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  1. Styx That's me inside your head.

    Sep 16, 2008
    Introduction: Welcome to my poetry thread. This is where I'll dump my poems, both old and new, and here's where you can read them. Tell me what you think of them, feedback is greatly appreciated!
    One more thing I would like to say: these poems do not necessarily reflect the author's thoughts, feelings or opinions. In other words, if you see a sad poem you don't have to go "Awwww, are you okay?" on me since I'm most likely doing fine. :D
    So uhm...enjoy.

    Love The Unforgiven

    Ditch every angel and Come to a hell
    That plays a neverending trick-Or-treat
    Where the rejected fUse asunder
    One that promises the Pleasure of pain

    A time to Dance with every evening shade
    To skate on the Edge of a sheathed sword

    But the land between our hearts kept stirrinG
    And maimed the newest paRt of me
    She crAved one last scenario
    Let my hand be a siCkening butterfly
    The gentlEst way to lay her to rest

    Comment: That was an old one. My writing style may have evolved since then. It has a hidden (read: far too obvious) meme woven into it.

    House Of Dogs

    We need our ankles sprained
    We're short on gods and hallows
    Yet tired of bathing in the shallows
    No life without the weight sustained
    By creeping feelings
    That hang us like gallows
    From invisible ceilings

    Turmoil within the house of dogs
    Every time one dares a dive
    Out of the brass fountain
    And bids a goodbye to its hive
    No life full of springs and cogs
    Just a pathway to hop in and out and
    Shame and blame upon which it'll thrive
    A downhill slope of a solid mountain

    "Nothing is sacred, least of all us"
    The stray dog growls, howls and thus
    Turns deaf to the sounds
    And yelps uttered to pierce
    Of the most loyal hounds
    Unleashed with no other choice but to be
    Driven insane by terrain of no bounds
    To be crazed, deluded, limitless, fierce
    Too free

    Comment: This last one, on the other hand, is brand-new. It might require some explaining but I'll get to that later.
  2. Chevalier Crystal Princess

    Jan 8, 2008
    Trapped on an Island
    poetic justice?

    anyways, they are really amazing.

    the dregree of these far surpasses mine.

    hats off to you.


    the portfolio idea is very good.

    would keep things cleaner.
  3. Styx That's me inside your head.

    Sep 16, 2008
    Comment: It's older work. I don't have anything new except for the poem I posted in the contest thread. These are in chronological order too (well, not with the other ones in here but in this post). This is because my first attempts at poetry can't compare to the ones today, and it's a matter of "saving the best for last" (although that's up to you).



    If all people were building blocks
    Birds would eat their hearts out
    The peak would defy the earth
    The peak would define the heavens

    If all people were building blocks
    There'd be sturdy and exhausted foundations
    A zenith that craves outspoken grandeur
    And a middle that laments its lack of fame

    If all people were building blocks
    They'd have to be strong
    Sustaining the taunt of a hurricane
    Disdaining the promise of lightning

    If all people were building blocks
    Then who'd be left to put them together?

    Comment: This poem was my best at the time it was written. The title is of coure a reference to the Tower of Babel.


    Rituals In Lonely Attics

    Does it start when our neurons bud?
    Or does it commence in the womb?

    We set the gears in motion
    To overcome the self-made mountains
    Climb the walls, ride the rocket
    All by our egocentrical selves

    If we have a spare moment
    We'd draw a horizonal line too
    A deformed awareness ribbon

    And strangely, it sickens none
    That vertical tunnel vision

    Comment: Well I don't like this dull piece but I'm posting it here anyway because, the others I post today (and not just these either) it deals with the weakness of Man, in this case ambition. Maybe I should rewrite or delete this one.


    Ignis Sacer (St. Anthony's Fire)

    Escorted to their realms in a bottomless well
    From their own hearth to this newly-built entropy
    All the ergot was to be found upon their daily bread
    And twisted everything to incinerated sunflowers

    Innocence and guilt, in every church wed
    In months of wheat, in months of venom
    To choose or to lose, in sickness and in health
    Till the deathless hellfire do them part

    Comment: This one is quite lacking in flow as it is meant to be read as a bunch psalm verses or something. It's quite "unaccessible" like many of my poems, sorry for that.


