Party On in Unchained χ with KH-Vids!

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    I'm Tale, from the Ursus Union. I'm guessing you only just got recruited to one of the Unions? Sounds to me like you're going to want to find some friends to hang around with. Lucky for you, I've got just the solution!

    See, within your Union, you can join a Party of other Keyblade wielders! You can fight Raid Bosses with them, share Medals with them, and share rewards with them from tough missions. And you don't even need to all be online at once! It makes things a lot easier and a lot more fun!

    Sound like something you might be interested in? Awesome! 'Cause we've organized some Parties specifically for all of you!

    I'm the leader of KHV_Ursus! @Fearless over here is the leader of KHV_Vulpeus, @KHGrl15's heading up KHV_Unicornis, @Explode's got KHV_Anguis, and @Scarred Nobody has KHV_Leopardos! To find us, head on over to your Party Menu (it's under Other in the Menu), and go to Join Party! From there, you should be able to sort through all the Party listings until you see the KHV Party for your Union. Just ask to join, your Party leader will accept you, and voilà! You're in! The Parties are all set to Core difficulty--not too easy, but not too hard. Oh, and be sure to tell us your Player ID number in here, so we know to look out for you! EDIT: Since concerns have come up about scrolling through all the Party listings or otherwise being unable to find the Parties, please instead simply post your Player ID numbers and in-game usernames so that the Party leaders can add you manually from their menus!

    If you decide to change your Union, that's fine! Just let us know in here if you change Unions so that you can be added to the proper party and so that we have a record of which Union you're in.

    A week from now, once you've gotten used to how things work around here and in your Parties, we've got some more Party fun and some glam planned for you... So keep an eye out, y'hear?
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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ' started by tamale, Apr 7, 2016.

    1. NutheadBros
      So I'm looking for the Ursus group aka the Tale aligned folks, ID is 158799
    2. tamale

      Invitation sent!
    3. Haseo
      I don't even post here anymore, but I'm in Leopardos and my ID 288848
    4. Cat~
      Welcome to the team friend!
    5. Lumina
      Hey! I'm currently in Vulpes and am looking to join the kh-vids party. I'm currently over Level 100 and my ID is 183223. Thanks!
    6. Heart ❤
      Heart ❤
      @Calxiyn I need you to adds me plz ID:10880
    7. Calxiyn
      I can't add you because you're already in a party. Tell me when you've left the party you're in and then I'll add you in.
    8. Cat~
      Just a friendly reminder to everyone currently playing: Square has just released an update adding 50 more story missions, and they're saying that there's another planned update in early May

      The level cap is still 200, but this means more jewels and Mythril Shards if you need them. Get level grinding if you haven't already, guys!
    9. Gelatinous Ghost
      Gelatinous Ghost
      Created another avatar on another account. ID No. 105681. Vulpeus group! Thanks! @Calxiyn
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    10. Vallota
      Hello can I join the Vulpeus party @Calxiyn ?
      ID: 214293
    11. Calxiyn
      So I'm doing a clean out because some of the randos have been inactive for weeks. If you're one of the randos, most of your usernames I recognize and I took you out by mistake anyway just let me know I'll add you back LOL.
    12. Gelatinous Ghost
      Gelatinous Ghost
      Could I be added back, @Calxiyn ? I am not a rando, and I play every day. Just noticed that all the awesome shared medals I like to use are gone. Though my name in Unchained X and here are nothing alike, so I don't blame you. ID is 105634. Thanks. ​
    13. Calxiyn
      My bad! By 'rando' I mean the random people who aren't from KHV, just saying haha. I was removing people and I must have nubed you by mistake, sorry!
    14. Gelatinous Ghost
      Gelatinous Ghost
      No worries. You added me back. No harm done. Thanks! ​
    15. Calxiyn
      These Snow White missions are going to kill me. Did it HAVE to be Wonderland, Aladdin and Dwarf Woodlands? Why did it have to be those 3, the unholy trinity. I'm seriously curious, are they popular among the Japanese players? Does anyone REALLY know?
    16. Ghost
      This seriously made me anxious. It's not like there aren't other worlds. I'm starting to develop Anakin's hated of sand from being in Agrabah all the dang time.
      Last edited: May 21, 2016
    17. gersomvs
      Hi I'm in Vulpes and my ID is 1353176
    18. Calxiyn
      Can you also put the name of your character? I saw you post in the thread with the EU accouncement and we don't really know if the NA and EU servers are crossable/the same (I was assuming not but I could be wrong, that's why I ask lol)

      Also for everyone: all story quests, event quests, and special quests as well as the collosium are all 1 AP! So if you're behind now is the time to catch up, that's what I'll be doing on my android account anyway lol. It would also be a good time to go back and get 3 mickeys on lower quests since it won't take as much out of your AP, or farm medals since the highest cost for the green leveling medals is 30 AP! So it's a great deal~
    19. gersomvs
      Right sorry. It's Lunaeris (WHICH BY THE WAY IS A TEMPORARY NAME!!! I really couldn't think of anything and just wanted to start with the gameplay)
    20. Karuta
      It seems like the EU version is the exact same as the US version, they just transferred it to the other stores. It's only in English and seems like the server is exactly the same, and so far I can't see anything different. My account transferred over fine and I have the same ID. I think the times everything happens are still the same too.