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    Hey guys, so I purchased another psp 1000 since my other one broke and I'm gonna be using it until there is firmware for my vita that supports my version of firmware, so the psp I bought is basically just a temporary replacement. Anyway onto my question....

    Can I install cfw v6.35 on ofw 6.31 aka official firmware 6.31 or does the cfw HAVE to be 6.31 cfw??

    cus I can't seem to find any actual cfw 6.31 for ofw 6.31, I've ONLY been able to find cfw if its possible to install cfw 6.35 on ofw 6.31 then thats great, but if not then if its not against the forum rules can someone link me to where I can download 6.31 cfw? if it is against the rules to post links to firmware then I can take this up some where else like maybe skype so if someone wants to help me and their not allowed to post links to that sort of thing pm me your skype and we can discuss it there. I don't mean to break any rules by saying that, I just really need assistance with the firmware on my psp.=/

    Thanks guys.

    Sean B.

    Edit: Hey guys disregard this thread, I got firmware working on my psp, so this can be locked.
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