Reverse side of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMix leaked

Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Krowley, Feb 26, 2013.

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    Jun 18, 2008
    With the box art revealed a month ago, the backside of the physical Japanese copy has appeared on the internet. As the HD collection is just over 2 weeks away from it's Japan release, news should be popping up as the release date inches closer.

    Image find credited to Libregkd

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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Krowley, Feb 26, 2013.

    1. Light-Rune Maven
    2. Miles
      I see it says 1080p. I guess that mean the game will be running at 30VPS instead of 60VPS.
    3. 61
      looks nice, reminds me of the back of the kh2fm box in a way.
    4. A Zebra
      A Zebra
      Uh... do you mean 30 FPS?
      I googled and couldn't find anything called VPS o.o
      And wouldn't it be strange if KH1.5 ran at 30 FPS? The originals ran at 60, wouldn't the slowdown cause problems?
    5. Miles
      No i mean 30 VPS. Which is the rate the video moves at. Kinda like Hz. FPS is like... a lag counter with frames. I cant explain it. Anything lower than 60FPS would be lag. The only good example I can think of is the Silent Hill HD Collection (when it wanted to run smoothly) The movement is very smooth almost making the game look like its running at a higher speed compared to the originals or like YouTube. It doesn't support 60FPS meaning VPS. Even though there is no lag the VPS is locked at 30 for YouTube. This is usually what devs talk about when they talk about games running 30FPS with 1080p or 60FPS with 720p.

      Kingdom Hearts ran at 30VPS like most PS2 games. Really it doesn't matter with FPS, it could be 30FPS or 60FPS. KHHD would look the same as the original just a bit smoother than the original when slow downs happened. ex. when an enemy spills a bunch of loot and it lags, that lag will most likely be gone.
    6. super_rocker_90
      now all we need to know is what the disc looks like ; D lol
    7. A Zebra
      A Zebra
      Huh, interesting, thanks for the info.
      I do just feel the need to point out that FPS DOES matter for the quality of a game, however. Especially in action heavy ones like KH or God of War. The responsiveness is important.
    8. Miles
      I didn't mean it didn't matter in that way. Just the max FPS. If the max is 30 or 60 it wouldn't look different because its already at full frames. Theres no need to worry about the FPS in this HD Collection. It will be the same as the original with improvements like i said with the loot spilling everywhere etc. KH never had framerate problems anyway so it should be fine.
    9. libregkd
    10. Miles
      I didnt notice any. I will check again. Though it could have still been in development.
    11. Labrys
      Looks really nice .