Spank's Top 5! Week 1 (Nov. 26th - Dec. 2nd)

Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Deathspank, Dec 3, 2006.

  1. Deathspank Banned

    Aug 16, 2006
    I know this took a while to get going, so instead of picking my five favorite videos from this week, I'm instead going to pick my top ten from the very large archive of videos we already have, just so it's fair for everyone. However, in this next week, it will only be top five, and it will only be videos uploaded that week. So, start uploading, and maybe your video will be featured next Sunday!

    1. Submitted By: Darkandroid | View Video
    2. Submitted By: BHKUnknown | View Video
    3. Submitted By: ZetoCloud | View Video
    4. Submitted By: Chaser-of-Twilight | View Video
    5. Submitted By: OMEGA | View Video
    6. Submitted By: MelbadelirothRose | View Video
    7. Submitted By: HeartofDreams | View Video
    8. Submitted By: Oblivion_Master | View Video
    9. Submitted By: keybladerofanobody | View Video
    10. Submitted By: khfreak87 | View Video

    Enjoy, and good job to everyone who made it!
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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Deathspank, Dec 3, 2006.

    1. Heart of Dreams
      Heart of Dreams
      my video got on the top ten this week? eeeee! cough ahem :) i mean that's great, this has totally made my day......XD (starts running around happily)
    2. Darkandroid
      Wow number 1............i'm so happy :) I'm not going to complain :p

      I agree with the other choices also...............:D

    3. Inasuma
      Darkandroid and BHKUnkown really deserve those spots. Those AMV's are ****ing incredible. Very well done.

      Darkandroid, will you teach me how to do that? I seriously want to know. xDDD
    4. Darkandroid

      Of course I will be happy to, I have a small guide on how to at the first page of the AMV Help thread, and also feel free to PM me if you have a queries

      And BHKUnknown that was a good video :D
    5. Samurai
      Agreed. Those first two are epics. The rest are a fine piece of work too.
    6. Sanya
      Oh s*** , I forgot to sumit mine! Gah >.<
    7. oblivion_master
      Me? Omg!

      :D HAPPY HAPPY! I seriously didn't think i'd make it into the top10. (hyperventilating) I was about entering this in the Anime Detour Contest (MN) but I didn't think I would do well. This settles it, it's going to be entered. :)

      :D All the other videos are amazing, great job to the makers!
    8. ZetoCloud
      wow my video is in it :D well it deserve it since i spend some time on it and planned for it
    9. Roxas
      The first 2 are just amazing. I hope mine sneaks in to week 2!