Top 5 Seasonal Spotlight: A Winter WONDERLAND

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    Attention video editors: It's time for another round of our Top 5 Seasonal Spotlights! Read below to see what we have in store for our winter edition -- Word on the street is that the Queen of Hearts will be visiting us soon; could it be that she'll have some extra goodies in store for Top 5 competitors? Hmmm....

    If you're new to Seasonals or need a refresher, here's how they work! It's simple: While during the summer we run the Top 5 as we have in the past, we take a break with periodic themed contests the rest of the year. Each season has its own competition with a corresponding theme for the editors to work with!

    It's easy to participate! The contest works as follows:

    • Editors have two weeks from the time of this posting to make and submit a video that matches the given theme.

    • Post in this thread when you've completed your video (Unlike summer's Top 5, embedding on our Portal is not an automatic submission due to the specific nature of the contest -- simply posting a link in the thread is fine!)

    • We will take a week following that to judge the submissions.

    • The results will be posted the same way as the usual Top 5 on our homepage! As always, you can earn a Pin for placing.

    We're looking forward to seeing your videos! If you have any questions, please contact a member of staff or post here. For this competition, normal Top 5 content & footage rules apply.

    Our theme for winter this year is: Valentine's Day! As an added bonus, regardless of placing PARTICIPANTS IN THIS CONTEST WILL ALSO RECEIVE AN EXTRA PRIZE DURING THIS YEAR'S ANNUAL WONDERLAND EVENT, which is right around the corner!
    You have until Sunday, March 1st to turn in your entries. Please post them in this thread!
    (& Make sure to check out the home page on Sunday, March 8th when we reveal the winners!)
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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Stardust, Feb 15, 2015.

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    1. Glen
      Sounds fun, actually gives me a reason to edit! I'll edit this post with my submission when it's done, just giving you a show of interest.
    2. Stardust
      Hey all! Quick note that you have one more week to submit entries for this Seasonal & net yourself a rad Wonderland prize!~
    3. Sebax

      Phew! I got it done! Fate conspired against me, taking away my laptop charger for two days, but I managed to order a new one off of Amazon just in time!

      The song is "Far, Far" by Yael Naim, a personal favorite song and singer, respectively.
    4. Stardust
      Heads up: there's a day left to submit videos! This will close tomorrow evening.
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