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  1. Mish smiley day!

    Sep 30, 2006
    Nuke York.
    Question Time with...
    Bushy Brow!

    A couple of guidelines before you begin..

    1 - Keep it within the rules of the forum, nothing over PG-13. This is still KHV, which means that you must not use this thread as an excuse to berate or harass the Question Time participant. That being said...

    2 - ...The Question Time participant does not have to answer all of the questions.

    3 - The Question Time participant must maintain some level of activity within this thread. Don't leave all of your questions unanswered. You're in the spotlight, baby, so shine!

    4 - Give the Question Time participant some time to answer, and let others have a chance to ask. Remember that they are in the spotlight for at least one week, so do not feel the need to barrage him/her with a lengthy list of questions all at once.

    And now that you have read the rules, you may ask away!~
  2. Boy Wonder Dark Phoenix in Training

    Aug 31, 2008
    Bushy Bro! (not a typo)


    How are you feeling?

    Me, you, Arch transform into actual superheroes. Who would we each be?

    Me, you, Arch transform into actual supervillains. Who would we each be?

    You, Arch, and I develop original superpowers. What do we each get?
  3. burnitup Still the Best 1973

    Mar 4, 2007
    Awesome Town
    Hello Bushy. :)

    1. How are you this fine day?
    2. Impressions?
    3. My goodness, is it 4:30? I'm suppose to be having a back to sac and crack.
    4. In this scenario a hypothetical real person named Steven has a choice: he could spend years improving the quality of life for citizens of impoverished third world nations or he could systematically set fire to every orphan living in a 30 km radius of his house. Which choice would you make?
    5. Is there an anime/manga, video game, comic book, or book you'd like to see turned into a live action movie?
    6. Who would you have as your Servant?
  4. Rean Ashen Chevalier

    Jan 15, 2007
    Ellensburg, WA
    1. Initial impressions?
    2. Current impressions?
    3. Did you know you're still invisiburu?
    4. Would you like a cup of hot chocolate?
    5. Favorite staff and non-staff?
    6. Favorite food, drink, meal and snack?
    7. What is the definition of kaboom?
    8. BOO!
    9. I love you!
  5. Bushy "Don't think. Imagine!"

    May 27, 2008
    On the other side of the internet.
    Oh my god! I finally got one of these, that was completely unexpected. XD
    But okay...


    1) My original impressions: You were a fricking cool and awesome RPer. I loved your ideas and I looked up to you majorly. At first with that Final Fantasy RP, because you had so many posts, part of me felt nervous about contacting you because I was worried I'd be an annoyance since I was still fairly unknown back then. But you were super cool and made me feel welcome instantly, and the rest is history.
    My current impressions: Pretty much all the same awesome stuff as above, but now you're one of my closest friends on this forum and I don't think that'll ever change. You're my bro, bro. You'd definitely (as you once told me too) be one of my drinking buddies if we lived closer.

    2) I'm currently feeling chilled. I'm on holiday in Oman right now and I've been at the beach all day. I've already picked up the sun pretty easily and it's just two days in. I wonder how I'll look in two weeks. XD

    3) Arch would be Iron Man because I doubt he'd ever forgive me if I said anyone else. You... would be... Hmm... For some reason I wanna say Flash, or someone very acrobatic. I dunno why... that's probably because of the characters you had in sanction that are making me think that way.
    Me... I'd be Wolverine, purely because when I have a beard and my hair is crazy, I apparently look like him. And damn that healing factor is badass.

    4) You would be Magneto. Why...? Because Ian McKellen. I reckon you'd have that same level of charm and badassery.
    Arch would be Loki. I can see him just being very trollish as a Super Villain, so that's my opinion anyway.
    As for me... Catwoman, because I'm sexy- *Shot*

    5) Original Super powers...

