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  1. Plums Wakanda Forever

    Aug 21, 2009
    Poetic | ars | nova | Season

    no. 3

    [entries are due on November 28th]


    Christmas colo-*shot*

    Anyway, welcome to the third PanS! Last time, we had a pretty large turnout, so I hope that we have another good one (and that you all enter the next PotS too >:L )

    Moving along, your theme this time around is Re;

    You'll write a poem following the theme of something happening again. Another chance at life, another day to see, another failure -- basically, anything that can happen again, whether it's something you wish to, or something you do not.

    And to further boost up the challenge this time, the poems must be four stanzas.

    • Each stanza must be five lines long, for a total of 20 (Twenty) lines.
    • The words at the end of each line of poetry must follow this format:

    1 indicating the word at the end of the first line
    2 indicating the word at the end of the second line

    And so on.

    Other than that, she's all yours to work on. Now get those fingers tappin' and them keys TAPPED hahaha innuendos

    • Free form is not allowed

    • The poem must follow the Creativity Corner's rules and regulations

    • If you wish to know the criteria used for judging, you may see it HERE

    • You may post in this thread, but please keep it spam free. Discussion is permitted

    NOTES: The criteria can be found by scrolling down on the link given that directs to the Faq. Please read the criteria if you want to have a good chance of winning. All three aspects must be met at least to some degree.
  2. Cat~ Transformation

    May 1, 2009
    Just out of curiosity do we have to use the exact same word in the next stanza? I mean, can it be a different form of the word?

    (If we say running the first time can we use it as run the next time?)
  3. Plums Wakanda Forever

    Aug 21, 2009
    Hmmm, well I've thought it over, and that sounds fine with me.

    I tried my hand at this type of poem before, and it was kind of difficult to do, lol.

    So yeah, as long as it is the same base word, tense will not matter. c:
  4. Cat~ Transformation

    May 1, 2009
    Alright, thank you. Now to my entry.

    Life to me feels like nothing but a dream
    It never turns out right and everything repeats
    Love keeps failing and friends keep fading
    The world hurts and people are selfish; hiding away
    A new day’s arrived; start it over again

    I hide but the pain finds me; the tears repeat
    That feeling of betrayal, showing up again
    Running from my fears; just running away
    My connections disappear, kindness fades
    If this is the world then I’m happy to live in my dreams

    My sight turns to black; lines and colors fade
    Any sign of remorse and I simply turn away
    Believing the lie is nothing but a dream
    Trying, trying; the pretentious lies repeat
    I shut myself away, avoiding the hurt again

    I can see light; the clouds melt away
    I smile; I never thought I’d do that again
    Their agony’s on a loop; repeat, repeat
    Now the hurt seems so distant, like a bad dream
    In finding happiness, the hurt finally fades

    Yeah, I repeated a lot of words and depressing themes. I think I did a decent job with this though. This was partially based on my own personal struggles; maybe that’s why I feel so close to the theme of this poem. Anyway, I hope this is alright and good luck to the other entrants.
  5. Sumi suicidé

    Jan 12, 2008
    the void
    Okay time for me to enter since there's not much time left. <3;​


    in haste we forgot our sin.
    let dip the golden fingers
    to melt that iced morning.
    let autumn be that soundless
    which spins the wretched gods.

    pull close and kiss these fingers
    that with regret may wash hands of gods.
    lips disinclined to love; so soundless
    are the tenders of morning
    that they shall strip us of virgin sin.

    do not return that morning
    when your eyes dulled soundless
    gaze only upon our sin
    and acknowledge not aching fingers
    that tasted to us of the gods.

    silently taciturn sing to me soundless
    and relinquish that which the gods
    would once pin upon my fingers.
    pain not for the glory of thy sin,
    and breathe the sky this morning.
  6. Lauriam I hope I didn't keep you waiting...

    Jun 4, 2009
    Nonbinary She/He
    Daybreak Town
    I remember you. I remember your name,
    your face before it was touched by death.
    I can't understand, I don't know why.
    You left me here, all alone.
    I'll never see your smile again.

    Time has passed, and once more I face death.
    I can't believe this happened again.
    Another friend has left me, I'm alone,
    And there's no use in asking why.
    Now you're merely a memory, just another name.

    Why does this keep happening? Why?
    I find myself once again alone.
    Another tombstone, another engraved name,
    just another friend consumed by death.
    Why is this happening again and again?

    I still remember each name,
    every face claimed by the Reaper that is Death.
    Why pay for each hello we say, why?
    I would rather walk through this life alone
    then to let you in and have to say goodbye again.
  7. Plums Wakanda Forever

    Aug 21, 2009
    Hey kids o:

    i herd u want ur pans results

    Well you wanted them, and you got 'em!

    First, I would like to say awesome job to all cntestants. Seeing you guys enter makes me so happy. ;~;
    I would also like to extend a special thanks to Clawtooth and Stardust for assisting with the judging!

    Anyway, judgment time:

    Doctor Who?

    Our judges had this to say:
    That use of iambic pentameter was very clever. Your poem had a really strong theme to it, and it showed throughout the poem, especially in the last stanza with the clouds melting away.

    тяɪᴄᴋsᴛεя мøᴅε

    Your diction was really really great, and this part

    the "which" wordplay was also well done.

    As always, there will be a pin reward. It's still currently in the in works, so please continue to be patient.

    Didn't win this time? Do not fret! With more contests in the future, get those creative juices flowing!

    Also let me just say I kind of love all of you and you should continue to enter to boost mah pride.

    And be on the lookout for the Fourth PotS contest, hosted by our ever tsundere and apparently new leading shipee, Makise Kurisu (Clawtooth) in the Original Work Section!

    ENTER IT. B|
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