Role Play Idol [Season Three] Challenge #4

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  1. Jayn

    Sep 30, 2007
    Role Play Idol
    【Challenge Four: Wall of Text
    ★ {WELCOME} ★

    Hey. I got back from my month long vacation on the 14th and um. I know there's a lot going on, so viva la week-long deadline. For you guys to get back into the swing of the normal things, this will be a non-interactive challenge. Reach deep into your soul and give it your best, yes!
    The judges for this season's RPI will be...

    Midnight Star
    and Jayn.
    (Or anyone who decides to do anything anymore, in an honest non-bitter way, haha. I know there's a lot going on. No hard feelings to any of you.)

    Remember that our critiques are meant to help and encourage you. I hope that at the end of this competition, you will have become more confident in your role playing, and will feel more comfortable approaching us (the judges) and your fellow role players, even outside of it. We're here to help. <:
    Unfortunately, we eliminated last round. Flowergothic and Miaulement are no longer with us. :c


    So, it's kind of funny because for a while in RPI we had a huge problem with people posting really long posts. In this season, everyone posts really short ones!

    For this challenge, we would like for you to push yourselves beyond the length that you're comfortable with. Your post should be no less than 2400 characters long.

    In this case, don't be concise. Be detailed. Be elaborate and creative. Release your inner self and fly, my children--*shot*

    THIS is the character counter ALL of you have to use. This is so that everyone is on the same page.

    One of my favorite things about writing is when I'm able to actually become engulfed and lost in it. Then I usually end up with a 3000+ character post somehow, but by getting into it. I would like you guys to try to find some time to yourself, some quiet (or some good music!) and really get into it. Imagine the plane, and how your character might be feeling being so high up in the air.

    Are they scared? Excited? Then the fall. Can you imagine? Most of us have never jumped out of a plane before. Part of that sound exhiliarting to me but most of it sounds horrifying, haha. But you have complete freedom to choose what the reaction will be! Have fun.


    ♣ You can only post once.

    ♣ You must use ONLY ONE of your characters in this challenge.

    ♣ Remember that this is a competition. Try your best to impress me, and the judges. If you're not trying, it will be evident.

    ♣ For this challenge, you may interact with no one, except for maybe an NPC or someone you randomly make up.

    ♣ Posts count, so be relevant. Please don't spam questions in this thread about this challenge, contact me personally if you're confused!

    ♣ You have until August 25TH to post. Preferably before then, because we want as much time as possible for the judging process. <: If you do not make that deadline, you are disqualified. Talk to me if it's important.

    ♣ Be creative and have fun! It is a competition, but it's also about being creative, original and letting loose.

    ♣ Graphics are okay to use if you want them. But I'm not making them for anyone in this competition. If you use them, you're not scoring any extra points with the judges. I've made it clear that graphics does not equal superior.

    ♣ Post your posts in this thread, below my post.

    ♣ Powers and weapons are irrelevant and won't help you in this situation. The focus is on the discussion.

    ♣ Once you submit, that's your post. You can edit spelling errors and such, but please don't add more on. Only because it would be unfair to post, compare to everyone else's post and edit more in based off of what other people post.

    ♣ If you edit your post, leave a reason why. I CAN compare original posts to their edits, so please be honest.
  2. CrownMoksha Decimo

    Jan 11, 2011
    On board the DenLiner
    “Are you sure I have to do this?” Jayden asked, taking one more look at the opened door in front of his face. The only answer he got was the man standing behind him nodding his head in a 'yes' fashion. "That's just perfect." He gave out a quick sigh before leaping out of the plane. As he started to descend towards the ground, he couldn't help but admit that it was sorta cool to jump out of a plane. He'd always wanted to try sky diving, but just never managed to get himself to do it.

    He was brought back to reality when he heard the sounds of birds chirping around him. Looking around, he saw that a he'd passed a flock of birds and was starting to get closer to the ground. He didn't waste anymore time as his pulled the chord, opening his parachute. With his descent now greatly slowed down, he used the time his had to think about the reason he'd jumped out of a plane in the first place. The island that the plane was heading for was part of a competition he'd been selected to enter. Even though he still wonder why he could just take a boat, it was too late to do anything about it know since he was about to land.

    Upon landing, he noticed that the surrounding area was set up like a camp. I guess this has something to do the the Competition. He thought as he looked up and noticed the other parachutes descending towards the island.
  3. Jayn

    Sep 30, 2007
    (( Last day to post. <: No extensions. ))
  4. Jayn

    Sep 30, 2007
    Fortunately and unfortunately, MoK was the only one to post, which means everyone else is disqualified and he ... wins? Thank you for posting, AND CONGRATS, LOL.

    I will give you your pin/trophy as soon as those are situated.
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