New Kingdom Hearts 2.8 TGS Trailer; Launching Jan. 12 in Japan, Jan. 24 in US/Europe

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    Sep 30, 2006
    As noted yesterday Square Enix has released a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 2.8! The trailer originally was showed during Sony's Pre-TGS conference and includes a new remix of Simple and Clean, -Ray of Hope Mix-, as well as confirms a release date of January 12, 2017 in Japan and January 24th, 2017 in the US and Europe.

    The trailer can be viewed below:
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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by libregkd, Sep 13, 2016.

    1. Meilin Lee
      Meilin Lee
      Sorry to be Debby Downer, but I've really grown sick and tired of Hikari/Simple & Clean being used for the billionth time already. I know 0.2 BBS isn't meant to have a new song since it isn't a main title, but still...

      Anyway, ranting aside, this was a really beautiful trailer. I didn't see much of a difference between the graphics of 0.2's PV and the cutscenes of both 0.2 and Back Cover, which really shows how far the series has come when it comes to graphics, and makes me more excited to see how KH3 will look like overall.
    2. Noizless
      So excited, so excited!! 2.8 and 3 are the sole reasons I'm saving to upgrade to a PS4! XD
    3. Rhyagella
      I think they are reusing the song because she's not signed on with them anymore, (something about not getting enough money?) and so they only have two songs to work with. I don't know, but I agree it is getting old. However, it is better than them trying a new song that may not fit at all. :p

      KH3 was the second reason I saved up for a PS4. You are going to love it, as it is a good system (though you should get the Pro coming out in December instead).
    4. Noizless
      Oooh, I didn't even know there was another version of the system coming out. XD *makes note to look into it*
    5. Fearless

      If I remember correctly, the official statement is that Utada will not be releasing a new KH song until KH3. However I heard that several years ago so I've no idea if it still stands.
    6. . : tale_wind
      . : tale_wind
      Nothing's been announced with regards to her coming back to KH, but she has recently come back from a lengthy hiatus from her music career, so we can hope that she'll come back around!
    7. Arch
      Really don't like that remix. Doesn't fit at all. Other than that, some of the cuts were a little too fast to really absorb anything but...the worst thing of all is the delay. I'm sure it was done to keep out of the way of XV seeing as how much is riding on its success and the hype around it would probably curbstomp most of the interest in 2.8.

      The scenes, as always, look lovely. Can't wait for this.
    8. G-dog
      I am sad that it is daleyed but it is the best way for squire to do it
    9. Calxiyn

      This is the trailer analysis I did for Calxiyn Investigates on the trailer and everything. I found a lot of symbolism inside of the trailer. Obviously I say more in 20 minutes then I can in a few lines, but it boils down to:

      Ventus and Terra being part of Xehanort's 13 darknesses because of the fact that the chairs are shown, and then so are their evil counterparts.

      The relation between the 3 characters and the first 3 worlds they visit: Aurora like Terra is possessed, Ven like Snow White is put to sleep, Aqua like Cinderella loses something. But since Terra shows up in the Cinderella world, it could also be that Terra is the one who lost something because he ran away from his problems, him having darkness inside him. Ven stays the same as Snow White, and Aqua is similar to Aurora because they were both tricked by a villain (Terranort) to "fall" (Aqua falls into the realm of darkness) into a deep sleep. You could say Aqua being in the realm of darkness is similar to sleeping. She has no concept of time, and she seems to be "controlling reality" like you would in a lucid dream, by turning the clock backwards, seeing Terra when he isn't there etc

      For Unchained Chi, the Sixth Appreciate is Xehanort's master, while the Master of Masters has come from the future, coming from the line "you're on your own now" and how he closed the book, I'm thinking the Master of Masters is someone sent by future Xehanort, or this could even be the other way around, since the Sixth appreciate still has Xehanort's Keyblade. But I'm convinced one is from the future, the other was born into that time.

      Now those were not all of the points but they were some of the main ones! I think the trailer looks very good and the graphics have improved since we last saw them. I hope that soon we get a new song, but at the same time I really like the remix and how the trailer moved with the song. It was a better idea then something slower like the piano hikari etc.
    10. Krowley
      I don't mind the remix too much. After a few listens it's slowly growing on me but something about the little chiptune sounds bothers me as there seems to be a backing instrumental trying to make it's way in there being overcast.

      The trailer itself offered some great gameplay from Aqua's game and the HD upgrade for KH3D is nice considering it's the only full game you're really getting. The Back cover cutscenes I always look forward to since the lore of Kingdom Hearts is pretty much what will help this whole little hodgepodge of a story fit more into place. Also I love that one scene where Ven and Terra turn around as their evil counterparts. Aqua's game is definitely going to be the first one I play.
    11. Day~Dream
      I was so hyped thinking there was a new song. x3 but I liked the remix. I thought it fit the game since it gives off a dream-like vibe. Almost lullaby-ish.

      As for the trailer itself, it is so beautiful. The opening was just breathtaking. This series has come so far and to know that this is what we'll be seeing in KH3 in terms of graphics is exciting. I really enjoyed seeing more scenes and game footage from Aqua's game. It looks so trippy! I loved the scene with Aqua going up to Ven while he was in the glass case. It reminded me of Snow White.

      I also enjoyed seeing the scenes for Back Cover and seeing the Master of Masters and the 6th apprentice. So many questions! I really can't wait now for December and hopefully we'll see a little more for the Tokyo Game Show.
    12. Hayabusa
      No word on a download? YouTube encoding kills the effects so badly in this video.
    13. Calxiyn
      If I recall correctly Nick said on the Square Enix page, it says where the download should be there's a message saying to look at the YouTube channel. I think they can't put it for download because of the song.
    14. phoenixkh93
      Ohhh this looks absolutely stunning, especially looks like very interesting gameplay for Aqua. Can anyone make out what the first thing mirror Aqua says is?
    15. libregkd
    16. Iskandar
      I'm really curious to what that scene is with what seems to be the Master of Masters and the Sixth apprentice. Also, why does the guy have Xehanort's keyblade? I want to know about that too. There's something about that Master character that bugs me, just because it seems like he knows too much about what's going on.
    17. Calxiyn
      A lot of people think that he has Xehanort's keyblade because he will later become the master of Xehanort.

      I know a few of us personally think MoM is from the future, which is why he knows everything which is going on. Also it's hinted at somewhere that Xehanort's Keyblade guy got a different book then the other Foretellers that doesn't have as much information. MoM could have done this with the others too, and made the future more vague while he has the entire thing, you feel me?

      We can theorize till 2.8, and even then we may not even find out those answers, but it's interesting to think about
    18. Iskandar
      I try not to theorize too much, because it feels like i'll get too attached to one theory, and if it turns out it's not that one theory, I'll just be annoyed. So I just ask the questions and get anxious trying to know the answers. But I will agree, he does sort of talk like he's from the future, and it's weird that he had that heartless picture at the end. Did they even really know about heartless at the time?

      I always wonder if it's Xehanort or something else sometimes, because I remember something at the end of Terra's path in BBS he said "he would survive and see what awaited beyond the keyblade war", which makes it sound like he actually took part in the war or something.
    19. Calxiyn
      Remember that Heartless were around before KH1, Purebloods, Heartless that came from people who lost their hearts. You can imagine someone did in a world somehow (remember back in Unchained all of the worlds were connected in one world) and somehow, and that spawned the first Heartless, then it went crazy, sort of like a deadly invasive species.

      That's actually very interesting, it's almost like that Xehanort went to the future, knew what would happen, then went back to Terra, but that hurts my head because it's this weird sort of loop in time.