ok so i wrote a song to be kinda stupid

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    Apr 15, 2008
    cuz i was mad at my mom so i kinda just wrote whatever popped into my head not following any format or anything. it came out so sad like the other ~50 songs i've written in the past 4 and a half years. they all suck and are kinda sad

    cheer me up ppl?


    waking up shaking from a nightmare/feeling so afraid and unsure/it felt so real but i’ll be ok/somehow i can’t help but feel like you should love me unconditionally/so why does it seem like you hate me?/why don’t i feel the love?/maybe it’s just not there//pre-chorus: you can’t pick your family/but i wish i had had a choice/with every word you say to me/they’re like knives cutting into me/getting down deep to make things worse/leaving scars you’ll never know about//chorus: you have three but you only see two/you’re unaware the emotionally unstable child is crying in her room/she might as well be crying blood/since it’d go unnoticed until she was gone/you and the others will be yelling at a still body/a smile on her face knowing she’s away from you now//words can hurt more than you think/i heard no one can make you feel insecure/unless they have your permission/but for someone like me it’s different/try and try every day/somehow finding courage to survive/then your mouth opens and the words come out/slowly destroying me inside//pre-chorus//CHORUS//luckily there’s so many reasons to keep fighting/it wasn’t an easy decision to make/but i decided no one was gonna ruin my life/it’s the smaller things in life that matter/i’m gonna stick around for them/they’re the reason i put up with all of it/if you take the time to look around you’ll see that//CHORUS//

    yay for my stupid/sad song? :D

    i also wrote one about being a kid and wanting to snow for christmas and i talked about dreaming about chocolate covered candy canes. that night i dreamt about evil spirits haunting me and work up shaking.... so ways to stop bad dreams would be nice. stupid dream catcher does nothing