the moon and stars at night. Getting here is simple due to the ease of having ferries that can be taken to Zalta, flying there…or for the people who wish to swim to Zalta as they are either dumb or stupidly dumb as the waters are spotted with dangerous sea creatures. Sea mines from the war also litter around Zalta, but most are dysfunctional and far away from public. There also is an underwater city a few miles off of Zalta that was abandoned during the first war when it was built on a cliff, but the cliff broke and fell into the ocean. It holds many secrets and hidden articles about the past and the war, but it’s currently too dangerous for normal people to visit due to aggressive animals living around there and also being surrounded by sea mines.

      Farj- [​IMG]

      The oldest city in Kimpo as also known where the first people settled here in this fertile land. The land known for percussion and piano and their knowledge in it. One can say Farj is the least technological city in Kimpo. Farj has the smallest population than all of the other sectors, but it’s very famous and well used because Farj is surrounded by 3 biomes: plains, a giant lake, and the jungle/mountains. This makes Farj the best land used for farming and also 95% of the food source of Kimpo comes from Farj. Farj also holds the largest zoo in Kimpo, holding thousands of animals due to their diverse biomes and landscapes with many endangered species from the result of the war. They also have daily tour rides around the whole sector, showing all the lovely biomes and sights. Easily accessible by foot and all forms of transportation. Many of the Despaired live in Farj because the other cities despise them and Farj is people living off the old ways of living, making the Despaired a lot more comfortable in Farj. Farj despises the land of Xanzo and their technology, saying they are straying off the customs of Kimpo where they wouldn't rely too much on technology.

      Melodia- [​IMG]
      The Heart of Kimpo and also located in the middle of the 4 sectors. This is where all the different cultures blend together in one large metropolis. If someone were to be born here, they can hold all the knowledge of music in their hands. However, only the wealthy and powerful live in Melodia. Here is where also the MRS is held every year in the giant conference hall they own. The UM also hold their place here next to the conference hall. Underground subways also connect to the other 4 sectors. Melodia seems to favor the technology of Xanzo as it makes living and the transportation in Melodia more convenient. There’s also a giant monument that shows the victims in the fateful attack 10 years ago.


      Not much is known of Shivga. If a person was deemed too far evil for a local jail, they would be sent to Shivga, an infamous prison where once in, no one would ever get back out. Located on an island far off the shores of Kimpo, only a secret underwater rail leads to it and even then, only special personal are authorized to visit it. Some say it was just a normal prison. Others say it’s a death camp where people would work until they died. Whatever the rumor is, nothing leaves Shivga intact.
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