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    So signature of the week is a competition open to any member who wishes to enter by submitting your own graphical image that relates to the theme each week.

    General Info

    There will be 3 threads per round and they are as follows:
    ~Discussion thread: This is where you discuss and find out the theme, you can upload tags you're thinking of entering in order to get general feedback about improvements- however, if you want proper CnC then post it in the main graphic art section
    ~Entry thread: Here you enter your finished signatures before the deadline, only 1 signature per person unless stated otherwise​
    ~Voting thread: This is where you vote for your favourite signatures. The voting is simple:​
    Vote for your top 3, your first choice will be awarded 3 points, 2nd choice 2 points and 3rd will get 1 point. The person with the most points at the end will win, the award is a pin and your signature posted on the hall of fame.
    Also, please give a reason for your chocies, it doesn't have to be an essay but just general CnC would be good.

    e.g. 1) Misty: I think this is pretty
    This could easily be expanded on by explaining why you think it's pretty:​
    e.g. 1) Misty: The colours blend well together
    It doesn't need to be long but do be fair in your comments.​

    If you are going to critisise then please be friendly about it, there will be no flaming or arguing, make it informative and helpful so the member can improve.​

    If you entered a signature, you must vote!​

    Also, if you win twice in a row then you will have to sit out of the next round just to give other people a go.


    The main site rules still apply here so please read them as well.

    1) No spam.
    Please do not spam these threads, this involves posting comments that are irrelevant to the topic. This makes the place messy and harder to navigate around, you have the spamzone for that.​
    2) Please be Patient.
    The host of the week may be busy so please be patient and wait for entry threads/voting threads to be posted. They will get around to doing it so don't worry.​
    3) No arguing or harassment
    This will not be tolerated, as I've said before please be polite about your comments otherwise they will be removed and a warning will be put in place. This is a place for members to learn about graphical artwork and improve so do offer your advice in a friendly manner.​
    4) Don't post threads in here
    This should be pretty obvious but just in case, don't post threads here, the subsection is reserved for the competition threads, if you want CnC on your work then post here.​
    5) You cannot vote for yourself
    If you do then it will not be counted​
    If you have any questions don't hesitate to PM either myself, one of the Super moderators (purple names) or Admins (blue names).

    Please follow the rules and happy sigging.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.