Dream Drop Distance Spoiler-free info about 3D's features and gameplay

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  1. Always Dance Chaser

    Feb 22, 2009
    I thought I'd make this just in case anyone is curious about the features/gameplay of 3D but don't want the story spoiled. So here's a list of some cool stuff about 3D:

    -Beginner, Standard, and Proud Mode are included, Critical mode is unlocked after beating Proud Mode.
    -Battle gameplay is essentially identical to Birth By Sleep, aside from the jumping/free mode thing
    -While playing as Sora or Riku the "Drop" meter is always decreasing, and once it hits zero you transfer over to the other character no matter what you're doing. This looks like it's kind of frustrating, a live stream shows Sora fighting a boss and his drop gauge hitting zero. He switches over to Riku and when he switches back to Sora later, he has to start that boss over again.
    -Also, you seem to be able to manually switch characters whenever you want to at a save point.
    -It seems that doing well in battle earns you DP, which I'm guessing is "Drop Points". While "Dropping" (Switching from one character to another), you can spend your Drop Points on rewards, I'm guessing they're skills or items.
    -There's a theater mode and a "Memoir Mode" which contains info from previous games
    -You can unlock keyblades just like in previous games
    -You "Dive" into different worlds when you visit them the first time and it's basically this game's Gummi Ship sequence. Some bosses are fought during these sequences.
    -You have dodge roll and you can also do an air glide-dodge similar to BBS.

    I'm watching the live streams and will update this thread with any other significant gameplay features I see.