Audio Project Kingdom XIII - An original homage project to the music of Kingdom Hearts

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    Oct 31, 2017
    Hey all,

    Been having fun talking with you guys on Discord. I figured now is a good time more than ever to introduce my Kingdom Hearts based project, Project Kingdom XIII (PKXIII).

    What is it?
    Allow me to outline a few highlights:
    • An original music production based on the world of Kingdom Hearts; an homage to the works of Yoko Shimomura, Utada Hikaru, and maybe even Nobuo Uematsu, in our own unique way!
    • Covers and original songs inspired by the original soundtrack, plus a few unique bonuses
    • Multi genre and styles spanning the gamut of modern classical, EDM, Hip-Hop, and even acapella renditions.
    • New arrangements, instrumentations, lyrical content, performed by new artists from Florida to London!
    • Starting as a 3 track EP project, but with your support, we’ll go as far as we can! We’d love to do a 13 track album instead :D
    PROJECT IS COMPLETELY FREE via Soundcloud and Youtube for Streaming, and available for true lossless quality download (FLAC or WAV) soon.

    Keeping up on the Project
    I'll do my best to keep posts updated here upon new changes and track releases, however PKXIII now has its own website: Sign up with your email and you will have updates delivered to you. NOTE: For GMAIL users, make sure when you get your email that you move the mail to primary tab and click yes, or add contact[at] to your allow list.

    Has the project Started?
    Yes it has! In fact, we have one track out now! Time to get your spoopy on by visiting either playlist on Soundcloud or Youtube (cosplay version ^_^). [12/11] Now, we're all set to release two new tracks this month on December 13th and another on December 25th (Happy Holidays!).

    What's next?

    Right now the project is slated as a 3 track EP however I will push to get more tracks completed. Ideally, I want this to become a 13+ track album, but I will need additional support from the community in order for that to happen. Once we finish our initial run of the tracks we have planned/are able to do without much trouble, we will explore options for the remaining tracks.

    Need any Help?
    Sure! If you have a specific skill, idea, or anything else that you'd like to contribute to the project, just email me at and add in the title, PKXIII. Also, don't forget to like, share, and subscribe to the platform of your choosing!

    More of your work?
    You can find more of what I do/have done over on my official website:

  2. XTREEMMAK Moogle Assistant

    Oct 31, 2017
    Just released a new track today :D
    Join me, Hand in Hand as we bump this to 100 Side X Side. If you didn’t get the obvious reference just now, then I can’t help ya XD. This is a stylistic Future Bass House Remix of Hand in Hand from Kingdom Hearts originally composed by Yoko Shimomura.