Opposite Armor AI (and more later?)

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    Apr 22, 2011
    Ugh, very old account. Dunno if 'Joeakuaku' is signed up for sure, but whatever. I recall signing it up more recently, but something about it not being existent showed.

    Anyhow. Opposite Armor's AI. These are my observations, playing the non-1.5 version of it (KHFM) on PCSX2.


    - In general, unless it is already attacking, will make something of a bee-line towards the player if they are on a place it can get to.

    - It cannot fly per se, but more like float a bit off the ground. If it needs to get on a different level to make an attack or just get to the (general) level of the player, it will float up. When not attacking (certain attack(s)), there is room to do so, and maybe or maybe not the player is on a different level, it will fall down to a general if not specific hover-above-ground height.

    - Attacks do not seem to allow it to gain height, if not just not losing much. If permissible.

    - When doing the attack that shoots orbs, it will fall if space permits.

    - Donald and Goofy may be secondary; if criteria are met, beeline towards the player.

    - If the player is a short distance on the same general level away, it may do a certain, definite attack to get closer, where it does a flip with all but the "arms". Or something like that.

    - After approaching the player from a distance or something similar, it does a certain attack, experimentally. The one where it uses all 4 limbs to punch you at once. This is assuming it is not split up.

    - It even flies to rooftops not stand-on-able, but not the walkable area out of the playing area.

    That's it for OA.

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