"Rescue" by iP~

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    Dec 23, 2006
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    Again, these are originally written by ME!
    Anyone takes them and I'll have my brother kill you.
    I keed I keed
    but seriously, these are my songs.
    for my JOB....one day

    I swallow a thing I call “saviourâ€
    To get to sleep
    More than I can handle,
    More than I can save
    Feels almost like I came from a rave
    I took more than a few
    To lay me down to sleep
    Just to see myself lay down for the Reap.

    Come on and rescue me! Rescue me!
    Come on, please! Please rescue me!
    Cuz He be my Saviour,
    The only one for me!
    He is my Light when in the Darkness

    Turn your back and raise your hands
    Damn, you look at everyone like you’re made of sand!
    Hold ‘em high
    Up to the sky
    Praise that Guy
    Oh, so high!
    He’s that one who had that son,
    Who laid his life on the line,
    Died for us to keep us going

    I see Your face in every single place, every race, every chase
    Everywhere, I stop and stare, only ‘cause You truly care.
    For you know all of me, all there is to feel and see
    All of which we all see ev’ry little detail there is to me.
    Every nail, every layer, by name, you know all my hairs by name!

    The day has come when I need You more than ever
    To be with You always and forever.
    And now I see it in every place…
    I see it in hotels’ drawers
    I pick it up and read
    And I be amazed at all You done for us…
    And I held my hands up high and said
    Glory, glory to you
    And I thank you for all you’ve done.