Community SIGN UPS - Second Annual Valentine's Day Dance

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  1. Lauriam I hope I didn't keep you waiting...

    Jun 4, 2009
    Nonbinary she/he/it?
    Ahhh, love…

    It’s that time of the year again. Romance is in the air; you see hearts wherever you go, music is playing, and the scent of a dozen red roses mixes with the smell of chocolates and fine perfume. Those with special-someones are planning their sweet surprises and others are taking this opportunity as a chance to ask out their secret crushes. It’s a time of hope, joy, and sweet, shy love.

    Also, fierce and deadly competition.

    As such, you are cordially invited to join our
    Valentine’s Day Dance, an Elimination Competition to discover who would make the best couple on KHV. Now, before you ask out your dates, I’ll just throw a wrench right into your plans straight off here:

    All participants will be assigned a random partner.

    I know this might not seem like fun for all you people with significant others on the site, but this really is the best way to make the competition fair and fun for everybody, and hey, give it a shot! You might find new friends, and if you end up competing against your significant other, well, a little healthy competition might just bring a fun new spark to your relationship. ;D

    The competition will take place over
    three rounds, with a percentage of couples eliminated each round. The rounds will all consist of various challenges, testing your strength as a ‘couple.’

    The first two challenges will be simple. Challenge one will be to
    coordinate with your partner and create a cutesy, matching couples profile theme, while challenge two will be a short questionnaire that will test how well you’ve gotten to know your partner. Those who survive to round three will be in for a real treat, as the third challenge is going to be a collaboration project with your partner, and will be your choice between a work of art, or a short story featuring you and your partner at the Valentine’s Day Dance, or a love song duet you sing together, or basically any sort of artistic collab project.

    There will also be an
    After Party thread in the spamzone, for spectators and eliminated couples to comment on the action and talk about their favorite challenges. This thread will also serve as the base of the final popular vote. Once the third round is complete and the two survivors determined, a poll will go up in the After Party thread, and all spectators and eliminated couples may vote for which of the two couples they liked best, the winner of this vote named the KHV Power Couple of the year!

    It’s not just gonna be fame and glory, though, because as prizes, we have three pins you can potentially win!

    This pin will be awarded to everyone who signs up and participates in the competition.
    This pin will be awarded to all four members who survive the third and final challenge with their partners.
    This pin will be awarded to both halves of the KHV Power Couple, the winners of the Popular Vote!

    Just a couple quick rules:

    1. No fighting, especially not with your partner. If you are assigned a partner that you just can’t work with, please calmly send me a private message explaining the problem within 24 hours of the assignment, so that I can try and find volunteers for a trade. If no trade can be arranged, just try to work together as best you can, and who knows? You might just end up friends by the end of it.
    2. All entries for the challenges must comply with KHV’s content rules, which means keep everything under PG-13.
    3. Really give it your all! If you sign up, your partner is relying on you, so don’t come at this half-heartedly. This is your chance to shine in the Elimination-Round-Spotlight, give us all a show we can enjoy!
    4. If you miss your deadline, you won’t get an extension, so don’t ask for one. You’ve got one shot at each round, and if you miss out, that’s it. Them’s the breaks.


    Last year was our first ever run of this contest, so it was highly experimental. So, as with any new project, we ran into a few problems last year. Worry not, however! I've made quite a few
    changes to the format this year that should help straighten things out and make this even more fair and fun than it was last year!

    ALL commentary this year will be confined to the Spam-Zone "Afterparty" thread, even from participating couples. The Playground "in-game" thread will be reserved instead for Challenge One. Last year, we had a problem with how best to show off everyone's Cutesy Couples themes, as some couples used GIFs in their signatures, which can't be displayed well in screenshots, and we ended up having to send voters to everyone's individual pages to look at all the themes, which wasn't ideal. We also had couples with hidden details in their usertitles or profile statuses that were easily missed by voters. So THIS year, at the start of the game, I'll provide a numbered list of the contestants, and each contestant will make one post in the Playground game thread in the order I provide, all partners together. Once their themes are in place, they can edit their reserved posts and list all the things they did in their profile themes (i.e., edited usernames or titles, rotating signatures, profile messages, etc.) so that the users can easily scroll through the thread and see the themes without having to visit a dozen different pages.

