Some Kingdom Hearts II battle actics

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    I know how you feel. You’re standing in front of an army of Heartless, but you
    don’t wanna randomly smash the X button again to get through them. Well, here
    are some fun tactics for you to kill ém in style.

    Get ém one-on-one.
    Here’s what to do. Go to the Customize window in the Pause menu. Set both your
    party members’ battle style on ‘Party Attack’ so that they focus their attacks on
    other targets than Sora’s current target. Move away a little from the crowd, and
    let some Heartless/Nobodies approach you. You can, if you wish(I honestly
    would), change the camera position a little once you face an opponent. It’s
    especially cool when using the Samurai Nobody’s ‘Battle Stance’ Reaction

    Protect your companions!
    Go to the customize window in the Pause menu. Set both your Party members’
    battle style to ‘Huddle Attack’ so that they keep close to you when in battle.
    Also, set ‘Reflega’ on as a Quick Command. You should cast ‘Reflega’ for fun. Just
    once. You’ll see that Donald and Goofy are also in the protection sphere with you.
    That means that they’re also save for attacks, just like you! Now, when you’re
    being attacked, cast ‘Reflega’, and Donald and Goofy will remain unharmed for as
    long as the protection sphere remains active. After that, may the barrier be touched by an opponent, an
    explosion will occur, clearing all Heartless/Nobodies around you.(thanks, Deadheart!) This works with
    all party members, except for Beast, who’s to large. Being big and tough isn’t
    always fun, eh?

    Don’t forget to Guard!
    Y’know, ‘fighting’ is also called ‘self-defence’ for a reason. What you wanna do is
    equipping Sora’s ability ‘Counterguard’. It’ll allow you to attack after you
    succesfully Guarded yourself from an attack. You also might want to equip
    yourself with a powerful Keyblade like ‘Desicive Pumpkin’ or ‘Oblivion’. It’ll
    increase the chance of you actually killing your opponent using ‘Counterguard’.

    We’re surrounded! Stay close to each other!
    This is most fun in The World That Never Was, in the Alley to Between. Y’know,
    where a sh*tload of Shadows attack you? Once again, set both Party Members’
    battle style to Huddle Attack. A LOT of Shadows emerge here, and they tend to
    surround you a lot. When you’re in this kind of situation, fight defensively. If
    one attacks, bash them off with single hits, or use that ‘Reflega’ trick I typed 2
    paragraphs above here. It may sound a bit strange, but it looks really cool.

    Ice skating is fun!!
    For this one, transform into Wisdom Form. This is especially fun in large groups.
    As you probably already noticed, Wisdom Form lets Sora ‘skate’ about instead of
    running. When encountering a group of enemies, ‘skate’ around anywhere on the
    battlefield, shooting some opponents while doing it. Don’t be afraid to ‘skate’
    right into the crowd. It seems as if your opponents have a hard time reading
    your next moves in Wisdom Form, making them just stand there not doing much.
    The only ones that should be a problem are Morning Star Heartless. They chase
    you at high speed, and it’s often impossible to run away from them.

    Missed me, missed me!
    Equip the ‘Areal Dodge’ ability to Sora. To get that ability, level up Master Form
    up to From LV 3 or higher. This is most fun while fighting Rapid Thrusters.
    When they attack using their propellors, jump up in the air, they should follow
    you. Just when they’re about to strike, use ‘Areal Dodge’ to double-jump to
    safety before they shave you bald. This requires timing though, and this can’t
    be done in Pride Lands, as Sora changed into a lion.

    That little feline is FAST.
    This can only be used in Pride Lands, but it’s a simple one. Use Sora’s ‘Dash’
    ability to run towards an opponent at high speed. Once you get close to your
    opponent, press X to ‘tackle’ your opponent. This already looks cool, but doing it
    multiple times looks even cooler. Try it out once on your next trip to Pride Lands.

    SMACK! Uppercut!
    This one’s easy, though one of my favourites. Just equip the ‘Upper Slash’ ability
    to Sora. In the middle of a combo, press the square button to land a fine-looking
    uppercut on your opponent, then pressing X again to continue your combo in the
    air. As I said, simple but fun.

    I believe I can fly!
    This only works on flying opponents, best on Rapid Thrusters. Make sure you set
    Magnega’ as a Quick Command. When facing a big group of Heartless, cast
    Magnega’ to make the opponents gather in one place. When they’re in the gravity
    vortex, start hacking away until you’re up high in the air. More fun is equipping
    the ‘Glide’ ability to Sora. You can do that by leveling Final Form up to Form LV 3
    or higher. This is great fun at the top of Pride Rock in Pride Lands.

    Repetition is never stylish.
    Put some variation in your moves. Making the same old combo over and over again
    makes everything look kinda dull. For example, casting spells like ‘Firaga’ or
    Blizzaga’ at the end of your combo always looks cool, especially in Master Form.
    You receive a LOT of abilities by leveling, why not put them to use?

    Use lots of spells!
    I noticed with a lot of players that they only cast ‘Curaga’ if necessary. You can
    use a lot of spells, people! Put them to use, it’s not the end of the world :)

    Do you have any tactics to share? Make your comment and tell me about it!
  2. Maddy<3Seifer Destiny Islands Resident

    Jan 20, 2009
    lol, these sound fun i'll try them once :3
    especially Protect you companions XD

    but eehm... how do you level up forms??
  3. Explode Who?!

    May 20, 2007
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    Each form levels up differently.

    Valor levels up based off of the number of hits you deal while in that form.

    Wisdom levels up based on how many Heartless you kill while transformed.

    Master levels up when you collect a certain number of yellow drive orbs while transformed.

    And Final levels up based on how many Nobodies you kill while transformed.
  4. Dandersnuff Twilight Town Denizen

    Jan 13, 2009
    Yellow orbs? ._. Where do you find those?
  5. Bond of Flame I'm an alien

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    Yellow orbs = Drive orbs, restores Drive Gauge

    I would go to Radiant Garden, Land of Dragons, or Beast's Castle. There, a LOT of Heartless drop lots of Drive orbs when defeated.
  6. Ultimecia sorceress

    Aug 19, 2008
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    These are pretty good, and look like they could help a player out if they were stuck on a certain place/battle.
  7. Daenerys Targaryen ok

    Apr 4, 2007
    I went to Radiant Garden and attacked those 2 red enemy heartless in the bailey then made my way down through battling with master form. Get to the crystal fissure before you drive form runs out and get to the save point and hit world map, it automatically sets the drive points to full.Easy trick.And if you want to go the other way you can make it back to merlins house or the postern but it's harder.the postern is harder because there are more enemies that you can't just walk-by.
  8. Shift Chaser

    Jun 10, 2008
    Just to add,Reflect only does the Explosion if a enemy attack touches the barrier,and Donald,Goofy,nor anyone else get's protected by it,at least not in the FM version.
  9. Bond of Flame I'm an alien

    May 25, 2008
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    I see. You're right, I'll add it to the guide!
    Wrong. Everyone except for your opponents will be unharmed when they are in the barrier. At least, in Kingdom Hearts II.
  10. Dandersnuff Twilight Town Denizen

    Jan 13, 2009
    Thanks for the tip^^