PS3 theme included in pre-order of 1.5 HD ReMix

Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Krowley, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. Krowley Moderator

    Jun 18, 2008

    Adding on to te art book with your pre-order, Square Enix is now adding a dynamic PS3 theme to sweeten the deal. The animated theme features Disney worlds from the first game, including 100 acre wood, Olympus Coliseum, Agrabah, and Wonderland.

    The HD Collection releases September 10th, so you still have almost 2 months left to pre-order.
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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Krowley, Jul 15, 2013.

    1. libregkd
    2. DuelRoxas16
      I already have a KH theme for my ps3 that's one of the best themes ive seen so im wondering if an official one will be better
    3. RifleRiku
      Well since its Dynamic I wonder how it moves. This is just sweetening the deal by about 92%. I mean the fact I'm getting the game itself is like 9000% soo...
    4. ShibuyaGato
      I am so glad that I pre-ordered my copy like a month ago. Square is just making the mega-fangirl in me salivate with each bonus they add.
    5. kngdmhrts2
      I would hopefully assume that this is gonna be for EU too.
    6. Misty
      I've preordered but, ngl, these look real cheesy. Probably won't use.
    7. Krowley

      Many of them are just copy and pasted renders. I might use the theme, but change the background to something I'd rather prefer.
    8. Light-Rune Maven
      Light-Rune Maven
      It is official: I hate the entire existence of pre-order bonuses. I guess it does look a little cheesey but I would still want it. Darn you Enix.
    9. Ars Nova
      Ars Nova
      Oh. WELP. GUESS I'M GETTING THAT. :L Preordered like a month ago.

      I'm with Misty though, it looks kinda really sterile. I don't think I-

      ...You can do that!?
    10. Krowley
      C'est Oui. The background is just6 the default image that comes with the theme to match it's modifications to your PS Menu. Just go under backgrounds and change it to something to your liking.
    11. jafar
      I don't have my ps3 here and i'm not going to be in the states by the time this releases. dang. i like having themes. i get bored and switch them up a lot, so i like having options. hate paying for them. oh well.
    12. DualBladeRoxas
      Aaaaaand of course I'm gonna have the computer that has 1366 x 768 resolution and they have 1366 x 766 resolution -_-'[DOUBLEPOST=1379638101][/DOUBLEPOST]
      Well this is Kingdom Hearts we're talking about. You can't expect it not to be a little cheesy xD
    13. Misty
      I finally redeemed mine and was pleasantly surprised that it included the Kingdom Hearts menu sound effects. It's pretty neat. You can change the background image too, and just keep the KH icons & SFX.
    14. libregkd
    15. Xenao
      I didn't get the code :/
    16. Krowley
      How does one redeem it?
    17. libregkd
    18. Misty
      Did you get the Limited Edition preorder? It would have come with the artbook. If you did you should go back to the store you bought it from and talk to them. If you purchased from an online retailer they may have emailed the code to you.
    19. Xenao
      yeah i did, i need to get in touch with ShopTo and find out whats poppin'