    Thanks for reading!
  4. Mexony Hollow Bastion Committee

    Aug 20, 2007
    Title caught my attention. But after reading all the poems they're really good.
  5. Chevalier Crystal Princess

    Jan 8, 2008
    Trapped on an Island
    to most people these poems may seem inacessible.

    but, i truly love them....

    one of these days i will write something decent that can top your poems.
  6. Styx That's me inside your head.

    Sep 16, 2008
    64 Tons Of Mechanical Carrion

    Muscles are the sickest
    The sickest messengers
    Depraved promises of action
    They're the sickest:
    I watched them vomit

    Was too slow
    Got iron legs
    Was too weak
    Got iron chest
    Was too tired
    Got iron lungs
    Was too nice
    Got iron heart
    Was too dumb
    No such thing
    As an iron brain

    Soul zippered open
    Respectful sloth oozed out
    Sought an escape
    A suicide window
    But all it found were manholes
    Hands stained
    But system rebooted

    This is speed
    This is power
    This is communication
    Dragonflies of zeroes and ones
    They bring me the world
    And its debaucheries
    And I should heal it
    By robbing it of its core
    Or should I? Should I?
    Anomalies set in
    What are these reduncancies?

    Out out out out out
    Won't won't won't won't
    Help help help help
    Die die die die die die

    I commenced liftoff
    Would burn the doubts
    The blindman's bluff
    But they all retract
    It all reacts, I am a virus
    Cables come crawling
    Their attached land folds
    The oceans vaporize as rust
    Computed cuddles
    An eclipse over my life


    Feeling so heavy
    Flushed down a drain of drought
    Into an orbit of a darker sun
    Planet funneled into lightness
    A teardrop went haywire
    This should be sad, shouldn't it?
    Why can't I cry?
    I want to cry
    But if I try
    I merely hear an engine's roar

    Comment: Brand-new piece! It's kinda long too, but the lines are often short. Speaking of which, the 64 in the title refers to this poem's amount of lines. Thanks for reading (and replying)!
  7. Wulphie! Gummi Ship Junkie

    Jan 20, 2008
    Right behind you .

    Dang, this si link the longest poem ive ever read.
    But it's a nicely built poem.
  8. Styx That's me inside your head.

    Sep 16, 2008
    Noli Me Tangere

    Don't scrape for it all tastes like gentle rape
    I'd fold much rather than behold
    You daring a brush reflected as a flare in
    Your chest drowning you to death at best

    Each caress makes filthy me have to oppress
    The needs you'd choose over senseless sensual deeds
    Slight rockin' of resolve reveals the toxin
    Swallowed with each inch of this trash heap followed

    No sacrifices should be made for bogus crises
    Our bond'll tighten even if I stay unfondled
    I'd want it only if you didn't eat the haunt
    Of clutching me and actually enjoyed touching me

    Comment: Rhyme scheme only works when read in a specific manner, but don't bother since I hate the rhyme scheme myself. This poem is rather new but it wasn't written today.
  9. Chevalier Crystal Princess

    Jan 8, 2008
    Trapped on an Island
    umm....the poem above....i hope i didnt understand it.

    but the rhyme is good.
  10. Styx That's me inside your head.

    Sep 16, 2008
    It's not about sexual acts on themselves per se (it could just as easily apply to mere hugging and kissing). The main theme is rejection after initial acceptance, a kind of rejection that is often forgotten.
    Thanks for your response!



    It's what humanity creates that creates humanity
    She giggled
    We had no control
    It's what the cosmos uses that uses the cosmos
    I shivered
    We were tapped into

    Our celebration of pleasant nothingness
    With looming spirits of white wine
    Interrupted by the shout of a hammer
    On the anvil that is Anger
    On the anchor that is Grief

    We were drawn to and from eachother
    On a moth's wings to a tongue too sharp
    Waver, waver, waver with every flutter
    The messiahs of the unknown, they came
    And closed our curtains at shoulder height

    She was taken to exploited glades
    Jeered by trees of mocking laughter
    But I'll cut them all to lumber
    And I'll drop from every heaven
    Until you're in my arms again

    Comment: New poem. I had some trouble finding a title, but this one will do. The poem deals with post-break up issues. It tells the story of a rocky relationship that was ended on its most intense stage, but with at least one side regretting the break-up.