    Arch is an easy one to answer for. He'd have super human perception and aim etc, able to snipe a target from the other side of the country with nothing but a pistol. Why? Because he's the Forum Sniper. Duh.
    Your power would be unlimited but limited in a way. You would be able to switch between any power that exists that you've read of and understand the concept of, but you'd only be able to switch between them twice a day. (I wanted to give you something that uses your extensive super power knowledge).
    Me... I could take the easy way out and say Godmod, because yeah, it's what I've become known for since my parody character. But... I'll probably say... Demonic Fire. I'd be Seokama Ibli pretty much. When I designed him for the Sanction RP, that was in a sense my own ideal. XD

    Hello, BIU.

    1) Same answer as what I said to Bueno.

    2) Original Impressions: "...I dunno. He likes Fate and seems alright, but I don't really know him. I'll see if I end up talking to him in future."
    Current: "Ah, BIU. BIU... *Evil laughs* There are times when you're pretty cool, but there are other times when I don't know what to think. It's not like I ever think bad of you, don't get me wrong, but... I dunno how to explain it. It's like sometimes you're there and then you're not. I suppose I should say that at times you're a bit of an enigma to me.

    3) It is not 4:30 right now. In UK time it'll be 4:30 in two hours, but in Oman time where I am right now, it is currently 6:30.

    4) It would depend on the orphans. If they are lolis, then they shall be saved and added to my harem. That is all.

    5) I really don't know. I've seen many adaptations of such things now and most of them are horrible. Some are successful, but I dunno if I'd wanna risk it with a series I really loved.

    6) Oda Nobunaga. Probably one of my most favorite historical figures of all time.

    1) "...This guy scares me with his stalker tendencies, but he sure is diligent about issues on the forum. He likes Phantasy Star though and that is something I can definitely approve of."

    2) I'll be honest with you Amaury since you asked, but don't take this as me being mean.
    I don't dislike you, but you really freak me out a lot. I think you can be very over the top with the whole invisible thing (among a lot of other stuff when it comes to the forum and people's personal lives) and the way you stalk the staff and others just makes me feel uncomfortable. I can't even begin to imagine how they actually feel if I alone feel this way just witnessing it. On the other hand, I don't think you're as bad as some people make you out to be. I think it's a bit of both really. But still... yet again, you like Phantasy Star and I think that's pretty cool.

    3) I also happen to be invisible. But yes, I did notice my online status could not be seen. U mad? O_O

    4) I would love one, but at the same time, I'm currently drinking some bottles of Corona by a swimming pool and think that the mix of hot chocolate and beer wouldn't be brilliant.

    5) This question is very hard. I don't like answering such things because I don't like placing people above others in such a way. However, I will tell you who I feel I'm closest to out of the categories you asked about.
    For Staff, it'd be Jayn. I absolutely love that girl. She works so hard and has always been lovely and oh god is she talented. When I heard she made Admin after working her way up from a Mod to a Super Mod, I was so damn happy for her. She totally deserves it and I think this only means good things for KHV. Again, well done sis! I love you. <3 :) I still believe in you and think you'll go very far in anything you do.
    As for non-staff... This is tough because there are many people I am incredibly close to on this forum. If I don't mention Dark, I'll never be forgiven, as I've known him since long before KHV and I'm the one who bought him here. But because I know that was an obvious one and isn't purely down to KHV alone, I'll say some others. Arch and Bueno will always be my homeslices who I adore (and have to visit one day), but the one person I definitely have to say who hasn't been mentioned yet in any of my answers to the questions I've received would be Hyuge. Hyuge is a girl I'd adopt into my own family if I could. She is so sweet, funny and kind. I've known her for a long time on the forum, and when I started talking to her more and more, we grew very close very quickly.
    I could go on and on really. But yeah. lol

    6) Favourite Food and Drink constantly change. I never find I can stick to something purely because when you have something too much, you tire of it. So I always try to vary things and can't truly say I have a favourite. Perhaps I'm just indecisive, but you know... I'm just not sure anymore. *very punny*

    7) ...The more you know.

