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  1. Xaldin ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey everyone, with DKΣ3713 drawing closer, news is slowly beginning to slide out. With these news there are some exciting things we're finding out, the first one will be from the Famitsu website which gives out the following.

    From Famitsu
    - Birth by Sleep will have a playable demo.
    - 3rd Birthday, Agito and Coded are not halted. Although there was a report about suspending mobile phone games, it is not in full effect right now.
    - The Content of 358 days is complete however FF Dissidia is further in development. A discussion if a playable demo of 358 Days should be done or not.
    - BBS is not in a complete product yet but a playable demo will be done just to let fans get a taste of the combat. Right now we are upgrading the battle system.

    From the Interview
    - Nomura believes that the Kingdom Hearts series has "succeeded the blood" of the Final Fantasy series in terms of spirit due to it having the element of an action, RPG and more.
    - However he says when comparing KH to FF that the Kingdom Heart series focuses around a person as the FF series changes every game.
    - When asked about the Game System for the Kingdom Hearts series, Nomura believes it doesn't matter the hardware, as long as he can give a refreshing feel to the series.
    - Nomura says that when he plans a Sequel to the game he wants to make sure he meets the quality the fans would expect from him.


    Nice information on both parts, and in the scan though it's all just the interview, look at the image on the upper left side in the scan, you can see someone (Nomura more then likely) playing Coded on the Mobile Phone.

    Source: 2ch, Videogamerx
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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Xaldin, Jun 18, 2008.

    1. EvilMan_89
      nice find Xaldin! i like how their games are coming together now
    2. khmaniac101
      Yes A Demo Of BBS Sweet!!
    3. Unmei
      awesome!!! maybe they'll actually reveal the release date of 358, if it's supposed to be out in japan pretty soon
    4. BlazBlue Calamity
      BlazBlue Calamity
      i saw a picture of Ven with Cinderella in the back ground...(i think)

      sweet more KH news *dance*
    5. Inasuma
      Awesome. Looking forward to some demo reports (hopefully).

      Also, I hope KH mains on the PS3. Otherwise it might get annoying to have a whole bunch of different systems to play it. lol

      I mean we already have a PSP and a DS one coming out. If the next one is on the Wii I will shoot myself. D:
    6. khmaniac101
      actually I want a multi-platform one on the wii I think would be a awesome way to play it actually weilding a keyblade sounds good (and I have no PS3, 360, or Wii so I'm trying not to be biased)
    7. Anixe
      I suppose KH can either go on the Wii or the PS3. But yeah, glad that we are starting to see some incoming news regarding the three games. Happy to hear that 358 days is almost complete. I've been meaning to get a DS sometime.
    8. Alpha Sonix
      Alpha Sonix
      As long as it's on the Wii or PS3 I'm happy. And hopefully we do get a release date for 358/2 Days, well at least we know how much they've completed.
    9. Lulus_Moogle
      Yeee! Thanks! I CAN not wait for this!

      I'll be right behind ya
    10. Darkcloud
      Excellent! I'm eager to find out more about the playable BBS demo!
    11. Soraoscuro
      A BBS demo!! We want it now! Play as Terra on BBS... *--*
    12. Juicy
      omg how awesome would it be if one of the games was released for wii and the wii remote had an attatchment that was like a keyblade lol
    13. Noise

      lol smart man

      theres so wrath like that of a fan's scorn
    14. Tiagossj3
      Cool a BBS demo i wonder when will be release
    15. JLHack7
      ._. wow, this thing might actually get me back into hacking...
      depends on whats in the demo
    16. Alex C:
      Alex C:
      Good to hear, Xaldin.

      I hope we get the news on when the demo is coming out when E3 takes place.
    17. ultima_sora
      oh man i wish i could play the bbs or 358 demo.....i think i would go crazy and im probably be like "I CANT BELIEVE IM PLAYING THIS!" O_O

      fa le la la la......hopefully they give us sum more info on the games there ^^ =]
    18. KeybladeSpirit
      Is this a Japan only event? Just wondering because I really want to go.
    19. Mycenia
      I really don't get why you guys are so excited....

      Sure, we might get a few mag scans here and there, but seeing as this is a private party, most likely not much. The demos can stay right up there in your dreams, and we all know how SE rolls with it's trailers, ala, Closed Theaters...

      Truth be told....I'm a lot more disappointed than excited. Why is SE so frickin **** with it's fans? And just a few weeks ago were whining about how they can't cater to the western market...? Gee, quite a mystery, yah?