Poetic ars nova Season #4 - Kingdom Hearts

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  1. Plums Wakanda Forever

    Aug 21, 2009
    Poetic | ars | nova | Season

    no. 4

    [entries are due on January 31st]

    Kingdom Hearts

    'Sup guys? Welcome to the fourth PanS, or as I like to call it, the desert tray.
    see it's funny because desert is the fourth meal in a day and *shot*

    Anyway, because this is a KH fansite, and tomorrow will be the two year anniversary of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (also affectionately known as the "mindrape game" to me), I figured why not do a little poetry about our favorite game series? :B

    For this challenge, you must pick a character in the Kingdom Hearts universe. However, for an added little bonus, you must write the poem from their point of view. Imagine what would Xemnas write in a poem about his life, or Roxas or everyone's favorite single lady, Aqua?

    The poem can be of any length, but must be a series of three main questions, and said character's answers to the questions and must be three stanzas long. Each main question should be the first line in each new stanza. For those looking for an example, here is a quick piece of poop I just made. Did I mention it is poop? ;~;

    Other than that, she's all yours to work on. Now get those fingers tappin' and them keys TAPPED hahaha innuendos

    • Free form is not allowed

    • The poem must follow the Creativity Corner's rules and regulations

    • If you wish to know the criteria used for judging, you may see it HERE

    • You may post in this thread, but please keep it spam free. Discussion is permitted

    NOTES: The criteria can be found by scrolling down on the link given that directs to the Faq. Please read the criteria if you want to have a good chance of winning. All three aspects must be met at least to some degree.

    Good luck my children. o;
  2. Cat~ Transformation

    May 1, 2009
    Well hopefully I won't totally fail at this. I'm feeling inspired.

    Severed Ties ~ An Axel Poem

    How could this happen?
    The emptiness I feel was less with them, with my friends.
    Nobodies; I guess that's all that we're meant to be.
    Kingdom Hearts? It's nothing but a hopeless, shallow dream.
    Shells of our former selves, left with only memories.
    This must be hell, because I think I've lost everything.
    The bitter irony sets in; I want to let the flames consume me.

    Why? Why me?
    What did I ever do to deserve this agony?
    I can remember that time years ago, the two of us.
    A perfect pair of misfits. Why then are we so far now? We were
    inseparable then, two kids storming the castle. I suppose
    we let our curiosity take us to our end. At least, I wish it had been my end.

    Who was that? Why do memories start to fade?
    I can see a third person. Who is that girl?
    Should I feel more guilt as I can't seem to recall her?
    Wait, was there another? I only see myself and him.
    I see the drip of our sea salt sticks; I see the laughter that we both emit.
    He is the only thing in my mind. Our laughter, our false happiness and our
    lies. Our entire existence is a lie. But still, I can't bear to see him leave.
    I have to find him, no matter the cost. I don't care how he treats me,
    I just can't bear to lose my friend.

    Obvious character choice is obvious.

    I'm just posting it now. If I get in the mood to re-write it/scrap it/edit it, then I'll just edit the post.
  3. Technic☆Kitty Hmm

    Apr 2, 2010
    Indiana, USA
    I'll probably flub the whole thing up but . . .

    Roxas' Goodbye

    Why do I have to give you my life?
    I thought this life was mine.
    I fought for my friends, as they did for me.
    I gave it my all, but that wasn't enough.
    I'll never see them again.

    Why is it you who gets to live?
    What makes you so special?
    Even though she told me I wouldn't disappear.
    Even though she said we would meet again.
    Even while she was being taken away.
    Even though I had so much to ask.

    Why am I even here right now?
    I'm just a nobody, not meant to exist.
    I'm going to fight to the very end.
    I'm never going to give in.
    I understand though, now.
    I'm going to disappear, but not completely.
    I will become whole, like she said.
    I guess if it's you, it's alright.
  4. Plums Wakanda Forever

    Aug 21, 2009
    Quick bump just to say entries are due January 31st (six more days).

    Not sure if you'll win?
    Cannot be truly sure until you try and find out.~

    - Plums
  5. Plums Wakanda Forever

    Aug 21, 2009
    Hey kids o:

    i herd u want ur pans results

    Well you wanted them, and you got 'em!

    Oh gosh man this was hard. ;___;

    And thank you to Misty and Clawtooth for taking time away from the escapades into the wonderful world of Lizzies and Darcys and judging!
    Anyway, judgment time:

    Cat<3 Sora

    Our judges had this to say:
    damn skippy (Misty's words).

    Anyway, dat diction. Some of the lines in your poem, such as

    were very, very good. Some of the caesuras made some of the lines a bit blocky to read, but overall though, it felt as though you captured Axel to a T and committed it to memory.


    I liked the anaphora you were doing with the "Even though" and "I'm" lines, but at times it got a bit over repetitive (though it would work really well if read aloud). And the last three lines were cute and made all of us d'awwwwww horribly loud. Overall though, also another really good poem.

    As always, there will be a pin reward. It's still currently in the in works, so please continue to be patient.

    Didn't win this time? Do not fret! With more contests in the future, get those creative juices flowing!

    Also let me just say I kind of love all of you and you should continue to enter to boost mah pride.

    And be on the lookout for the Fourth PotS contest, hosted by our ever tsundere and apparently new leading shipee, Clawtooth in the Original Work Section!

    ENTER IT. B|
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