    2. Depending on how many users sign up for this competition, we might be able to sort into
    Leagues, one for Contributors/Premium Members, and one for Normal Members. This is due to an issue raised last year; that it might not be fair to judge a Premium Couple's theme as better than a Normie Couple's theme, as Premiums and Contributors have the ability to change their usernames and usertitles, while Normal members can only edit their signatures and profile pictures. If we have enough contestants to split into two leagues, this should no longer be a problem.

    3. This year, we're going to have contestants fill out a short
    Entry Form rather than just post that they're in. The Entry Form will only consist of three questions:

    Preferred Artistic Medium:
    Would you be willing to be sorted into a Love Triangle should the need arise?

    The first question, which Usergroups you're a part of, could determine your
    league if we have enough members to split. The second question will come into play for the Third Challenge, where you and your partner will have to collaborate on an artistic project. Although there's no guarantee you'll be partnered with someone who wants to do the exact same kind of project you do, having this question on the form might help match singer with singer, writer with writer, artist with artist, so that the projects will be fun and easy to do for all. The third question is set up to provide for the possibility of an odd number of contestants. If the contestants can be easily separated into groups of two, it won't matter, but if we have an odd number of contestants, three lucky members will end up in a Love Triangle, and will have to coordinate between three people instead of two. XD

    Now that we've covered all the changes we've made this year, let's go ahead and get to signing up! If you want to sign up for this contest, please
    post in this thread that you're in, along with your filled out Entry Forms. Sign ups are gonna close on February First, when partners will be assigned and the first challenge starts.

    Now then, who’s in? We need at least
    ten sign-ups in order for this event to work, but the more people we have, the more fun it’ll be!

    Game roster:
    1. Shiki
    2. LadyAzura
    3. Aelin
    4. CrownMoksha
    5. Day~Dream
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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Lauriam, Jan 23, 2019.

    1. Shiki
      Usergroups: Contributor/Premium
      Preferred Artistic Medium: Drawing/Writing
      Would you be willing to be sorted into a Love Triangle should the need arise? Dude I'd love to be in a love triangle.
    2. LadyAzura
      Name: LadyAzura
      Usergroup: Normal!
      Preferred Artistic Medium: Drawing(Digital/Traditional), I'm up for whatever my partner and/or partners are up for! ^u^
      Would you be willing to be sorted into a Love Triangle should the need arise? I'm willing to help however you guys need me to help! Just let me know! ^o^
    3. Aelin
      Usergroups: Staff/Contributor/premium
      Preferred Artistic Medium:Video Editing, Some graphic art (Basic photo shop), writing
      Would you be willing to be sorted into a Love Triangle should the need arise? I am willing, no problem
    4. CrownMoksha
      Usergroups: Contributor/Premium
      Preferred Artistic Medium: but I have no art skill Some graphic art (the almighty GIMP), and writing
      Would you be willing to be sorted into a Love Triangle should the need arise? Sure why not long as you don't pair up me with sickness again
    5. Day~Dream
      I'd like to join ^_^

      Usergroup: Normal (so foreign for me to say I'm normal XD)
      Preferred Artistic Medium: Singing or graphic art (photoshop)
      Would you be willing to be sorted into a Love Triangle should the need arise? I grew up watching many spanish novelas. I am prepared.
    6. Lauriam
      Hear ye, hear ye! This event has been cancelled due to a lack of participants. I'm terribly sorry to those of you who wished to play. I hope you all have a good February and a good Valentine's day anyway! <3
    7. LadyAzura
      QnQ awwww i’m sad but that’s okay! I’m still gonna make a valentines theme avatar and sig!!