Star vs. the Forces of Evil

Discussion in 'Disney Galaxy' started by Meilin Lee, Jan 22, 2015.

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    Nov 2, 2011
    Ok, so apart from Star Wars: Rebels, I haven't really cared for anything on Disney Channel in almost a decade, for obvious reasons (*cough*crappy live-action shows*cough*). This past weekend though, after stumbling on a positive review of 'Star vs. the Forces of Evil' on the A.V. Club, I curiously decided to check it out online, and well... catchy theme song, hilarious adult references, and a ditzy, lovable, Sailor Moon-inspired main character.... I guess I'm hooked, and look forward to future episodes of it, something I never thought I'd say about a Disney show.

    Fun fact, this is also the first Disney animated show to be created by a woman since 'Pepper Ann' way back in 1997. Now I'm not sure whether to be happy that Disney is finally airing a show created by a woman, or appalled that it took them 18 years since Pepper Ann to do that.
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    Jul 23, 2011
    Can't not think of Scott Pilgrim.
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    So I watched an episode, and find it's definitely... distracting. Bright colors, characters are all over the place and if you can ignore the plot and just enjoy the modern humor, it's an alright show. I think I only genuinely laughed at two moments though. It's target audience remains the same, but seeing as it's a cartoon, I can't be too critical of it. It's at least an improvement, even if not a big one.

    If more creativity is shown, I might look into it more.
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    I agree with the Scott Pilgrim remark, but only so far. It's reminiscent, but closer to Fish Hooks. I'm going to be frank: I am easily amused. They created a universe I genuinely liked, and it's only the Pilot that I saw. Usually, it takes a show time to build up speed and really find out what they're doing. I think this will get better, but can easily get worse. Honestly, I think the Floating Pony Head is the first time a character genuinely annoyed me (And I like Jar Jar Binks...), but given that she's supposed to be that way, I'll give them a pass since she's a full character and not just a talking head; well, she is not and she is, but, you know... never mind.

    A bit overdone on the innuendos. Innuendos, in my opinion, should be more subtle, even if the subject they're alluding is extremely dark. With the frequency of and style of lewd humor, I felt like I was watching a cartoon aimed at adults, but made for kids. It was a detail that was a bit distracting. Is Disney just trying to copy Adventure Time and Gumball?

    It was not the worst thing I've seen hit the Disney animation blocks lately. Not horribly contrived or banal, but actually rather entertaining and engaging. I like those "crappy" live-action shows.