    Planet Painless

    Come forth, tread near
    This turbulence may end
    All missions are accomplished
    Come near
    Nearer even

    I found my sapphires
    Found them at last
    Found them to be different
    Not like others foolishly linked
    Not by others blindly yearned

    In this shroud knit by detachment's daughters
    I might be set apart from this ball and chain
    (Don't come near me)
    What floats around gloats aloud

    The others are still the others
    My Elysium is my own
    Only I can make myself come full circle

    Comment: An older poem about a person who has created a virtual space where his law is supreme and his isolation a blessing. Not much good to say about this one.
  11. Chevalier Crystal Princess

    Jan 8, 2008
    Trapped on an Island
    umm, i really don't understand much of these two poems

    except the last one when i read the last part of it.

    the first one...i can't quite grasp it....except some parts.
  12. Styx That's me inside your head.

    Sep 16, 2008
    Yeah, they tend to have that. Don't worry about it.

    Comment: Haiku time! No comments in-between this time. I really wouldn't know what to say. Enjoy!

    Dirty Fingernails

    Dirty fingernails
    Feeling like a dullahan
    Digging up its head



    A forgotten scene
    Blossoms on their tippy toes
    Are not lost; they're yours


    Merciful Malice

    Conjoined breaths snuffed out
    This merciful malice cured
    She's to whom gods bow
  13. Styx That's me inside your head.

    Sep 16, 2008

    Bunch of water...
    She's afraid to jump...
    Needless to say any more...
    She'll have to dive sooner or later...

    It lures her like it always does
    The Back Door, the Alternative
    Water in a presented glass
    Something she can like someone for
    But she'd never want to receive
    Therefore, she dove

    She's pretty strong for a weakling
    Manages to flail towards the flail
    She doesn't fear temptations
    No more than they fear her
    But she may not make it to the bottom
    And miss its dance floor entirely

    Comment: Older work. I had a certain type of personality in mind when I wrote this. It's about a person who is compelled with living indepentently, and it's hinted to evolve into an obsession.


    Vengeful Karma (Grudges And Pride)

    Today I bathe in anger's light
    While rooted in vengeful karma
    This flower had its sweetness squared

    I want to cry a moment congealing
    In seeds of grudges, saplings of pride
    For tonight I bloom as fangs

    You can't pick this scarlet flower
    As I've become petals of fire
    Releasing waves of hunger
    An empire of violent hues

    Comment: Simply put, this poem is about being pissed off. New piece.
  14. Styx That's me inside your head.

    Sep 16, 2008
    Introduction: I haven't been confronted with it on kh-vids, but some other readers (this sounds like I have some kind of fanbase; don't worry I don't, I'm still Styxie from the block) claim that my poetry style is somewhat stereotypical. I prefer to believe that I'm not devoted to one style and that I try to be versatile. Today I hope to prove this by posting three completely unrelated poems. Unrelated as in "having little in common at all".



    Ebony and ivory live together
    And so do we
    Bound, linked
    By piano wire
    We'll resonate
    Making music
    For our hearts
    In love
    Ebony & Ivory
    Live together in perfect harmony

    Comment: This particular piece is over a year old and is the first multicolored poem I cooked up. I hope you recognize the piano motif. Better highlight it to read the white "keys". Hope you'll enjoy it.



    Chambermaid, Chambermaid
    Chambermaid cleaned the hall
    In rags that marked her diligence clad
    A sturdy little back she had
    A life of filth but she's not sad
    For Chambermaid found a key
    Found a key that said "TO COURAGE"

    Chambermaid, Chambermaid
    Chambermaid cleaned the kitchen
    A happy song she hums with pleasure
    Her innocence, it'd be her treasure
    Yes, she is one to conquer pressure
    For Chambermaid found a key
    Found a key that said "TO POWER"

    Chambermaid, Chambermaid
    Chambermaid cleaned the salon
    Wavering to step that one step further
    Pondering about that want that hurt her
    But over time that felt absurder
    For Chambermaid found a key
    Found a key that said "TO RESOLVE"

    But Chambermaid, Chambermaid
    Chambermaid cleaned the ballroom
    What joy it would be wearing gowns and dresses
    To be free from cleansing messes
    "I could have that too", she guesses
    For Chambermaid found a key
    Found a key that said "TO DESIRE"

    Chambermaid, Chambermaid
    Chambermaid cleaned the cellar
    Who would be that looming creeper?
    Is it the Chambermaid venturing deeper?
    Yes, it's her saying "finder keeper"
    For Chambermaid found a key
    Found a key that said "I DARE YOU"

    Chambermaid, Chambermaid
    Chambermaid cleaned the vault
    Out of her tattered clothes she stripped
    From riches undeserved she sipped
    But remorse already tore and ripped
    For Chambermaid found a key
    Found a key that said "TO HELL"

    Chambermaid, Chambermaid
    Chambermaid cleans her corpse
    But no matter how she cleans the stains
    Filth is what the floor regains
    With each spiteful cry she rains
    For Chambermaid found a key
    Found a key without a lock
    Chambermaid found a key
    Found a key that said "I TOLD YOU"

    Comment: This nursery rhyme-like poem is my newest. It tells of the trail from innocence to sin, induced by greed. Classic stuff, and by no means creative. Thanks for reading it in whole!


