Ryan Lochte loses Sponsors Speedo and Ralph Lauren

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    I know this seems a bit bizarre, but this needs a bit of a background:

    Rio before the Olympic games has been a major concern for crime. Before the games started, athletes were robbed in the city, others had their laptops and memorabilia stolen from the village due to a fire that was caused by a careless worker. It was a major issue and one that became one of the background worries in the games.

    Well... Apparently Lochte (a medalist who has basically competed with Phelps all his life and has a fair share of 12 medals himself.) Claimed about midweek of last week that he was robbed. Well... He said to his mother that him and three other teammates were robbed at gunpoint. She went to the press and Lochte embellished the story to the press when asked about it saying that several men dressed as police officers held them at gun point and he gave them his wallet along with the teammates. Not including the police got involved and he told the same story.

    Then several witnesses and the gas station got wind of what was going on and turned over the footage showing him trashing the bathroom. Including: Breaking down the door, breaking the mirror and destroying the soap dispenser. Along with several other unmentionables that I don't think is appropriate for this thread. A security guard caught them and they paid him with the money they had towards the bathroom. He also had left back to the U.S. at that point with at least two of the teammates left behind to be dragged off the plane by police and questioned for false information along with the damages. (They were later released and sent home. One had to pay $11K to a local charity to be able to go home, though.)

    Note: They were also tremendously drunk at that point from drinking and partying all night.

    So yeah, he refuses to pay the fines, nor face the country for what he's done. The IOC will most likely ban him from future games, at least 2020 for his actions. I'm kinda glad because I liked the guy, but I would like to also see some of the newer athletes get some attention.

    What I really get a kick out of and think is a great thing is one sponsor is donating $50K of the money they were going to pay Lochte to a charity.