Square Enix Christmas Cards + Final JFest Details!

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    Oct 29, 2006
    Here is a quickie! Livejournal user Kowaiki has posted a picture of all the SE Christmas Cards. (Thank you so much!) Some are similar to posters we have already seen. CLick the thumbnail below to enlarge.


    Also, our affiliate KH-2.net has gotten final tidbits on Jump Festa 07' including gameplay information.


    • During a boss battle with Marluxia, Marluxia will use an earth attack.
    • During your battle with Roxas in TWTNW, Roxas will not just have 10 + health bars and be faster than you, he can also glide and have these nobody marked shape swords protecting him. There are about 13 of these swords, or so, from what the blog user can make of them.
    • Some of the worlds look extended.
    • This is in relation to the org. member coming into a room, sits on a chair (or throne), and the entire room lights up. The shapes that the light turns into are in the form of nobody insignias. Also, the room looks like a room from the Castle That Never Was.

    • There's a cutscene of Riku and Zexion talking to each other.
    Riku:"If I go through this door, maybe I can erase the darkness in me..."
    • A cutscene of Sora and Namine, when Sora finally found her.
    • The music from CoM is remade for Re:CoM.

    Once again, thank you KH-2.net! The information itself came from KH-Information. That about wraps it up.

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    IGN also seems to have updated their Kingdom Hearts page, though it is nothing special, it's basically what we already know, just in flashier words XD anyways, you're able to view it Here and for all you lazy people or slow internet connections...

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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Monkey, Dec 17, 2006.