Dream Drop Distance Spoiler! Secert Message and Theory!

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    Okay, Blader, here, bringing you top-notch theories and info on Kingdom Hearts 3D! Last Time, we talked about the Secret Ending which featured

    Now, we going to talk about the message and a possibilty of a game before KH re:connect (or KH 3, depending on what you call it.) And now, the message:
    The past will be reawakened as a new number.
    In never-before-seen detail
    Prepare yourself for the awakening of the new number.

    You like? I know I do! I've been thinking IF BBS Vol:2 is a game, which I don't know, would we involve time travel? Square has already used in two games: KH3D and FFXIII-2. Both were and are very good games.

    Off topic a little, you know about Nobodies, right? You're wrong. I have sources that say:
    Nobodies do not posses their own heart, but instead grow, and yes I said grow new hearts. Hence Axel's line of making me like I had a heart.

    And as old as this seems:
    People with Yellow Eyes have been possessed by Xehanort.