Nothing Shocks me I'm a Scientist (MLP)

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    “Alright this next test chamber is looking phenomenal and with you here as well as the way you test, we've got all the test subjects we'll ever need.” Sounded one of the scientist loud and clear over the intercom.

    At this comment the young adult Pegasus snorted in frustration. “While that is a complement in its own right, it also means I'll be here forever. Completing theses tests for what you freak shows call “Science.” Amita walked over to the elevator getting inside heading down to this supposed “Phenomenal looking test chamber.” with the lift continuing its descent downward only one thing came to mind for the white colored Pegasus. “When I find a way out of here you're going to wish you had picked a different test subject.”

    As the door opened for the Pegasus to enter the testing chamber a loud screech like roar was heard. Amita froze and stood in her place to listen. Making sure she wasn't hearing things. Seconds later a loud blast then the facility began to shake violently. A second screech from the creature was heard fallowed by an announcers voice over the intercoms “Explosion immanent reactor core meltdown this place will now self destruct within six minutes.”

    That's when the roof of the camber she was in begin to crumble opining up for a way out. She darted out of the air now out of the facility.

    “Our best test subjects just escaped.” One of the scientists declared in astonishment. As he put his front hooves on the window from which she was being observed. He looked at his partner. Who was staring up at the opening in the roof. He must have been observing there test subject even as she escaped just now. “Are you even listing to me?” He said with frustration in his voice as he shook his partners shoulder.

    “Yeah I am listing.” His voice was calm and at the same time sounded dazed as he refused to take his eyes off of the opining in the roof, were the pony had used this as an escape route.

    His partner shook his head in frustration. “Never mind that the facility is going to explode. We have to get out of here NOW.”

    “Yes I know its just....This whole thing just...”

    “Just what?”

    “This whole thing that happen a few moments ago just doesn’t shock me.”


    “Nothing shocks me I'm a scientist.”