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  1. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    Finally Oda posts more of his fantastic works. I've been dying for another one of your poems. Nicely thought out Oda very well done man
  2. Odamadillo Twilight Town Denizen

    Jun 6, 2008
    Here, there and everywhere.
    Here is another new lyric. But this one is rather violent, or at least that was my intention.
    The Demon within

    The sky was bright and blue
    Smiles covered every face
    It was like a paradise
    Like heaven in Earth's place
    But then you appeared swiftly
    A sharp spike of pain hit me
    Panic spread and everyone ran away
    Ignoring my help plea

    My sight was a hellish red
    My mind dealing with agony
    Abandoned I was by all
    Left with an altered cranial anatomy
    The light turn grey
    The air turned sour and thin
    I became a minion
    Of the demon within

    Endlessly I tried to break free
    I tried to let my kindness show
    But with each passing day
    My energy started to go low
    I began to thirst for prey
    A hunt was calling out for my aid
    To push people into the bed
    Their betrayal had made

    A blade in my hand forced me to act
    So I grabbed a near by flame
    I let myself burn
    To prevent the grave with your name
    Scars covered my chest arms and back
    My figure deformed by your sin
    I was losing my will
    To the demon within

    The fires burnt brightly
    Within my nightmare of a brain
    Constantly dreaming of
    Inflicting a deadly pain
    My eyes longed to see a crimson stream
    My nose wished to smell the vile rot
    My heart trying to hold me back
    Using everything I had got

    I lost the battle and began the hunt
    Vengence is all I craved
    My heart hoping that
    You could be saved
    My name meant nothing when I saw you
    And you watched me freeze with a grin
    My broken heart accepted
    The demon within

    A peaceful guy left behind
    Scars left very deep
    He lost his way
    And won't let you weep
    His mind twisted into the shade
    His heart consumed by a sharp ache
    His body controled villianously
    As the earth began to crack and shake

    Clouds covered the sky
    The lands turned dark and grey
    It was like the world knew
    It was now judgement day
    A hunt for the cowards of the past
    The apocalypse he did begin
    Remember as your life ends
    You awaked the demon within
  3. Hitokiri Shinigami Shinta The Demon Slayer

    Jun 24, 2007
    The Plains
    I do hope neither of these poems are about me...Are you ok man? I've tried to email you but it just wouldn't work for some reason. But I'm always here if you want to talk.
  4. Odamadillo Twilight Town Denizen

    Jun 6, 2008
    Here, there and everywhere.
    The cruel fox resides here now. Look for the free ear no more.
    My newest work has a rather unique layout.

    By Force

    Every life has a story
    Written by every step taken
    Some seek money or glory
    While others are forsaken
    Smile or frown with large effect
    Run away or fight to set the ground
    You can love or reject
    Or happiness can be found

    You can happy in life
    But that is short in length
    As you are pierced by a knife
    With a brutal amount of strength
    So face the reality
    Accept the true course
    Villainy call out to you and me
    But some are convinced by force

    Fell the joy of a reunion at last
    But soon that time has passed
    And the gloom retakes it's throne
    For our sins we can't attone
    Shoot down an enemy of war
    Stab your sister as she heads for the door
    Both make you a wicked soul
    With eyes as black as coal

    Cheat on your wife or lover
    Steal from you father or mother
    Run over a pet or a child
    Shoot a creature in the wild
    All of that means the same
    You live in Satan's name
    So feel no shred of remorse
    You're evil by force

    The grave is calling out loud
    Under the deadly cloud
    Attack while feeling proud
    Try to raise a saint and fail
    For this world is bitter and stale
    So accept this is your dark tale

    Scam a pensioner of their pension
    Help them seek redemption
    And realize you're guilty by extension
    It doesn't matter what you endorse
    Act like Sherlock, Frost or Morse
    And fail simply by force

    Satan is who commands us
    No one understands us
    And we don't understand ourselves
    The is no light to guide us
    The dark can easily hide us
    High up on the forgotten shelves

    The dark I can feel it
    And you can't steal it
    As quick as a champion horse
    Darkness can live it up
    Never can we give it up
    We're pawns by force.
  5. Odamadillo Twilight Town Denizen

    Jun 6, 2008
    Here, there and everywhere.
    I will say this clearly that I myself am Athiest and will never believe in a god in any form. But with that said that I can't see things from the point of view of someone who does believe. Since I have a few friends who do believe I tried to see things from one of their point of views and this lyric was the result.

