Release Date Confirmed + Picture of KH3D-themed 3DS

Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Ty, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. Ty Traverse Town Homebody

    Jul 30, 2010
    Hey everyone! Ty here with some very exciting news for you all!

    The Japanese release date for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance has officially been confirmed, thanks to Twitter user aibo_ac7 as March 29, 2012. Along with that, the special edition bundle you all have heard about will include a Kingdom Hearts-themed Nintendo 3DS handheld system, which can be viewed down below...


    Very slick, eh? I really like it!

    That's all for now. Later!
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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Ty, Jan 19, 2012.

    1. Glen
      That DS....i wants it...hopefully i can get a 3DS before it gets released here!
    2. chibiwings
      Wow I want that 3DS! *-*

      Oh and look! It's the anniversary date plus one day!
      Anniversary March 28 - KH3D Release March 29
      KH Wiki is my friend.
    3. xkh2x
      That is so pretty!! I WANT ONE>:K
    4. Te Deum
      Te Deum

      I'll find a KH3D skin, no doubt.
    5. greater_bloo
      Ah the release date is right aft-

      Touché chibiwings touché.

      But yeah great stuff, that 3DS looks very nice. Though I think I like the Zelda 3DS more it's just so elegant to me. However I don't buy those special consoles if I already have one of them so yeah (Money is scarce, games are aplenty @_@). Hope it releases worldwide though, I'm sure there are many people everywhere that want one of those.
    6. sakane-chan
      Don't forget there will also be a special mystery box thing being released the same day! o.o
    7. Shikou
      Oh my God! I hope they bring it state side. Im going to save up money right now!
      My first ever 3DS will be THIS beauty =D
    8. chibiwings
      Ooo I've never seen the Zelda 3DS! :O I have to look this up.

      Omg so many cool stuff happening for KH's birthday. I wish I could afford all of the special stuff.
    9. Shiki
      Gah, I want it so bad!

      I realllly want it!!! D:

      Time to start saving, I guess.
      Any word on if the 3DS is coming stateside? The DS for Days didn't last time I checked.
    11. Krowley
      Only thing I would want o change is the Crown.
      I'd make it Gold instead of pink.
      Other than that, very sleek.
    12. starseeker3
      ...if...iknew... I WOULD HAVE TOLD MY SIS TO WAIT ON THE 3DS!...i got it last year april on my birthday...
    13. Kaidron Blaze
      Kaidron Blaze
      I'm gonna try everything I can to get that 3DS!!!!
    14. nickoboyzx
      how surpose i can get that thing?
      i wan it so bad
    15. Excasr
      I already gonna search for the PSP of Birth by Sleep. though I doubt I will find it or even 3D one. ;-;

      Thanks for the news, before buying a Nintendo 3DS I will be sure to see if is one of those, Ty.
    16. Peace and War
      Peace and War
      This is what i've been waiting to buy. I've been holding back the 3DS purchase for this/

      Now just please release in Europe!
    17. Gelatinous Ghost
      Gelatinous Ghost
      No, The DS for Days never did come stateside. Nor did the PSP for Birth By Sleep. Which makes me hesitate to get too excited for this. I have purposely been holding back buying a 3DS under the assumption a special bundle console would be released with DDD, which I would rather have than a plain color. However, looking at the history of the KH themed consoles being released outside Japan, I have little reason to believe that it will be released here. Looks like I will be stuck with "Cosmo Black." $#%*. ​
    18. Llave
      Hm, this looks cool, but I wonder if it is an exclusive Japanese 3DS. Of course, they could always give us those stickers to put on them like the NA (and maybe the EU releases as well, but you got the art book B| ) releases of BBS. .__.
    19. Gelatinous Ghost
      Gelatinous Ghost
      To me, the decals seemed like a half-arsed way to make up for a lack of a proper console release. Just in my opinion. I sold mine on eBay. >>; I also make a point not to put stickers on anything valuable I own. Be it my game consoles, my computer, or my car. ._.​