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    This is a story that I came up with a couple days ago. I had a very big Pirate fetish ( I don't know why, but I do, so yeah.) Okay here goes.


    It was a normal, summer evening in Port Saheal. The town was quiet, except for the drunk men hanging out in the alleyway and the party at the governer's house, it was silent. The Old Cavern Bar was still open and ready for buisness. The Old Cavern Bar was truly old. It had been run by the same woman for the last fifty years. The Bar was two stories and made out of the darkest paneled wood found in the port. The windows and stairs creaked, rotted by age. The only thing that didn't seem to rot was the fireplace that always had a fire burning in it.
    The first floor, the bar, was a small cozy space. On one side were the tables, and some wall decorations, and a wide window. The center had the fireplace and a couple old, chairs that smelled like sea salt. And the very back was the bar, which held many fine drinks. A young teen occupied the spot behind the bar. She sat on one of the barstools , drinking rum, and reading a book about the sea.
    The girl's name was Belle DaPari, the governer's daughter. She was a very beautiful girl. Long, ink-black hair that fell past her waist. Straight as a board. She was very slim and had very light caramel skin. Her eyes were the color of a lion's mane. She had a pointed face, a soft stubbed nose, and warm smile was on her face. She wore a long, white dress that showed off the tops of her chest, and a white apron. A broken locket was on her neck, repersenting an old promise she had a made to a dear friend long ago.
    Belle sighed heavily as she turned another page. No customers... again. This was the third time in the same week that she and Margret had no night customers, only the same morning people, who were usually the homeless and bought only the cheapest drink, leaving only some money. Money was dwindling and Belle didn't think that Margret would be able to pay off the rent. And if that happened... well, Belle didn't even want to think about that.
    Belle closed her book and set it down on the wood counter. She stood, stretched, and put the bar stool back. Then she poured herself some more rum.
    Then she saw the doors open, and in stepped three men. All of them looked dangerous, yet quite handsome. Belle felt her mouth open in surprise. Customers! About time...., Belle thought happily. She closed her mouth and brushed back her hair, putting on her best seductive look. The three men stopped at the bar stools and sat down. Belle smiled at them.
    "What can I do for you?" she asked. The one who sat across from her, smirked.
    "Yes, you can in fact. Get us so' rum... And a whis'ey," he said in a gruff voice. Belle smiled and turned around to the cabinets. She pulled out two bottles of rum and a bottle of whiskey. She set it down in front of the men and went to wash the dishes. While she cleaned the plates and glasses, she studied the men.
    The one who had spoken to her looked dangerous. He had on a black hat that looked ragged and worn. He had several scars on his right cheek and one on the bridge of his nose. A cocky grin was plastered on his face as he stared at Belle. His dark green eyes had a mishevious look in them. His black hair was pulled back in a ponytail. From where Belle was standing, she could see the handle of his gun. He wore a long, black coat, a black undershirt, and a white sash around his waist.
    The one on the other side of him didn't look a s fierce as the first, but had a dangerous look in his pale, blue eyes. But when he turned his head to whisper something to the first man, Belle saw he had a black patch covering his other eye. When he glanced up at her, Belle felt her self turn away and shiver. He had pale blond hair, and like the first, had several scars on his face. But most of them were on the left side of his face. He wore a white shirt with a black sash and several swords on his waist. On his hand he had a black skull ring. He glanced now and then and Belle, and whenever she met his glance, she felt her cheeks fill with color.
    The third, the one closest to the sink, didn't dangerous physically, he only looked dangerous because of all his guns and swords hanging on his belt. He wore no sash. And he had on a sleeveless black shirt. Freckles covered his face and he had green eyes that had a childish look in them. He looked very young, maybe about fourteen or thirteen age. He had sandy blond hair that was covered in a bandanna.
    Belle stared at the young boy, he sure wasn't a man, and he caught her. In responce, he grinned at her, making himself look like a little ten-year old. Belle covered her mouth with her wet hand to cover her laughter. The boy frowned.
    "Did I do somethin' funny, girl?" he demanded in a squeaky voice. He tried to act tough, which made Belled laugh harder. Belle wiped her face and her hands. She smiled and shook her head.
    "Don't call me girl, little boy. Don't you have any respect?" Belle asked, smiling at him. The boy quickly stood up, pushing back his stool. He glared at her, his face turning red.
    "Don't call me a little boy!" he roared. Belle cocked her head. This boy is funny., she thought. She made her way toward him.
    "But, you are a little boy! Look at yourself," she pointed at his face," You have the face of a young boy. Say, how old are you?" she asked, leaning forward, a smirk on her face. The boy tensed and he looked away. Belle giggled.
    "Come on, tell me. Prove to me that you're not a little boy." she said, waiting for him to answer. Out of the corner of her eye, Belle saw the blonde staring at her and Ponytail grinning at the boy. The boy, for a minute, looked scared, until Ponytail spoke.
    "If you ain't gonna speak,Freckles, I'm gonna do it for you," he said. The boy looked at him, panic-stricken. He shook his head and muttered something, then looked at Belle with fake bravery. Belle giggled again.
    "Alright, first of all, why do ya kee' laughing?! What's so funny?" he demanded. Belle sighed.
    "I shall tell you after you tell me your age, Freckles."
    "Fine. I'm... twelve." Belle burst into laughter. Twelve? Only TWELVE?! Worse that I thought.... Belle stopped and wiped at her eyes. She smiled at the boy, who looked like he was prepared to cry.
    "It's worse than I thought... But, that's alright. I'll tell you why I was laughing at you. For a boy so young... You try to look and act tough. But when you look so... so... Funny!" Belle explained. The boy stared up at her with amazement. Then he blushed and looked away. The other two men laughed. The blonde picked up the book that Belle had left on the counter. He studied the front cover, then opened it and read several pages. Belle watched his every movement. She felt herself blushing, but before she could look away, he spoke to her,
    "Miss?" he said, looking at her. Belle went over to him.
    "Yes, sir?"
    "You're interested in the sea?"
    "Yes, one day, I plan on going out to sea... When I get the money of course."
    "Aren't you the governer's daughter? You should have enough money to go out to sea."
    "He disowned me because I chose to work here." Belle remembered her father's angry face and she getting kicked out of her house for choosing this job. But Belle didn't care, she liked thi freedom. No need to wear tight bodices that crushed her stomach and have to act proper all the live long day. The first man shook his head.
    "Bad choice, lass."
    "So? It was my choice, I don not care If I angered my father. He could burn in hell for all I care."
    "You shouldn't say that about your father." the blonde said. Belle shook her head. She smiled and cleared the bottles, whisking them away. Then she heard the blonde speak.
    "Would you like to see the ocean tonight?"

    End Chapter One