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    Here's the second Interview, with Tetsuya Nomura (Director of Kingdom Hearts), Hiroshi Takai (Director of Last Remnant) and Koji Yama****a (Senior Vice President of Square-Enix's Network Devision)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Interviewer: First of all, please tell us the meaning of the title 358/2 Days.

    Nomura: The title was done on purpose as a code, you can only understand it after beating the game. The word Day, is attached and the progress of the game is to show how the Organization came to be, as well as the daily life of the Organization XIII. They are always faced with the duty from a place, and then have to return. The game will focus around Roxas, who is a member of the Organization. It will be an adventure game, repetition is also one of the concepts of the game.

    Interviewer: Does the time of the game focus around when Roxas enters Organization XIII, and does it connect to Kingdom Hearts?

    Nomura: Yes, after Roxas enters Organization XIII, which wll only be a small part of the story, afterwards it will focus around the timeframe when Sora was asleep for the year. Rooxas entering the Organization was not understood yet, but will be explained, and also the duty he is put through everyday. Finally about Roxas' doubts of the Organization and why he leaves the Organization. This is basically the main part of the story.

    Interviewer: Do you wish to represent something of the 3 works, by having a different color logo on each of the games announced this time?

    Nomura: The reason why we chose this color for 358/2 days was to use the warm color group as a sunset in Twilight Town. I believe the story in this game will be really sad as well. It should also be noted that some of the scenarios I chose for Kingdom Hearts II Final MIx+ were based off the novel that focused on Roxas, which came in the Kingdom Hearts Another Report.

    Interviewer: In a way this game will be the same as Zack in Crisis Core, where the future was already decided.

    Nomura: Yes however, Roxas in Kingdom Hearts wasn't as tragic as Zack's was.

    Interviewer: Why did you choose the Nintendo DS for this game?

    Nomura: Well first of all, I always choose a system before developing a plan. There was a plan for multi platforming that could be easily played, so this one made it to the DS. Also, it made it more possible to use the characters of Organization XIII, the project of this work was also meant to make it a story that uatomatically depicted Roxas.

    Interviewer: It's a Wonderful world took full advantage of the Nintendo DS, will this game do the same?

    Nomura: It is possible to take advantage of the functions of the DS, however we'll be taking an opposite turn this time. We are aiming that one day it will be possible to play the game, even if it's not just touching your way through. Also because the feeling of Kingdom Hearts' gameplay would be too different the moment the touch pen is used.

    Interviewer: How about the handling of the Kingdom Hearts series, since it seems you are having a hand in developing the game for the first time?

    Koji: Production has to be on the spot, while researching on how it can be put onto the Nintendo DS, and be Kingdom Hearts at the same time. Also how the story will become, because besides the fans, a lot of staff in Square-Enix is also looking forward towards them, since there are many fans of Kingdom Hearts in the staff. Also the apperance of the 14th member, will be understood later on. (laughs)

    Interviewer: Though there is a 14th Organization XIII Member, it appears to be Namine??

    Nomura: It is possible to say, but no it's not Namine.

    Interviewer: Then who is this person?

    Nomura: In Kingdom Hearts II there was Organization XIII, however even when they had 14 members it was still Organization XIII, the reason why they were never known as XIV even though they had 14 members will be understood in this game. She is a key character.

    Interviewer: Will Sora and Riku appear in this game at all?

    Hiroshi:: The scene will appear as well as a battle between Riku and Roxas. As for the situations in the story where Sora's memory is being reconstructed in the chamber where he is sleeping it will be hard for him to be in the game. However the memory will be a key point in this game. However what we don't want to do is emphatically show connections between Roxas and Sora by memories.

    Interviewer: This time around what will happen with the Disney Worlds?

    Nomura: The relationships between people will be different as you go through the worlds.

    Hiroshi: Because the game will be coming from Kingdom Hearts II there will be a lot of things people will be able to relate to, such as Roxas. However the system with the worlds will be a bit different this time around. Such as appearing worlds will be one of the things remaining but not all the worlds will always be avvailble to visit for fun.

    Interviewer: Will there be a basic game system just like the original Kingdom Heart games?

    Hiroshi: In a way the game will be the same as the other Kingdom Hearts games, however there are some problems, such as the buttons on the DS.

    Koji: This is true, because there are not as many buttons on the DS as there are on the other consoles, so it will be hard as you had to make good use of the analog, the d-pad and the L and R button. We are still examining on what we can do to get passed this.

    Interviewer: Does the story come together with single mode, and multiplayer mode?

    Nomura: It is possible to say that there will be no story progress within Multiplayre mode, as that will ruin the progression of the story as well. However the leveling system in single player, and multiplayer are synchronized. The leveling system will have a huge amount of freedom this time as well such as customization which will be on of the best benefits of Multiplayer mode. However Roxas' level will not be transfered over.

    Interviewer: In Multiplayer mode, can all XIII ORganization members be played?

    Nomura: Yes, you are able to.

    Hiroshi: The multiplayer mode will be treated as an alternate world, because there is a member that dissapears in the single player mode as the story advances.

    Koji: Because the chracters will all have a unique gameplay as they all have different weapons. Though the real concerns are Demyx's Sitar, and Zexion's book.

    Interviewer: How do you move on with Multiplayer mode?

    Hiroshi: Basically you will recieve various missions you must clear. There is also a map, and there are alot of gimmicks added into the levels as well. Of course we are also putting bosses in multiplayer mode.

    Koji We made it so that people can play it many times, and some of the levels are short as well. There is a score attack mode too, to see who can gra it. However incase you don't want to co-operate, we are thinking of adding elements like versus, and competitions.

    Interview: Will there be a mission when you can be Xemnas, or given one to Xemnas?

    Nomura: Yes, however there are methods with Xemnas we need to work with.

    Hiroshi: Yeah, such as with organization XIII, the chair raises when carrying out the comission and lowers when failing. (laughs)

    Koji: It is a result of multiplayer, and it depends on the stage as well. (laughs)

    Nomura: I wonder what would happen if Xemnas fails (laughs)

    Interviewer: In Multiplayer are there other elements?

    Koji: In the lower screen we are thinking of possibly using the Touch Pen for drawing. If I remember, people can also use drawings on the lower screen. I want to think about a mission that could use this feature.

    Messages to the Readers

    Hiroshi: Please look forward to the multiplayer that will be featured in Kingdom Hearts 358/2, also enjoy the other Kingdom Hearts games coming out.

    Koji: I think it will be very unusual to be able to play as the 13th Organization, however because it is unusual it makes me happy, I want you to look forward tot his.

    Nomura: Because the story in the game is a critical factor in Kingdom Hearts, it is always natural to play alone, though the multiplayer is also added for natural purposes. It might be a bit difficult to play. We plan to catch the eyes of a lot of poeple, and give this game a feel like "It's a Wonderful World" as well.

    Source: Famitsu and 2ch
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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Xaldin, Oct 20, 2007.

    1. Darkcloud
      Hey something just occurred to me: They weren't known as Orgainization XIII until KH2. They were just known as the 'Organization' in CoM. Do you think this new game will explain that a little more?
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    8. Knightshade
      Interviewer: In Multiplayer mode, can all XIII ORganization members be played?

      Nomura: Yes, you are able to.

      Unfortunately he asked can you play all XIII members and not say all 14 members:)
    9. moofykun
      When he says that it will be multiplayer on the DS, does this mean Wifi? I have been waiting for this to be answered for some time, but it hasn't yet. One of my best friends lives a little farther away from me and we use our DS together. Soo... anybody got that information?
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