    Can I still believe?

    Raised to believe that
    God has a plan
    Just thinking that
    Was enough for this man
    But now I don't know
    If that is really true
    Can my shakened faith
    Make it through

    Villainy is on the rise
    Innosence stolen by cruel intent
    Belongings taken or shattered to shards
    By the ones who won't repent
    Normal people at appearance
    Have chosen to decieve
    Causing me to wonder
    Can I still believe?

    The bible tells us of sins
    Jesus sought to forgive
    But in exchange for it
    He could not live
    So then I vowed
    Never to stray
    I'd remain honest and true
    In every possible way

    I prayed for peace
    I prayed for some joy
    And life rewarded me
    By refusing to employ
    I've kept my vow
    While trying to achieve
    Only to failing and ask
    Can I still believe?

    Terrorists are abundant in this age
    Lives are ruined in vain
    Why must we endure
    That heart-breaking pain?
    Join in rebellion of being denied
    Signing away your future in haste
    Can it really be God's plan
    For your lives to be wasted?

    A hero travels into danger
    To give them his aid
    Only to fall victim to
    An murderer's blade
    Did god really want
    His family to grieve?
    If that is the reality
    Can I still believe?

    So here i am praying
    To listen to your voice
    God I begging you
    To help me make a choice
    Tell me your reason
    For letting this cruelty go on
    Speak to me or risk losing
    This faithful son

    The room is empty
    And silent as can be
    Meaning the decision
    Is down to only me
    Will I walk away or
    Be in the story God weave's
    I must ask myself
    Can I still believe?
  6. Odamadillo Twilight Town Denizen

    Jun 6, 2008
    Here, there and everywhere.
    I decided to post a old lyric thing which is a sort of multiple dedication.
    I will post them in speak marks and multiple colours. Feel free to guess who is who. The white words are the narrator.
    The Hero

    "Many world's hide within ours
    Each has a destiny that towers
    But even then many know
    That most places need the Hero

    So listen to this story
    We desire no glory
    The words will soon cease
    Once we have said our piece"

    "I've worked the longest time
    Doing deeds seen as a crime
    I caused a sky to fall
    Under the seventh I slew them all

    Later I threw down the Don
    And even after my leader was gone
    I still fought on showing no joy
    Until activating my partner's toy

    Two people were ended that day
    So I have to say
    I'm an organised jerk
    I'm the hero, Turk"

    "My part started long ago
    But I failed to know
    I lived through a long training
    And faced constant complaining

    A friend was in need
    Until a Sorceress word I heed
    From then I protected my mother
    Until beaten by my brother

    Mind control obtained me
    Then he set me free
    I caused his fight
    I'm the hero, Sorceress Knight"

    "Fighting has been my life
    Until I met a man with a knife
    He managed to escape me
    But I will make him history

    When I found him again
    My training was in vain
    So I wanted to get into his mind
    Wondering what I would find

    I was hired to kill his love
    Using this spiked glove
    But he was extra-ordinary
    I'm the Hero, Mercenary"[color]

    "I grew up with a hero's kid
    It was something she never hid
    In a faith filled town
    Where no one would ever frown

    She was like my sister so small
    I vowed to protect them all
    And enlisted an old friend too
    But a battle resulted in many blue

    So I stepped up to end the beast
    Fighting though our chances were the least
    I wanted to protect and save her
    I'm The Hero, Crusader"
  7. Odamadillo Twilight Town Denizen

    Jun 6, 2008
    Here, there and everywhere.
    I just realised I haven't posted any new work all year. Here is three new creations of this rhyming wizard.

    I don't want to be

    All my life, I have always been
    Dragged into the spotlight
    I have been turned into
    The star of the show
    I just want to be
    A kid with time to play
    I am wishing for
    The life I do not know

    I don't want to be
    This play's shining star
    I look in the mirror and say
    "I don't know who you are"
    I need to take my time
    And find the right answer for me
    Don't get to guide my way
    I'll get to where I need to be

    I try to learn what is right for me
    But end up trapped in a new cage
    I need to escape this old boring book
    I will find my way to turn the page
    To learn my way you will have to wait
    There is still so much more to write
    If I keep up my long search
    I will find what feels right

    I don't want to be
    Trapped in this dead and job
    I'll always regret it if
    I don't open my big fat gin
    My identity is still unknown
    My home is lost to me
    But I know I will find
    Something to make me happy

