(NOT FINISHED)The Assasin: Cyrus (WARNING, this might be deadly..... or maybe not)

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    Cyrus had just got outside, when he looked around and saw something quite familiar, running towards him. "Is that Jesse?" The 9th grader, with the midnight black hair said, alittle shocked.

    Indeed it was, "Hey! Cyrus!" Jesse yelled, carrying some books for school. Her blond hair flowing through the wind. She stopped infront of Cyrus and smiled. "Ready for the quiz Mnday?"

    "Hey," Cyrus siad. He's liked Jesse eversince 7th grade, and he didn't want her to know. "not yet, I've been thinking about somethings lately."

    Jesse tilted her head and asked "Like what?" Then this slipped out of her mouth "Is it because you like me?"

    Cyrus's eyes widen as he looked at her with confusion "How do ya know that?" He was as red as a rose.

    Jesse looked at him, blushing alittle "Just like how everything gets around, by
    gossip." Then she looked down at the ground "But Cyrus remember, I have a boyfriend, Roy."

    "Ohhh yaa thats right I toatally forgot about that." Then a brilliant plan came into his head. "Hey what did you get on our last quiz?" Cyrus smirked because his plan was just starting.

    "95%, why?" she looked at him curiously.

    "Crap, I got a 67% maybe you can help sometime?"

    Jesse stared at him "I might, but, I'll have to ask Roy" she replied.

    Cyrus look like he'd just been stabed then slaped across the face. "Ohhh ok, I'll catch you around." Cyrus heaved.

    Jesse grabed his arm "Where are you going?" She diddn't want to just be lefted here.

    "I'm going to go do something." Cyrus responded and walked awaywith a smirk on his face. "This might be the best plan I ever came up with," e said in his mind.

    Jesse Looked at him with a worried face. "I wonder what's wrong with him all of a sudden?" she whispered.

    Well this is never going to be finished because 1.) My cosin did this and she wont be back for about 6 months and 2.) She hates it, so ya not going to be finished EVER!