    Kisses From Spiders

    Something scary or downright terrifying
    Rivers of sweat and tears
    Hugs from serpents and kisses from spiders
    You'll be agonisingly immortal where you're going
    You, trying to entertain the audience
    By pretending to be tougher than you really are
    Us, the serpents and spiders
    Playing the movie of your life with decent acting
    Everything that could ever go wrong
    Which you would know, since it all happened
    And the night before that one
    And the night after tonight
    See where we're getting at?
    See you soon

    Unfortunately I couldn't decline the invite
    Where else could I have gone tonight?
    After the sun succumed out of sight
    Like a robin gunned down in its flight
    I dared many a struggle or fight
    But I am a creature, a substantial wight
    No wonder my odds of victory were slight
    Against fabrications of self-centered fright
    Serving my past as an inevitable blight
    Soliciting me to take another bite
    Coercing me to do what I believe is right
    Wolfing down one more sin to feel light
    Scaring myself into a restless respite

    Comment: As you can see, this poem is divided in two separated acts: the invitation and the "-ight spamming". They are written from a different perspective of course. Personally I think that this poem doesn't really have a poetic feel to it.
  15. Styx That's me inside your head.

    Sep 16, 2008
    Quiet Sugar Dungeons

    Time for me to descend from feeding extremes
    Mortality, dismissed but summoned back
    Still weak and wounded as it sees me
    Caught in quiet sugar dungeons
    I'm carving years, twirling days
    Leaving halos in my wake
    Winning pillow fights
    Screaming ballads

    Comment: Was written a minute ago. Not much else to say.


    You'll Find Me Waiting In Spring

    I'm humming that same frost again
    That nurses the sky, the year to a closure
    Comforted by a grayish pillow
    The landscape is invited to its annual sleep

    I'm ready to be at peace with every snowflake
    As I watched the avian candle
    Flicker its last waltz
    Before the pilgrimage to heaven
    "Wait for me", I uttered
    I was frozen sitting on the lap of Land...

    But this tidal flight will ever return
    To brush winter's kemp back into shape
    Till then I'll bask in a hailstorm of feathers
    While praying for their safe return

    Comment: Wrote this some time ago 'cause it's the season and all.
  16. Styx That's me inside your head.

    Sep 16, 2008

    We tolerated
    We accepted
    We made mistakes
    The howl of treasonous winds
    Caught your dreaded half
    Who do you obey?
    What master do you serve?
    Why do you mislead us?
    Us blacksmiths still confused
    Still don't know where to drop the hammer
    But here you are now
    You came into being
    Creation through destruction
    Stashing laughter in your evanescing soul
    You're visible now
    And we will hurt you
    Treasonous winds, Kim
    Treasonous winds

    Comment: This poem is about the creche stabbings.
  17. Styx That's me inside your head.

    Sep 16, 2008
    Comment: My newest piece and quite long. Comments are greatly appreciated.

    The Tree Of The Hanged

    A czar ingrained in my own defeated garden
    His claws adorned with the sordid ropes of the end
    Breathing his shadow over the peace I used to tend
    For those who fell in disgrace and never received pardon
    The clefts in my center jewel are too numerous to mend
    But its beauty, while flawed, is one I will defend

    But justice was muffled before I could testify
    His roots were too cunning, his leaves too sly
    I'm lying at his colossal trunk where I suffer and I wry
    My jagged core drains me until my universe is dry
    My surviving dust obeys the sucking greed of this lord
    I am feeling heretical, I am feeling absorbed

    Every man and woman is clad in layers of emotion
    My shells link their cracks as my tyrant starts to peel
    And while he unwraps me he replaces them with angst unreal
    My law and order merged into a single ocean
    Yet from a far faint glimmer I took notion
    In my deepest nook I recovered my devotion

