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    So I have my KHV Duet Roulette to finish but I'm having issues trying to figure out the recording process of it. I have no knowledge of how to use the Audacity system. And the instructions on the KHV Chorus thread were a bit... confusing. No offense P ><

    So I was wondering if anyone here could possibly help me out and make it easier for me to use by today so I can finish.

    You can suggest another recording system for me to use as well. I just need what ever is easier to get this all done. Please help me so I can sing for you all and not let Jayn down! =DD
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    Look who's finally on her laptop. :D

    Tutorial Contents

    Checking Settings



    'Kay so I use Sony Vegas to record now, but I used to use Reaper. This tutorial will be for that. I've been told it's actually a lot more complicated than Audacity, but it's what I know best and I hate Audacity with the vastness of a billion galaxies.

    You can find Reaper here. It's not free, but the trial won't ever run out so it's kind of free ...except not.

    Anyway, I'm using version 4.21.
    It should look like this when you launch it.

    First thing is first! You should make sure your input and output are correct. This means...You should make sure the program will be picking up sound from the microphone you want to use, and the sound should come out of the speakers you want to use.

    To check this information, go to Options > Preferences.

    This should pop up automatically. As you can see, there are two drop downs. Just double check and make sure that looks okay. Keep how to get here in mind in case you record and it doesn't work right. Adjusting this is most likely how you'll fix it.

    This is the part that gets confusing, so pay close attention. The way I do it is probably the more complicated way of doing it, because I know a lot of KHV Chorusers don't actually download the song they're singing. They usually play it on Youtube and sing along with it. My way is more tedious, but will leave you more room to actually fix any mistakes you made without having to start completely over.

    I usually sing with the instrumental because singing with the original singer makes me nervous, but for the sake of the this tutorial, I'll pretend that I do sing with the singer, haha.

    First, add two new tracks to the project. Track > Insert New Track (do it twice for two new tracks).

    On one track, you'll be recording. On another track will be the song you're singing. In your case, this is With Me by Sum 41. I don't know you personally, so I'll just say there are various ways to download this MP3. You can buy it from Amazon, or iTunes, or you can use a Youtube to MP3 converter and delete the track when you're done with it. I don't encourage any 'illegal' methods but you know, do what you will if you don't already have it. c;

    To import the MP3, click on track one to make sure you have it selected, and go to Insert > Media file. Find where you saved the song and select it. When it's inserted, your screen should look something like this. (Except your media should have peaks...which is the white line thing, ugh so hard to explain, haha).

    Now click play. (Bottom left).
    Make sure you can hear it. Good? Good! If it's not good, head back to Checking Settings.

    If it's all good though, then continue onward! Note: MAKE SURE YOU USE EARPHONES/HEADPHONES WHEN YOU RECORD.

    The next step is to arm your recording track for recording. ...This is pretty much just telling your computer to pay attention to your microphone. Click on Track 2, the track that the song IS NOT on. This assures that you will be recording on a new track and not over the music. To arm track two, make sure it's selected and then click the record button on that track. That's the red button on the left.

    When you do that, you should notice a response when you talk. The meter should now be another color and responding to your voice.

    Now comes the fairly simple part. All you have to do at this point is sing. Sing your parts and the black lines. Just hit the record button at the bottom after making sure the song starts from the beginning. If you hover over the buttons at the bottom, what they're called will pop up if you get confused. But yeah, hit record. You do NOT have to have the recording window up while you sing, meaning you can pull the lyrics up if you don't know them and sing while you record.

    If you cough or something during a part that's not yours, don't bother with it. I'll fix it for you. ;) You don't have to worry about things like that. All in all, when you're done recording, just hit the stop button at the bottom left corner. If you make a mistake, the nice thing about recording my way with the music right there is that you can just keep singing if you mess up, then you can go back to the part you messed up on and re-record.

    There are a few ways to re-record...First of all, if you want to delete a mess up without deleting everything, simply find the part right before you messed up on and hit 'm' on your keyboard. A marker will appear so you know where the mess up started. Make another marker where your mess up ended. Markers look like this.

    After you do that, click the first marker and hit 'S' on your keyboard. Click on the second marker and hit S. There should be a clear difference section cut off. Click that section (the section between the two markers) and delete it. Now only that section is gone but everything else is there.

    I highly suggest that if you sing a part over again you make a new (third) track and record it there after you delete the mess up. This way you don't have to worry about any weird overlap if you don't hit stop soon enough.

    ...You should be done now, lol.

    Please send your lines in MP3 format to

    Before you save your lines, MUTE or DELETE the song you were singing with. I only want YOUR tracks, not the instrumental or the original, I should only hear your voice. After you delete the instrumental/original track, hit play. You can skip (just click where you want to listen) to where you want to here. Just make sure your voice is the only thing heard.

    Now you're ready to render it.

    Go to File > Render.

    This thing pops up. Change Output Format to MP3 and choose where you want to save it. Hit Render (1 file...)

    After that all you have to do is send it. It'll save in one long file. I don't want a zip file or for you to split it or something weird, just send it as it is.~

    ...*Ices fingers*

    Ask me for any clarification you need. x: There are definitely other ways to record, but yeah. That's how I do it.

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    I was too busy with the other recording that I didn't remember about this thread. But thank you very much and I'll be sure to use this the next time I get a chance to sing.

    Thank you again for your help. This explains a lot. Much appreciated.