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    Here you can find a list of the Authors who are currently hiring Betas, as well as all Critiquing Partners and Editors open for business! Just a few quick notes before we start:
    1. All Authors, Critiquing Partners, and Editors currently hiring or listing services are encouraged to apply to be added to the index! Simply post your Advert template (the section listing the name, genre, and work details) in this thread to be added to the OP, along with a link to your page for easy navigation. If you’d like to get crazy with it, you can even include a one-sentence statement regarding your work to be included with your listing!

    2. If you’re an Author and you had previously listed a work order for Betas, but you’re finished with that part of the process and are ready to move on to final editing, please post in this thread requesting your Advert thread be locked and your listing removed from the index. If you’re an Editor or Critiquing Partner and would like your listing to be removed from the index for any reason, just post here and I’ll take it out for you.
    Now, onto the actual index!

    Books looking for Betas:


    Preferred Genres: Fantasy or Sci-fi
    You can check my page out here! I'm only able to work on one story at a time due to time restraints, but I'll do what I can to help!

    Critiquing Partners:
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