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    The Dark Soul- It allows the creation of undead. The so-called Gods fear it, for the one who holds the Dark Soul is said to be able to usher in the next age, the Age of Darkness... the Age of Men.

    The Gods trembled at the thought of their blessed Age of Fire coming to an end, and they resisted the course of nature, corralling the undead and trapping them in the prisons of the north.

    You are Undead, you have escaped your prison and made your way to the ancient land of Lordran, a mountaintop realm of crumbling cities, abandoned castles, and deadly dungeons. In your travels you have learned of the way that time and space is fractured in Lordran, allowing Heroes of old and denizens of other realities to interact with one another.

    You are a part of this interaction whether you like it or not, and you're about to be drawn into something that no one could have foreseen.

    This RP will be about several 'Chosen Undead' (player characters from the game Dark Souls) becoming permanently stuck in one world, together, forced to make new alliances when faced with the reality of their situation. All of the 'Chosen Undead' are resurrected after death, and there is only so much worldspace to roam, meaning that they can't avoid each other forever.

    The Undead will have to make hard choices as they try to solve their predicament, will they run from their fate, hiding amidst the ruins of Lordran? Will they try to Link the Fire? Will they believe that they can truly replace Lord Gwyn? Will they willingly extinguish the flames and usher in the Age of Darkness? What will they do to preserve their own course of action and to keep the others from stealing their destiny?

    You will have to bear with me on some departures from cannon, but I will try to work within the Game's logic where possible. It has been a very long time since I have hosted a Role-Playing thread, so I am open to suggestions and advice.

    Character Sheets:

    Character name/title:
    Homeland: (optional)
    Starting Faction: (optional)
    Starting Weapon(s):
    Combat Style: (Strength based? Agility based? balanced between strength and agility? Magic? Pyromancy? Miracles? Archery? Shields? Dual-wielding? Feel free to be as specific as you would like)
    Bio: (optional)
    Other Information:

    Factions: Factions are completely optional for this RP, mark your character as 'Unaligned' if you do not wish to be in a covenant.
    Unaligned: Players who are just starting to figure things out, or simply out for themselves. They have no covenant, no vows to keep, no sworn enemies.

    Sunlight Warriors: These Warrior-Monks are tasked with giving aid to any who would seek it, and to fight off those who would attack their charges. (Tends to be opposed to DarkWraiths, Forest Hunters, and Darkmoons)

    DarkWraiths: Chaos Warriors who believe that the only way to save the human race is to usher in an Age of Darkness. They invade, attack, and destroy in the name of Darkness. They seem to be Evil, as is often the case, but sometimes their intentions are for good. (Tends to be opposed to Darkmoons, Sunlight Warriors, The Way of White, and any who would stand in the way of Darkness)

    DarkMoons: Assassins seeking the guilty, DarkMoons are tasked with the deaths and punishment of sinners. DarkMoons fight in the name of good, but that does not necessarily make them good beings. (Tends to be opposed to DarkWraiths, Forest Hunters, and Gravelord Servants)

    Gravelord Servants: Servants of Lord Nito, they send out powerful enemies into the worlds of other players, giving Nito power through obtaining 'Eyes of Death' from the corpses of the players who come to stop them. (Tends to be opposed to everyone except their own covenant, 'Holy' covenants are especially disliked)

    Forest Hunters: This Pirate-like band of marauders claims to be guarding the gravesite of Sir Artorias, though they spend just as much time reveling in the loot they acquire from the corpses of their victims. (Tends to be opposed to any who enter their forest, and in most cases they dislike the DarkMoons as well)

    Way of White: Clerics who attempt to impose their view of righteousness upon all, they often do all they can to aid the reign of the Gods and to oppose the forces of Chaos and Evil. (This makes the DarkWraiths, the Chaos Servants, and the Gravelord Servants their sworn enemies by definition)

    Chaos Servants: Servants of The Fair Lady, a Chaos Witch who is dying from the 'blight' that afflicts Blighttown. They are tasked with gaining Humanity in any manner and returning it to their Mistress, and otherwise are to spread the influence of Chaos. (This makes any orders that reduce Chaos to be their enemies, such as the Way of White, the Gravelord Servants, and, to a lesser extent, the Sunlight Warriors)

    And now, time for everyone's least favorite section:
    • Show respect to other Players and to their characters
    • No Godmodding
    • No Powerplay
    • Keep cursing to a minimum, there are kids on this site.
    • Use your brain
    Accepted OC's:
    Username: Rapid Ignis
    Character name/title: Lyna
    Gender: Female
    Homeland: Unknown
    Starting Faction: Unaligned (former DarkMoon)
    Starting Weapon(s): A curved sword and a few basic Pyromancy abilities.
    Appearance: http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2011/177/d/a/rogue_by_mabuart-d3k2bat.jpg
    Combat Style: Tends to use her sword one-handed, leaving her left arm open to either hold a shield or to cast the few Pyromancy spells that she knows. She relies on her speed and dexterity to avoid most hits, as her lightweight armor can't stand up to more than a few blows.
    Bio: Lyna was once a DarkMoon, hunting down sinners as a Spirit of Vengeance, but she abandoned her fellows upon discovering the true purpose of the Chosen Undead. She has since spent her days allying herself with many a struggling soul, aiding other Chosen Undead in their quest and slaying any who would target her charges, DarkMoon, DarkWraith, she considers both to be the same, both to be her enemies.
    Other Information: She often hides her features beneath a ragged hood, in order to better avoid the attention of any former allies.

    In order to understand this RP, you first have to know the basics of the game Dark Souls and its multiplayer system.
    Dark Souls Lore: http://darksoulswiki.wikispaces.com/Lore
    Dark Souls Multiplayer: http://darksoulswiki.wikispaces.com/Online
    Dark Souls Covenants: http://darksoulswiki.wikispaces.com/Covenants
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