New Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer shown at E3

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    Today all Kingdom Hearts fans can rejoice, as we at last received a look at Kingdom Hearts 3 today at Square Enix's E3 conference. The trailer features dialogue between Young Xehanort and Young Eraqus, as well as a new world based on Disney's Tangled.

    Sora's new moves and abilities are showcased throughout the trailer, including attacks based on Disney Attractions. In the trailer, Sora spinning around in a tea cup from Disney's classic Mad Tea Party attraction, similar to the roller coaster and Electric Parade attacks we've seen in the past. Keyblade Transformations and Flowmotion also make a reappearance.

    Finally, we get our first look at Sora's long-awaited new getup for the title!
    Don't believe us? See for yourself below!

    Thanks to Churro on Twitter for the header image.
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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Calxiyn, Jun 16, 2015.

    1. Arch
      *cough*You'rewelcome*cough* But young Eraqus and Xehanort playing chess! Eraqus's pants look even more like Terra's now. Like father like son? Flow Motion is back, Sora's new outfit is very close to his KH2 outfit...and...GODDAMMIT IT LOOKS SO BEAUTIFUL.
    2. libregkd
      Cause you're the only one who saw this news, amirite?

      Game look s good and the trailer was longer than I was expecting with some of the stuff being part of the teaser they showed at the 2.5 launch event late last year.
    3. ~Master Xehanort~
      ~Master Xehanort~
      - New (and awesome) outfit
      -Young Xehanort & Eraqus

      KH3 is already looking great.

      Also, seems like Rock Titan is a boss in the Tangled world. Interesting...
    4. Arch
      For finding the youtube video through extensive use of mashing F5 on a search page. Only a true professional could have done this. MY F5 IS THE F5 TO RULE THEM ALL.

      But seriously, did you guys see how large some of those maps look? No wonder why Flowmotion needed to be back. Looks like just running everywhere won't get us far anymore. Also, Sora has a new running-with-keyblade stance(while not in batle). Not sure how I feel about looks awkward.
    5. Truly Mad Moves
      Truly Mad Moves
      It didn't ALL look like Tangled. Most of it looked like the setting of Hercules. Finally stepping outside the Coliseum and heading up Olympus, from the looks of it. (although, yeah, that also MIGHT have been the dam from Tangled...)

      And young Eraqus... anybody else get a Quinton Flynn vibe? I feel like that was him... Significant double-casting of Eraqus and Lea? That's a previously-unexplored connection. Of course, I could be wrong.
    6. CloakedThunder
      The new KH3 Trailer looks amazing. The Tangled world looks like it will be great to explore and the heartless design for Tangled fits in so well with the world. I really enjoyed how the keyblade transformation and Sora new outfit looked.
    7. Calxiyn
      The first part of the video did look like it was the area from Hercules, and considering the Rock Giant was shown as well, I'd say that was a safe bet.

      For me, I wasn't getting the Quinton Flynn vibe from Eraqus, but rather, Young Xehanort.

      Also, when rewatching the trailer I noticed that the chess pieces had what looked to be the symbols of the Unversed, Mickey's Teleportation Star he has in Birth by Sleep, The Mark of Mastery Crest, Sora's Crown necklace and the 'Mickey Head' symbol as well.


      This might be a bit of a reach, but the piece Xehanort uses, to me looks like Maleficent's horns, or Terra's Helmet. Edit: It also reminded me of the 'Flood' Unversed's head.

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    8. Misty
      I'm excited for the HD trailer to be released rather than a stream rip. In-engine footage looks a little rougher than I had expected, but that might just be the stream quality affecting it.

      Still, great stuff shown functionally.
    9. phoenixkh93
      Pretty sure that's mount olympus, in the background at 0:42 you can see the statue that's in Phil's 'you'll have to do' song in the film of Perseus holding Medusa's head :)

      Sora's new outfit looks bamf :D But I think it will take me a little while to get used to the new animation style
    10. Arch
      Those pieces Xehanort are using look like Heartless...maybe? At least, some of them do. In the first image you have there's two pieces on the right that clearly look like Darkballs. Thought that second image does remind me a lot of Terra and Maleficent too...
    11. Calxiyn
      I looked it up and you're totally right!


      That's a really good catch, great eye!

      Yes I think you're right actually. It would make a lot more sense of they are Darkballs, since they have the right shape. I can't tell what the other gold chess pieces could be though. It might not impact the game much or at all but I just like to look at this stuff lol

      Edit: Now with the video in HD, it's much easier to tell what everything is:


      On Xehanort's side, we're definitely seeing the Darkballs, but the one that's beside the Darkball sort of looks like part of Young Xehanort's Keyblade? I've seen the symbol from somewhere but I can't put my finger on it. There'a also an hour glass there. I can't figure out the one in between the hourglass and the darkball though. From the side angle, you can also see a pair of dice.
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    12. Misty
      What was bothering me was the Sora model in his new outfit, but now that I've rewatched I think the outfit may be an extremely new development. For much of the trailer he's in his Kingdom Hearts II outfit, which might just mean he spends some of the game in it (like he did for his original outfit in Kingdom Hearts II), but the new outfit model altogether doesn't seem as polished as some of the others.
      Great catch! I think Olympus Coliseum is a series staple and I'm happy we'll have a broader area to explore in Kingdom Hearts III. Seriously, it looks huge.
    13. Nobodyslight
      I've watched this a couple of times now, so I've come to the conclusion that this game seems to be getting some influence from the gameplay mechanics of dream drop distance. The sound effects are reminiscint of ddd, as well as the transformations presenting themselves in a similar manner as how ddd incorporated linking with spirits. The combos also seem to be turning more into an organized pattern like ddd, but I could be wrong. I'm not complaining , just saying I got that kind of vibe.
      Also: OMG the scene from the kh 2.5 trailer got used! And I figured out that young xehanorts voice actor is Sai from naruto! That's been driving me crazy....
      Anyway, some of the transformations seemed more like a summon type deal as well.
      The way sora slid around reminds me of the pride lands...
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    14. Plums
      Yeah, I thought that too! Hopefully they fix him up more whenever the next trailer drops. I also hope that they add a bit more color to his outfit? I like the style of it, but with the red/gray/black it doesn't pop nearly as much as the KH1/KH2 era ones did.

      The worlds look huge, and I'm so happy about that. Flowmotion was really fun to play around with with the size of areas in KH3D, and judging from that jump he took off the cliff, the worlds are gonna be hella off the walls.
    15. Explode
      I had a feeling we'd get that teased Xehanort/Eraqus scene in English, with full animation. But did not expect them to show that much gameplay.

      Some of the movement looked a little slide-y and weird, but they have time to fix it. Still not really a fan of the ride/attraction stuff, but what can you do? Otherwise looks great.
    16. ~Master Xehanort~
      ~Master Xehanort~
      Updated OP with HD version of trailer.

      Also, looking over the trailer, yeah, it seems like Olympus Coliseum is coming back... yet again *sigh*
      At least the fact that the areas seem to be away from the coliseum itself is a little promising.
    17. CloakedThunder
      I have to agree that a lot of the gameplay features seem to be influenced by DDD, it also seems that Sora new outfit is kind of influenced from DDD as well ( at least the colour scheme seems to be taken from DDD while the overall style seems to be taken from KH2
    18. Explode
      Really cool detail at 1:18, how the grass gets twisted up by the wind spell.
    19. SunnySideUp
      Does anyone have any HD screens they're willing to post or link me to?