    I shuffle my fears as the drums are banged
    Paralytic under molten mists
    Beckoned by branches with slitted wrists
    Retracting to the tree of the hanged
    They freeze when my wisp of light resists
    I shan't swear allegiance to grieving fists

    For I never kneel under the thumb of doom
    Or submit to the tree mediating between despair and gloom
    I feel the demonic viper coil around my neck
    I see a century's sky of ebony black in bloom
    I still kiss the butchered bride with the love of a groom
    I'll dangle among the living till his stem is a wreck

    While all monks who betrayed me gather under
    A scarlet beast gallops down on thunder
    And its pitiful master finds pleasure in plunder
    Stealing and murdering verity at whim
    If my foundations are so bound to fall asunder
    Then envenom me until my light turns dim!
  18. Chevalier Crystal Princess

    Jan 8, 2008
    Trapped on an Island
    Okay, then I'm commenting. I seriously thought you didn't want people to break and divide your poems. The last one I could understand....barely >.>

    "Poets talk so much, and yet say so little"

    I did make a poem like this once, though not as long. I do wish you could give a little description. Atleast for those of us who have a bit of a hard time understanding. you know, "The three of the hanged" that's very....unusual. Can you still make "cute" and simple poems? I ask this because most adults forget how....I think this is because we forget the feeling....of being younger. Maybe if we retain that feeling or do something to remind us of it...
  19. Styx That's me inside your head.

    Sep 16, 2008
    Comment: My poems in French. I only have two so far, I might write more. Don't worry if you can't understand it: translation will be added. Comments are greatly appreciated! Will post my German ones up here shortly too.

    @Forgotten Hymn: I don't really know. I'll try to write a simpler one. Don't know if I can still do that though.

    Enfant Terrible

    Parfois l'amour tue
    Parfois l'amour bénit
    Et parfois l'amour fait rien
    Et c'est à cause d'elle

    Une diablesse génial
    Qui laisse tinter ses médailles
    Au poche, au coin
    D'une oase sombre
    Une machine parfaite
    Dans une système défectueux
    A rien à preuver
    Tire les liens
    Connaît et détruit
    Sa raison d'être
    Elle fait qu'elle fait
    Savoir le monde
    Oublier la chaleur

    Et moi, je l'aime
    Comme l'éclair aime le cuivre
    Comme les cris des grillons
    Aiment chuchoter à la nuit
    Que je l'aime
    Peut-être je serai la vermine
    Qui glisse dans ses oreilles
    Vraiment exister
    Ça vaut la peine

    Enfant Terrible (Terrible Child)

    Sometimes love kills
    Sometimes love blesses
    And sometimes love does nothing
    And that's because of her

    A genius demoness
    Who lets her medals chime
    In a pocket, in a corner
    Of a somber oasis
    A perfect machine
    In a flawed system
    Has nothing to prove
    Draws the links
    Know and destroys
    Her reason for existing
    She does what she does
    Knowing the world
    Forgetting the warmth

    And I love her
    Like lightning loves copper
    Like the cries of crickets
    Love to whisper to the night
    That I love her
    Maybe I'll be the vermin
    That whistles in her ears
    That existing
    Really existing
    It's worth the trouble


    Jouer Aux Ombres

    Je me ballade dans des nuits spirales
    Les allures des amants se taisent
    Les mains d' insécurité me plaisent
    Vouz augmentez mes fonctions vitales

    Enchanté par une sorcière du noir
    Danseuse des murs et des fenêtres
    Elle est sans aucun doute un être
    Mis en cage dans les secrets d'espoir

    Emmène-moi à tes rêves et j'y lance
    Des ombres des regards
    Des empreintes d' un égard
    Mais pas des mots, sauf ceux de silence

    Playing With Shadows

    I stroll in the midst of spiraling nights
    The allures of loves keep quiet
    The hands of insecurity feel pleasant
    You augment my vital signs

    Enchanted by a witch of the black
    Dancer of walls and windows
    She is without a doubt a being
    Caged by the secrets of hope

    Take me to your dreams and I'll leave
    Shadows of glances
    Imprints of respect
    But no words, except for those that are silent
  20. Chevalier Crystal Princess

    Jan 8, 2008
    Trapped on an Island
    Wow....I can't believe I actually understood the french, thank you romance language...I like that you can do french, can you do some in spanish too? I think that's pretty cool.

    which is easier? French or English?