    So now I've found
    A right that winded me
    A truly dazzling view
    Is this blind beauty
    I can't do her justice
    Using only my words
    The simple right of her
    And my heart is with the birds

    I don't want to be
    Too afraid to say her name
    I must stop shaking
    When she smiles to me
    I am amazed as I hear her song
    I am entranced as I see her dance
    Yet when she is near me
    I am frozen in this stance
    I don't want to be
    To be alone as everyone does dance
    I don't want to be
    Too afraid to take a chance

    (This one is a little controversial but I find it funny)
    My two left feet

    When the night is going
    And my song is sung
    The floor calls my name
    To join the Dancer's game
    I can twist only to fail
    My lives make the air go stale

    My two left feet
    Cannot follow the best
    I can't keep the page
    So her chest needs my face
    No girl is hard to get
    I just haven't fell on her yet
    Meet me on the dance floor
    And we won't be strangers no more

    Play my song to start my love
    As I try to create a groove
    I could sing or dance around you
    To get my charm through
    I will get you to agree
    To go on the dance floor with me
    When my eyes catch you in sight
    We will dance before the end of the night

    My two left feet
    Cannot follow the beat
    I can't keep the pace
    So her chest meets my face
    No girl is hard to get
    I just haven't fell on her yet
    Meet me on the dance floor
    And we will be strangers no more

    My clumsy ways are my age
    They eliminate the boring Chase
    I always laugh at the results they bring
    Even though I can't dance or sing
    I have my fun and so do they
    There is nothing wrong with my way
    It is pure creativity
    That makes me happy

    My two left feet
    Cannot follow the beat
    I can't keep the pace
    So her chest meets my face
    No girl is hard to get
    I just haven't fell on her yet
    Meet me on the dance floor
    And we will be strangers no more
    Yeah my two left feet
    Help my night become complete
    They have never let me down
    So I never go home with a frown
    Against them you can't compete
    Praise my two left feet

    (The third and final is more western based so I hope you like it)
    That ain't me

    When you need a guy
    To hold your hand
    If you want a man
    To heed your every demand
    One to be there
    Every single minute of the day
    Then take those eyes
    And look the other way

    'Cause that ain't me
    No it can't be me
    I'm a humble guy
    Who needs to be free
    Don't call me a monster
    I'm not trying to be mean
    If I grow tired of it
    I will blow this scene

    I can be romantic
    I can play hard to get
    If you think you have me shared out
    You ain't seen nothing yet
    If I turn on the charm
    The prepare to call
    Don't get to tame me
    I won't commit at all

    'Cause that ain't me
    No, I won't be tied down
    If you don't listen then
    I'll run right out of town
    Nothing can stop me
    From running in solo
    'Cause I'm one guy
    You shouldn't get to know

    I have no time
    Or place to run to
    When I get bored
    Then my time here is through
    Want me to give you a ring
    Or ask you for your hand
    Better take root cause
    I'll leave you where you stand

    'Cause that ain't me
    I'm single as I'll stay
    You had better accept
    That I'll love my own way
    So when things get old
    And you become a note
    Trust that this here man
    Will head out the door
    'Cause that ain't me
    That's not who I choose to be
    I don't commit to a soul
    I'll just stay free
    Your mister right
    That ain't me!
  8. Odamadillo Twilight Town Denizen

    Jun 6, 2008
    Here, there and everywhere.
    Two years of nothing huh? Well that is about to change. Enjoy my newest creation.

    My Heart

    It doesn't matter where I'm goin'
    it doesn't matter where I've been
    Time means nothing to the lost in the night
    The feelings of not knowing wrong or right
    Act heroic to bring misery
    Or be demonic to make people happy

    There is no sense in that logic but it seems accepted none the less
    How in the world did things become such a mess?
    Darkness in the name of the good and pure
    Light given to create help but instead it chose to ignore
    I'm confused about everything I should know
    It is possible my heart refuses to grow?

    I should know what actions to take
    I should be happy with the choices I make
    I should know where to start
    But instead every time I try I just fall apart
    Responsible souls speak as if they know who I am
    If I listened they will help me out of this jam

    They say things like I already know what to do
    But if I did I wouldn't need you!
    Things are meant to be simple but they are not
    As things are now I don't have a shot
    Betrayal to save someone from them self
    Taking away something from someone with good health
    How can this be the right choice to make?
    It is possible my heart will break?

