KH-Vids Podcast Podcast Prelude: Staff Questions IV

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    Hey everyone! We're excited to be having yet another Staff Questions podcast!


    For those unfamiliar with the Staff Questions podcasts, basically, we post a thread in which you guys can send in questions. These questions can be directed at a specific staff member, or to the entire group. The host will ask our staff members these questions over the podcast! This time around Peace and War and myself will be cohosting.

    The following staff members will (hopefully!) be appearing, so feel free to direct questions either to one of them or the group!
    • Llave
    • Ienzo
    • Peace and War
    • Mish
    • libregkd
    • Forsaken
    • Misty
    Stuck for question ideas? Consider inquiring about any of the following!
    • Our lives (work, school, friendships)
    • Our hobbies and interests outside of KH-Vids
    • Advice, opinions, suggestions, concerns
    • Kingdom Hearts
    • or any you want to ask us about or tell us!
    Please remember that this is a PG-13 podcast, so all questions should fall under that category. If you would like a question to be anonymous, feel free to send it to me (or Peace and War) in a personal conversation--I promise I won't tell! If you don't care about anonymity, just post your questions in this thread.

    We may not be able to get to every question, but we'll try our hardest. Make sure you indicate who you want the question to be directed to--if no one, just write "group," or something along those lines!

    To avoid being overloaded with questions, please try to be equal in your asking--for example, don't ask eleven questions to Mish and none to Llave.

    Get your questions in, because this thread will be locked on Wednesday, June 5th!
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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Misty, May 29, 2013.

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    1. Hanzo
      • I love you guys. Do you love me?
      • If we lived in the same area, do you think we could develop a wonderful relationship?
      • What is one quality you like about me?
      • What do you do in your everyday life? If you're still going to school or are going to college, do you find it easy to make new and maintain relationships?
      • Interests and hobbies outside KH-Vids?
      • Favorite Kingdom Hearts game and boss battle?
      • Most embarrassing moment? If you don't feel comfortable sharing because it's too embarrassing, don't feel obligated to.

      • Are you beautiful, gorgeous, pretty, or handsome?
      • Do you eat ice-cream?

      • Do you enjoy being British?
      • I like British people!

      • Are you a male?
      • Why are you a male?

      • Do you love Foreskin?
      • Will you dump Foreskin and marry me?

      • What made you decide to submit a staff application?
      • Are you enjoying being a Moderator?

      • Do you love Mish?
      • Will you dump Mish and marry me, Foreskin?

      • I know we haven't chatted casually since we were still on vBulletin (shortly before moving), but do you enjoy the sporadic chats we have now and did you enjoy when we chatted essentially every day?
      • Are you nice or mean?
      • Can thou like my posts sometimes? :3
      • This is strictly curiosity and not a critique, but why do you write XenForo as Xenforo most of the time even though it is XenForo?
    2. Airi Ban
      Airi Ban
      For Libre: What is your favorite thing to do in your free time not news related?
      For Misty: What's your favorite game series that you feel is too unknown?
      For Group: If all of Kh-vids was deleted except for one forum of your choice which forum would it be?
    3. Cat~
      Enzy: Play Mass Effect for meeeeee? (everyone should feel free to make her uncomfortable if she refuses ahuehuehue >:3)

      Mish + Fork: What is love?
      (in before "bby don't hurt me")

      Which of yer underlings do you love to bully most? inbeforePlums

      Llave: How's it feel to be blood red?
      Do you like yourself some fine Asssari? (Cass can answer this too if she wants; I know she'll butt in anyway xD)

      Ross: How did you first become interested in the Podcast?

      Nick: When did you first become really interested in gaming?
      When did you first become really interested in the gaming section?

      Group: For this year's KHV Awards, what category would you nominate yourself in (you can nominate yourself and a +1 depending on the category).
      Thoughts on this thread?
    4. Vagineer
      To Peace and War: Since when did the Podcast started? And who started it?
      To Misty: How does it feel to be Lactose Intolerant? (Watched your vlogs, BTW. :3)
      To Ienzo: Who's your favorite incarnation of the Doctor of all time?
      To librekgd: What's your opinion on the Xbox One?
      To Group: Any Theories/Perdictions for KHIII?
    5. Fearless


      Group; Best experiences being a mod? Do guys like everyone? Do you guys like me?
    6. Plums

      What has been the worst bug you've faced while playing a game?

      How bad does Misty suck at Soul Calibur? :b

      If you could lead any part of the game design of Cyberpunk 2077, which would it be and why?


      How many of my people (plums) have you sold to other people you monster? ;-;

      Do you plan to work as an Illustrator in the future, or do freelance work on the side of another job?

      If you could have a hand in one manga series, which would it be and why?

      Mish & Fork

      If you could have a GoT house, who would be in it and what would they do? (Fork)

      If you could open up a school for English/Language, where would it be and who would you teach (kids, adults, etc)? (Mish)

      Out of your time living together so far, what would you say was the most memorable thing you've done together?


      If you could choose the 12th Doctor, who's your prime candidate (excluding current and previous doctors of course)?

      Why is Cat a nub?


      What is one discussion you've had, or want to have, that has really stuck with you/was eye opening in a good way?

      Was Sabby's podcast training brutal (I'll hop up there and beat her up just lemme know)?


      On the technical side of things, what's been your toughest hurdle as Admin so far? (XenForo move doesn't count :v)

      How many femcrushes did Liara bring you up to?
    7. Hanzo
      I've updated my post with a couple more questions for Cassie.
    8. Dinny
      Peace and War
      Mish + Forsaken
    9. Mish
      Guys, why are both mine and Forsaken's questions lumped together? xD
    10. Hanzo
      I separated mine, Mish. :)
    11. Misty
      You have become one entity.
    12. Ienzo

      This is an official KHV marriage I think. You're sharing questions... that's big.
    13. Daydreamer
      To everyone:
      1. Which fictional character (from any work) do you feel is most like yourself?
      2. What is your favorite book and/or film? Why? If many, name the ones that you feel best describe you or your tastes.
      3. Which person do you most look to with admiration that you've only known through their work?
      4. What is it about the Kingdom Hearts series (gameplay and/or story-wise) do you like? What do you dislike about the series?
      5. Do you have a general life motto? If so, what is it?
    14. Misty
      Just a reminder: today is the last day to submit questions guys!
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