Nauto History of the Dragon Clan

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    It all started when all ninja clans coexisted in harmony with each other. There was the race of non-shifters called the Galen. Then there was several shifting ninja races each given separate names. The name meanings to the shifting were fitting according to the animal they could transform into. One shifting race was the closest to the Galen in particular was the dragon shifting race, the Azhedeha.

    Now since the Azhedeha were the shifting clan closest to the Galen they were given an item by God. This was a red colored glass gem. The item descended into the first Hokage's hands. The Azhedeha Hokage held it close to there chest as if showing that the gem would always be safe with them.

    “This is to symbolize what I want to see of my world and my children within that world. I hope to see a world filled with peace and harmony. My hope lies in all of my children that you will work to create that world together. But, remember as Hokage of the Azhedeha's when you pass on your soul will become the new treasure of your village within the Jewel. This will protect the village from being destroyed just so as long as it is not broken. If the jewel dose brake there will be consequences for the village.” Said the Lord.

    With this in mind the Hokage left clutching the item in there hands. As time went on Galen came and went to the Azhedeha's village. One night there were at several ninja's from the non-shifting clans that had come to clam the treasure for themselves. Though the Hokage was the only one who could physically come in contact with the item. These thieves still attempted to try and take it.

    The leader of the dragon shifting clan tried to reason with the leaders of the non-shifting clans. When the non-shifting leaders heard this it was disregard as “They could have been just seeing things.” To no avail the dragon Hokage left and headed back for the village. When they arrived that night back home they saw that the treasure of the village was gone. No one could touch it but the Hokage of the village. The fiends had found a way to take the jewel from its pedestal.

    Outrage several guards were ordered to accompany the current leader to discuss with the non-shifting leaders what had just happened. When they escorted the Hokage of the shifting clans as well as several of there guards back to the village belonging to the dragons. When the escorts saw this they asked the dragon leader if they checked to see if one of there own had taken the treasure. The response was that only Hokage's could physically come in contact with the jewel. It was however explained that a few guards were ordered to check all inhabits and there homes to make sure the gem wasn't taken by anyone of there own. Reports came back negative not a person had it within the village.

    It didn't take long for a war to brake out between the Azhedeha's and the Galen. However two worriers one from each race, had disagreed with this fighting that had already gone on for far too long. The duo sought out the creator of what had started the war: The treasured jewel. When the two had reached God by climbing a tower that led to the heaves and tried to explain what happened. God calmly said it was already known that this would happen. The punishment for such violence would be the worlds end and a new one would be created to replace it.

    The two children fought God but only ended up injured in the process. Instead of bring the world to an end they were complemented on as very brave and noble. They never gave up even when the odds were against them. For this the world would only be punished by forgetting that the other race opposite to them existed. There homes would also be move far apart so they wouldn't notice the other villages for miles. As for the duo they were punished by being told that they were to never forget this tragedy.

    Write it down they were told for history so that one day the right heroes from both sides could know and use the information to there advantage. So these future heroes could help the world and make it a better place, keeping the peace. With that said another red gem was given to the girl of the dragon clan to replace the missing one. Both the boy from the Galen's and the girl from the Azhedeha's left with sadness realizing there punishment well. That they were the gatekeepers of the punishment that was given out now and till the end of time.