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    May 10, 2008
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    I thought it'd be a neat idea to compile a little list of all the signatures I ever made for use on this site - starting from oldest to newest (assuming I still have them). It'll also help me see how far I've come in terms of my skill and creativity with the software I used (GIMP, Photoshop and now Affinity).

    I don't really know if anyone will pay it any mind, but I'm really keen on seeing all of my sig art pooled together like this to put my development into perspective.

    My first real attempt at making a Sig. At the time I was totally enraptured with Ace Attorney Investigations so I decided to go for an Edgeworth tag. You can see how freaking clueless I was with the sloppy motion blurring and the feathering on the render (I must have tried to cut it out of an image w/ a background orz).

    Also I think it was just slightly too big for KHV when I made it. Feels bad.

    Still in my Ace Attorney phase. I honestly have no idea how I managed this. I think I must have went crazy wth some filter effects in GIMP. It almost looks like it's underwater (which was definitely not my intention, I can tell you that). Rule of Thirds definitely didn't apply here.

    Ahh. This was probably just after I'd changed my name for the first time. I'd been reading up on tutorials and found one that used grunge brushes iirc. No idea why I chose Poliwhirl of all characters to slap on here, but hey ho.

    That text is god awful, too.

    And then I got into my Haunting Ground phase. This one looks to be a lot of smudging effects and the infamous "floating head syndrome".

    Text is also horrendous. I'm noticing a pattern.

    Marginally better, I guess. Less of a disembodied head here, and the smudging/motion blur seems a bit cleaner. Awfully boring. Text is still misplaced, though.

    I guess I tried to redo my Edgeworth sig? Some interesting fractals and motion blur here, but you can clearly see how badly the render is cut. Dark times. There's also some weird light fog around the render that totally removes him from the background.

    Text is awful. Barely stands out and ruins the overall flow of the image.

    Some improvement! Better lighting and flow overall. The random-ass C4D is a little distracting but it at least keeps the tag interesing. The light on V1 is a bit too much, though.

    There is a version with text, but it's awful. You can imagine.

    Disgusting text. Absolutely digusting.

    Lots of fractals and C4Ds flying around in the background. Absolutely no flow whatsoever. The image as a whole is just really boring.

    Similar to the above. Again there is a version with digusting text.

    Also I seemed to develop "Missing limb syndrome" here because I mysteriously smudged out the render's other arm. I think it was in an attempt to make him blend into the BG but I don't think it worked very well.

    Ahh, on to my Madoka Magica phase. I think this one has good flow in that tge fractal I used expands upwards and outwards. Other than that I'm really not fond of it. Very boring. Looks like I smudged the render a bit too like the above one.

    The text on the first one is pretty bad, but I think I nailed it with the second version. It's much more subtle and therefore a lot more effective, and it doesn't distract from the focal point. I'm also really pleased with the smudge work on this sig.

    My third SOTW entry, and the only one that ever won! SOTW - 77: Support Characters!

    I do think it won off the cuteness of the character I chose, honestly (because let's face it, Mieu is adorable), but I do like the flow it has. Otherwise it's a really simple image and had a really simple design process.

    Still on my Madoka kick. I do like this one but I think it's just a little too simple. The render I used also had a weird colour error on her hair and it looks really jarring. Again, I like the flow I had going.

    Another Mami sig. I really love the warmth of the colours in this one, though again I think the background kinda lets it down a little. This was also the first time I used shapes to bring out the text a bit, which is great for spicing stuff up.

    Not much to speak about here. Just some really simple image splicing for this one, though I do really like it. Back when I was obsessed with InuxBoku SS via @Korosu

    Another applicant for a SOTW. This time it was a monochrome-themed one, so Pokemon Black and White seemed very fitting to me.

    I like the text in this one but that's about it. I think everything else clashes far too much.

    Just a really simple supplement to my Togashi Yuuta theme I had going. I was really into Chuunibyou Demo koi Ga Shitai! back then (also via @Korosu ).

    Similar to above, though I made this one for @Korosu so she could join me in being a massive weeb. I also made avatars for her to go along with, like this one [​IMG]

    I'm a big fan of League of Legends, and more specifically the character "Kennen". So I made a theme for him.

    I do like this one. Simple text and a fairly simple design. I just wish I hadn't made the background fade so abrubtly.

    I did this one last night!

    Going back to my roots as a Toon Link fanatic (because those apparently exist), I decided to try my hand at sig making again after a good year (or more, I can't remember) away from the scene. It's really simple and maybe a little too bright in places, but I'm quite happy with the outcome. The double underline does kinda irk me, though.

    Another one I did just last night!

    I'm really, really pleased with this one! I love how the colours all turned out, despite my original goal being to make it kinda dark and gloomy. This one follows a similar design to the Kennen sig above, though I'm infinitely happier with this one.
    And that's everything thus far! I have to say it's been a really interesting look back into my younger days as an aspiring graphic designer (if you wanna call it that). I have to give a big shout out to all the dedicated artists and mods on this site that were willing to give me some great feedback and help me grow.