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    Final Update: Through careful consideration, I'm going to put an end to the Shadowhood story. Sadly I'm not able to commit to updating it regularly as I used to. One day I may end up finishing the story or perhaps I may create an entirely new story. I've already told the friends who helped contribute to the story the news and they understand my situation. I'm not under any stress or anything negative like that, I'm just too busy these days lol but like I said I may come back and finish it one day or I'll write a new story that might be more relaxing, possibly I'm not sure yet lol

    But in any case, I'm very sorry that I have to do this, and I hope you all understand. I'm especially sorry to do those who were keeping up with it and sending me messages and feedback about it. However I will say this, if I do make a new story, I'll be sure to dedicate more time into making it awesome! I have to say "IF" not "WHEN" because there's no telling if I'll still have the drive to write stories lol
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