    Giving a cake designed to kill
    Giving liquid to help people say things against their will
    Poisoning the body of the willing soul
    I don't understand the goal
    Why damage the only thing you command?
    Why refuse when people offer you a hand?
    What secrets are hidden inside?
    Does this have to do with a thing called pride?

    I feel nothing yet I do exist
    My story is something I have missed
    I have a place I should belong
    But it just seems wrong
    This life is so bitter and cold
    Has my everything begun to fold?
    I'm full of sorrow yet can not cry
    Is it possible my heart is a lie?
  9. Odamadillo Twilight Town Denizen

    Jun 6, 2008
    Here, there and everywhere.

    The world is huge
    Filled with many unknowns
    Hidden in the cracks
    Or in the quiet moans
    The shadows cast off
    Blacken the fields of roses
    The poisons let off by
    The vile who look down their noses

    Every tale is in two halves
    Every front has a back
    Unless seen with open eyes
    True vision is what you lack
    Hurt, pain and such sorrow
    It just is not right
    This Devastation
    Has cursed my sight

    The ground is filled with holes
    The sky is a bland grey
    The air is unpure
    The wildlife has nothing to say
    The green is missing from the parks
    The playing youth are not around
    A once thriving location
    Is now without a sound

    The creativity of life
    Seems to lost in the dirt
    The land of imagination
    Has been endlessly hurt
    Raised hands back the darkness
    Creates a deadly pain
    This Devastation
    It just hurts my brain

    A home for the many who adore
    A world created to enjoy
    Blessed with awefilled talks
    From every girl and boy
    Became tainted by hate and woe
    From the judging vile few
    Tearing away the freedom
    No matter what we do

    The walls of unity
    Started to crumble to dust
    By the judgemental few
    And all the broken trust
    A family member lonely
    And secretly falling apart
    This Devastation
    Is breaking my heart.
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  10. Odamadillo Twilight Town Denizen

    Jun 6, 2008
    Here, there and everywhere.
    A gamble

    There are dangers
    Around every turn
    And many hard lessons
    For us to learn
    Many step up
    And face it head on
    But now sadly
    Most of them are gone

    The pressure is high
    The fear take hold
    The hidden story
    We are never told
    Keeping a strong face
    Hiding the pain within
    They took a gamble
    They sadly couldn't win

    Another steps up
    With the goal to achieve
    They can handle this
    Or so they believe
    Leading the way
    On a project most great
    They cursed themselves
    With a tragic fate

    The leadership was unbearable
    The work crushed their heart
    The judging eyes
    Tore them apart
    Their bodies weakened
    They lost their smile
    They took a gamble
    And won self-exile

    Now another has risen up
    Will the cycle repeat
    Will this be a victory
    Or a tragic defeat
    Can a new legacy
    Be left behind?
    The answer to that question
    Only time can find

    One thing is certain
    Once the fat lady has sang
    The current one standing
    Will go out with a BANG!
    But in this choice
    They are making
    Is it a gamble
    Worth taking?
  11. Odamadillo Twilight Town Denizen

    Jun 6, 2008
    Here, there and everywhere.
    I wrote this from a different point of view. Granted I twisted things a bit to make it but hopefully the sentiment of it can be seen.

    Why is it always me!?

    The story begins pleasantly
    Many heroes vow give aid
    Fighting with all their strength
    Alongside the friends they have made
    They draw their blades
    And strike at the villain
    Trying to help prevent
    A heartbreaking pain

    They look for a leader
    Someone to guide
    And every time
    I try to hide
    Then they say
    “You are the only one it can be”
    And now I am stuck asking
    Why is it always me!?

    The foes get much bigger
    The battles get rougher
    And I hear them say
    “We’ll win since we have each other”
    That is so stupid
    They are such a bore
    And I don’t think I can
    Handle this anymore

    Then they all are knocked to the floor
    The beasts have grown so strong
    And I must endure this even more
    Saving those who’ve done me wrong
    The battle ended in their capture
    And I have to set them free
    So I must ask this again
    Why is it always me!?

    I fight through to their cage
    And I open the metal door
    They grab a sword and fight
    They claim they can handle even more
    They say we won together
    They claim a share of the glory
    And every single time
    Its the same old story

    I won the war alone
    They missed the true war
    But this final time
    I was angrier than ever before
    Now I vow to change this
    This loner embraces villainy
    Never again will I ask
    “Why is it always me!?”

    Hahaha now we shall learn
    What the future will be
    Who will be the hero
    When it can’t be me!