    8) *stares at* You scare me Amaury, but not for the right reasons. Boo won't work on m- ...Oh god! Why are you under my chair?! *screams*

    9) And I love anime! *double thumbs up*
  6. Hyuge ✧ [[ Fairy Queen ]]

    Apr 13, 2009
    Camp Half-Blood
    // Sniffle sobs // aaaw Nii - tan. [ I voted for you every week for like, the last 4 weeks or so. ] I'm glad you finally got QT and what you said means a lot. Hmm... I guess I should try to think up some good questions now.

    Zombie Apocalypse - You have a party of six people including yourself. You need a weapon's person, a medic, a scavenger, the distraction, a herbologist, and a watcher. Who would be in your survival party and what role would they have?

    [ I'll come up with better ones later, but this is always a good way to start. ]
  7. Heart ❤ Enjoy every moment with all ya got

    Mar 2, 2009
    First impression?
    Current impression?
    Have Rwby character?
    Have you watched any other Roosterteeth stuff? Any favorite characters ?
  8. Bushy "Don't think. Imagine!"

    May 27, 2008
    On the other side of the internet.

    T'was simply the truth. lol
    But right... let me think...

    Weapon's person would be Arch I think. Since he has super powers when it comes to guns etc. That, and the dude knows a lot about zombies. I know this from zombie RPs. XD

    Medic... Hmm... I'm gonna say... Jayn. Her wonderful singing voice would soothe the soul and heal our wounds through the power of song and badassery. Because she has all of those qualities.

    A Scavenger... uh... **** it, I'll take the role because I have ideas of who I'd have for the other roles, but don't have one for myself. That's purely it. Besides, I do often pick up random things for seemingly no reason at times.

    The Distraction is easily Dark (DT). "Look at me, I'm a distraction. I'm distracting you." (personal joke ftw). That, and Dark is definitely expendable. *shot*

    A Herbologist would have to be Ashwin. I remember Ashwin always talking about cooking with various herbs and spices and stuff, so... that's my reasoning. He has some experience even if not in the way we'd need it to be. That and Ashwin is awesome. We'd need him on the team purely because of that level of charm he possesses.

    As for Watcher, I was gonna say Makaze at first because I don't think Makaze would miss anything with that attention to detail he possesses. However, since I'm unfortunately unsure if he would count (like if I have to choose only current members of KHV), so... I'd probably say you Hyuge. You've always had a good eye for detail and things too. That and you'd be an unreplaceable asset to the team anyway. Besides, I'd need you for moral support and just because you and Jayn are the ultimate pair. XD Our team would gain bonuses just by having you two in the team together. lol

    1) Nice girl. Don't really know her, but nice girl.

    2) Still a nice girl. I should probably talk to her more than I actually have. She's pretty cool.

    3) ...I don't understand the question, so I'm presuming you're saying 'fave'. My favorite RWBY character... that's tough because so far I absolutely love them all, but I've been loyal to Ruby from the very beginning, so I'd have to say her (as you can probably guess from my profile theme).
    I'll attempt to be amusing though and also answer the question of "If I could 'have' a RWBY character to be with?" Since it's possible but unlikely that's what you meant. I'd say Yang for sure. Her personality is definitely very suited to me I think. And amusingly enough, she's exactly like one of the characters from my novels I created years ago. lol

    4) I watch Roosterteeth every damn day. XD Literally, anything Roosterteeth I pretty much watch. I love Red VS Blue, and my favorite characters in that would be Caboose and Tex. I love all of the Achievement Hunter stuff (Let's Plays and everything else) and I don't have a favorite out of the Hunters because they're all fricking awesome. And yeah, I watch all the podcasts and stuff too. It's needless to say that working for Roosterteeth would be a dream job for me. I love their origins and everything. They're a true inspiration I'd say.
  9. Hiro ✩ Guardian

    Dec 28, 2010
    First impressions?
    Current impressions?
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