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    Back In Action

    ~ Inside Vito's Car ~

    Mileena regarded Ezio with a nod. "The pleasure is mine, Ezio..." She greeted, before settling down in a seat. 'Jade...Heishiro...Kuai...Sister...' She thought to herself. 'I...I promise you...revenge...'

    hack.png slash.png

    ~ Outside Electronics Store ~

    Hack nodded. "That is right. Mr. Glomgold is planning trip to Atlantis when snowstorms hit. Wanting to find treasure and become richest duck in the world." He crossed his arms. "We are telling you this because...we do not like working for him. He wastes our skills and treats us poorly. But we are under contract for one last expedition. That is why we need you."

    As Hack spoke with Scrooge, Slash watched the report on the TV. His eyes widened when he heard about the S-Types that would be roaming around. S-Types? Friendly?

    Now the wolf knew something was wrong. Even he knew that was far from the truth.


    ~ Glitch City ~

    Pauline stayed in her seat. "I'm not leaving either. I said I'd fight alongside my family, and I meant it."

    ~ Tibet ~


    Watching the broadcast, Jago couldn't believe what he was hearing. He knew from experience that calling the S-Types 'friendly' was a complete lie. Why the Japanese government were lying about this, he did not know. However, it made Jago think.

    'Orchid...I wonder what she's thinking about all this...'


    ~ Energyne HQ: CEO's Office ~

    Claire also watched the broadcast with interest. "So, the S-Types are running free now...Excellent." She mused. "My precious pet project is about to pay off. I think it's time to make some calls."

    As far as Crystal Order affairs were concerned, Claire had mostly kept her distance. Now that the S-Type were coming into play, the CEO was all too ready to contact her fellow members and let them in on her top secret project.
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    Nov 2, 2011
    ~Outside Electronics Store~


    "I see... very well, thanks for letting me know," Scrooge replied to Hack, "I'll be sure to be ready to go to Atlantis when the time is right. Good luck trying to keep yer sanity while ye continue working for Glomgold for the time being. Yer gonna need it..." As Scrooge turned around to continue on his way home, wanting to continue reading his copy of 'The Crystal Order Commission Report', he noticed S-types walking down the street, with some citizens actually playfully taking pictures and posing with them.


    ~Shibuya District: CAT Headquarters - Living Room~


    After hearing a commotion coming from the living room, Joshua rushed over there to see what was wrong. However, upon reaching the living room, Joshua immediately gasped, noticing the deceased body of Megumi Kitaniji lying on the floor, blood splattered everywhere, and his head severed from his body, while the nearby window was shattered as though something from inside jumped out of it.


    ~Celestia's Home~


    Teleporting to Celetia's home, Discord found Celestia and Luna both prepared to leave, having packed any necessities they might need. "So, I guess you two are ready," Discord commented. "Yes. I explained to Luna everything," Celestia responded. "It was a lot to take in, but given what's been happening, and the views of my sister, I feel like sooner or later, the New World Order would've certainly targeted her. So, I fully understand the reason we need to go into hiding," Luna added, "So, you're this Discord guy Celestia's told me so much about?" "In the flesh," Discord replied, "Anyway, we going?" Celestia and Luna both nodded as Discord held out his right paw in front of them. "Hold on to my paw during teleportation, okay?" Discord instructed Celestia and Luna. "Got it," both Celestia and Luna responded as they did as Discord ordered them to, holding on to his paw with their right hoof while keeping their luggage nearby. And as Discord was about to teleport them away, Luna had a sad look on her face, wondering if she was ever going to see her friends again. Noticing Luna's sad expression, Celestia used her wing to tap at her sister to get her attention. Looking at Celestia, Luna was greeted by a smile and a gesture from her sister that she figured means that everything will be alright. With her spirits lifted a bit, Luna smiled back as all three were teleported away.


    ~Dumpster Outside What is Left of Connor's Apartment Building~


    After waking up, feeling his entire body aching, Connor was slowly climbing out of the dumpster he landed in hours ago. But as he opened his eyes, his heart sank as he noticed his apartment building crumbled to the ground. "No..." Connor sadly said to himself as he fell to his knees, weeping over what had just happened.

    *Montage Sequence*


    But as he wiped the tears off his face, Connor noticed that a few things have survived the attack, such as an outfit he designed himself (inspired by his grandfather's outfit), as well as the tomahawk that Achilles gave him as a present some time ago. Reaching out to the tomahawk, Connor stared at it for a bit before shifting his attention back to the outfit he designed. Grabbing the outfit, Connor began putting it on. After wearing it, Connor covered his head with the outfit's hood, and placed his tomahawk in one of the outfit's holsters...


    Once he was done, Connor noticed Cybermen approaching the area...


    "Let us check for any survivors," one of the Cybermen commented as they were getting closer. "Goodbye, Achilles," Connor said as he turned around and started to run away.


    ~Shoreline Somewhere in Africa~


    As Katniss, Toothless, and Haymitch were helplessly watching over the unconscious Hiccup, Katniss noticed a small truck arrive near their location, full of armed men. As they got out of the truck and saw Katniss with the others, their leader nodded to the others, ordering them to help carry Hiccup into the truck while Katniss, Haymitch, and Toothless followed them.

    On this day, the world as many knew it came to an abrupt end. The very foundations that have governed the world for decades have all fallen, with the dark shadow of the New World Order rising to take their place.




    Getting off the tree they were dangling off of, Jessie, James, and Meowth started walking away, sighing as they were wondering what to do now.

    And with the change that has come to the world, I believe that I too must adjust. I will no longer be the boy that was thrown out the balcony... but I must take on a new identity.


    ~Remnants of Dick Grayson's Home~


    Climbing out of debris, Dick was surprised to see himself having survived the attack. However, upon noticing Bruce Wayne's deceased body covered in rubble, Dick covered his mouth while feeling a mixture of shock, disgust, and sadness. Getting up, he started to run away, and he didn't care where to... so long as it was elsewhere.

    As for what the future holds for the world, that remains uncertain. We will each be challenged, our trust, our faith, our friendships.


    ~Tokyo Street~


    As he ran across a street into an alley, Connor had no intention of slowing down, quickly climbing up an adjacent building until he reached the top, giving him a clear view of Tokyo.

    But we must persevere, and in time, a new hope will emerge, and it will be strong enough to defeat the New World Order. From now on, I shall be known as... Ratonhnhaké:ton!


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