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Discussion in 'Technology' started by somethingorother, Jan 1, 2015.

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    Jan 1, 2015
    It's one of those threads again. I'm desperate without plausible means to a credit card, and I need a single file. I've found that this place is one of two places with success/help from someone, so I figure, maybe going the honest non-crime path will help. If not, it'll either be waiting a good year, or resorting to theft. If I give up, it'll be a good year. If things come up, then..who knows. Petty money for most, but it's the credit card that's the issue here.
    Unfortunately, the last thread was in 2013, and that person's probably long gone by now.

    I feel bad for registering just to post a request, which is ironic because I love the KH HD remix soundtracks/wouldn't mind playing them if I had access to them. Most recent game was KH recoded. Before that would be BBS's final mix with the English patch. The only legitimate copy was probably KH then KH2 but it was taken away due to circumstances. Day 1 release, too!

    The file -
    It's a quickbms script, which is essentially a .txt file.

    It's a bit of a long story, but I love the game, can't find any means around the .phyre format, and I'm not even sure what this script actually does. I'm under the assumption the file removes the .phyre extension, effectively converting things to regular dds files and the like, but I don't want to blow $6 bucks on it to just -test- it. To boot, I'm planning on hopefully extracting files and uploading it somewhere like TSR if it pans out. I've wanted a few files from Xentax before, but was never this desperate.

    As far as it goes, only 2 games had .phyre format fixes, one being FFX/X-2 HD, and a game called happyend. Akiba's Trip 2 being the third game(fourth technically).

    I already have the soundtrack in at3 glory, and all the sounds in .str format. I just need to get the harddrive space to extract the volume file, though it means nothing if I can't get around .phyre files. I don't have anything to offer, and probably won't even get that file. Unless anyone wants the soundtrack in any given format. All tracks, including ambiance.

    Voice clips and sounds would have to wait a very long time, it's dual audio .str, causing an echo effect. I have no idea how to fix that other than manually doing it myself/equalizing it myself.

    I have a few other ideas on what can be done with said files, but I'm not too sure. If it's possible to record audio and then split them, or if the volume file has at least some sounds that aren't split audio.
    I'd also like to use character sprite/art for some projects, which is the number one reason I need that script.

    Otherwise, I expect this thread to quickly get ignored, forgotten, locked, and/or deleted. Unless someone magically has an account and uploads that file somewhere, or even copies the text of it and pastes it. Doing all this for a dinky little txt file seems a bit sad, though.