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    So after a few days of going over what I wanted to read first (I can only read one book at a time) I decided on the PLL series by Sara Shepard. I finished the first book yesterday and I'm on book two now. I've also seen the show up till season 6 and always wanted to read the books.

    Here is a brief description of the show/book:

    As time has passed since Alison, then the queen bee of the bunch, went missing. Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Emily have gone on with their lives, though they've grown apart. As the years go by, each girl finds herself facing a new set of challenges when anonymous text messages from "A" threaten to expose all their secrets -- both old secrets the girls were sure only Alison knew, and newer secrets developed after Alison's disappearance. Who is "A" and how does he or she know the things he or she knows? Based on the series of novels by Sara Shepard.

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    It starts off when the 5 girls met in 7th grade until one night, Alison goes missing. For 2 years the girls went their separate ways until they start getting creepy messages from "A" whom talks about the secrets they shared with Alison. As they reunite at Alisons' funeral that's when things get even more creepy. And the series carries on about dark secrets and how much the 4 girls didn't really know each other.

    (book one is called 'Pretty Little Liars')​
    The series was started in 2006 while the show that was produced by ABC family was released in 2010 she continued to write up until 2014 ending the series with Vicious (total of 16 books)

    if you've seen the show then I MUST recommend the books also. Last night I was just going on and on to my sister about how the show changed up some stuff (this is obvious please don't point it out). And I adore the original concept for the girls in the book verses the show. I really want to talk about the Hastings family the most though- for they are my favorite out of the bunch. And all I want to do is talk about Wren and Spencer. (insert emoji here)
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