Kingdom Hearts II Post-DDD, Nobody Opinions

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  1. Dravoo Traverse Town Homebody

    Feb 11, 2017
    So basically I just wanted to see some opinions on this. KHDDD revealed and arguably altered lots of things but there was one thing it stated, nobodies CAN GAIN hearts.

    They can literally get what they wanted in KH2 with enough time.

    What I wanna know is how you feel about this. And don't give me some speech or rant about what the other games insinuated or hinted at for years.

    We ARE NOT arguing about the validity of this fact. What I'm asking is how you FEEL about it.

    For instance, to me, it felt a bit....hmmm I dunno. I think every story has things it should confirm and others it should leave to wonder. In this light I feel this was an aspect to leave to the imagination.
    Kh2's plot already feels like "What was the point?" since several villains are back and now more important as humans than they was as literal heartless monsters. One of the best aspects of the series, to me, was the question this raised.

    Like the Roxas having a heart or not debates of old and so on. The ambiguity of the nobodies and their nature is what gave them their characteristic. So to me this kinda feels like devaluing them more. Not only was they pointless as villains when nobodies but now the striving force of every nobody, even the minor ones, is moot since they can get it just by acting as normal people would.

    They have no reason to be enemies basically.