so this happened

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  1. Ty Traverse Town Homebody

    Jul 30, 2010
    Stranger: m 25 horny as ****
    You: hehe
    You: 14 f new mexico
    You: whats ur name (:
    Stranger: HEY
    Stranger: i'm jared
    Stranger: u???
    You: haha jared
    You: like the subway guy
    You: haha i think thats sexy hehe (;
    Stranger: lol what...
    You: im tyreisha btw (:
    Stranger: ok
    Stranger: sexy
    Stranger: do u like big penis
    You: ummm ive never seen 1 haha :$
    Stranger: u should take a naughty pic for me
    Stranger: and then i can show u ur first
    You: umm... naughty ??
    Stranger: ya
    Stranger: u know, without ur cloths on
    You: oooouu i c
    You: hehe im new to this sorry for being a noob XD
    Stranger: haha its ok babe
    You: ok so if i take a pic and send it to u u will show me ur penis??
    Stranger: yup :)
    You: ok haha brb...

    ---- five minutes pass ----

    You: Hello. Please have a seat. \_
    You: My name is Chirs Hansen. I'm with Dateline NBC and we're currently recording the first episode of our To Catch a Predator reboot.
    Stranger: wtf?!?!?!
    Stranger: **** u man i did nothing wrong
    You: As a matter of fact, you did.
    Stranger: i didnt i swear!!!
    You: If you are not currently aware of what we do, we try to catch people over the age of 18 soliciting sex to minors.
    You: Moments ago you requested a 14-year-old girl take "naughty pictures" of herself, and that you'd return the favor.
    Stranger: that was my lil bro man haha hes always playing
    Stranger: it wasnt me man i did nothin!!
    You: What is your brother's name?
    Stranger: listen man idk what ur on right now but i didnt do ****
    Stranger: that was all him
    You: So what is his name then?
    Stranger: harry
    You: Harry? Like Harry Potter?
    Stranger: lol i guess????
    You: So let me get this straight...
    You: Your brother Harry wants to show a 4th-year student his magical wand?
    Stranger: ya ur weird bro get help
    Stranger: u need god
    Stranger: dumb ass *****
    Stranger has disconnected.